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2010 Bertone Pandion

2010 Bertone Pandion

The Italian maker Bertone unveiled the Pandion concept car on February 20, 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept pays tribute to Alfa Romeo’s centenary and its name comes from the animal world, as Pandion Haliaetus is the scientific name for an Osprey: a sea hawk that nests and lives in coastal areas. Pandion is powered by a 4.7 liter, 450 hp 8-cylinder Alfa Romeo engine.

The Pandion’s design is based on the "Skin & Frame" design language: "Skin" refers to the snake in the logo, representing the world renowned Italian excellence in beautiful, seductive forms; and "Frame" refers to the cross in the logo, representing the mechanical excellence in high performance Italian race cars.

The concept’s front is defined by a sculpted sloping bonnet with typical Alfa quad headlights, a typical five horizontal bars radiator grille and doors that open by rotating backwards, ending up a perfect 90 degrees above the center of the rear wheel, lifting up the entire body side of the vehicle, from the front fender to the rear fender.

UPDATE 02/20/2011: Two months ago, we got a glimpse of the Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion concept through a two-minute, Tron-inspired spec commercial filmed by Zyclotron. Well, now we just received the behind-the-scenes footage of how the ad took shape, complete with some fascinating close-ups of the concept. It’s pretty rare for a concept car - and one that’s as mesmerizing as the Bertone - to have its own commercial, so you can imagine how geeked up we were to see this five-minute video detailing how the commercial was born. Check it out after the jump!

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