• Best Backup Cameras 2021

Here are the best backup cameras to buy in 2021 and take the ’reverse’ route safely

Safety on the road is paramount and one of the most vulnerable situations is while backing up. Yup, backing up your car is quite tricking considering and it is always wise to have assisted to help you through it. The oldest assist is, of course, the rearview mirrors that used to give you a view of what’s behind.

Then came the sensors with those annoying high-pitch sounds which were helpful (to an extent). But currently, the most tech-savvy and comfortable backing up assist solution is using a backup camera, and there are plenty available in the market. So, we assist and bundle up the top 3 best backup cameras you can buy now.

What Are The Types Of Back-Up Cameras?

Best Backup Cameras 2021
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Camera-Only: This is the simplest solution for an after-market add-on. The package includes just the camera and wiring that slots in seamlessly with the stock infotainment screen that can double up as a rearview display screen.

All-In-One: These are all-in-packages that include a camera, an LCD, and various mounting points and holders depending on the product. This bundle is your complete solution for a fresh rearview camera setup and often comes with all the required elements.

Adaptive ORVM Mountable Camera: These types of rearview cameras are gaining quite a traction because of their hidden approach in terms of aesthetics. The viewfinder display is embedded in an LCD layout that is shaped like the central rearview mirror and only comes into play when you engage the reverse gear. Otherwise, it doubles up as an ordinary rearview mirror.

Individual Components: Assortment is also allowed when it comes to rearview camera bundles. You get to buy any specific component related to a rearview camera setup and it helps save a lot more money as compared to a complete all-in-one setup.

What Are The Key Factors To Keep In Mind, While Buying A Back-Up Camera?

Best Backup Cameras 2021
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Mounting Points

Mounting points are very crucial when it comes to backup cameras and the right ones help you cover a lot more viewable areas. Keeping in mind, the importance of mounts, there are various types offered.

The most common is the Licence plate mounting which fits right into a license plate frame It can be fitted into place either using a strap that clips right onto an existing plate or a whole license plate setup made specifically for the camera module.

Certain cars come with pre-molded insert areas on the plastic license plate covers. These inserts can utilize Lip mounting which is much easier and better concealed than license plate mounts.

The most universal mounting method is bracket mounting. This comes with a bracket layout that can seamlessly fit into any possible surface on the car. This is aesthetically less pleasing, but more so when it comes to practicality and purpose.

Low Light Visibility

Choosing a backup camera with improved low light visibility is always a wise idea. It helps improve the viewing layout in any given situation. You can choose one by looking for a minimum Lux rating that tells of the least amount of light required for an acceptable view. Many cameras also pack additional LEDs or infrared light to help improve nighttime visibility.

Viewing Angle

When it comes to viewing angles, the wider the better. Thankfully, almost all backup cameras offer an impressively wide field of view. Some even go as far as 190-degrees which eases out the stress while parking in both tighter spots and sharper turns.

Image Sensor And Mirror Image

There are two types of sensors used in a backup camera - CCD and CMOS. CCD is analog and required a converter for the system to display it onto the LCD. CMOS, on the other hand, is digital and uses less power, and is more sensitive to image noise. There is no ’which is better here, as a lot of factors including environmental situations are taken into consideration here. So, choose according to your geographic conditions.

Parking Lines

Parking lines are like the subtitles on a movie whose language you have no clue of. It looks ugly on the screen but is very much helpful. You get back up cameras with both static and dynamic parking lines. The only difference between the two is that in dynamic the lines bend according to your trajectory of reverse, whereas it remains straight at all times in static. The colors change from green to yellow and finally red along the line to show the distance threshold.

Here Are The Top 3 Backup Cameras Of 2021

AMTIFO RV Backup Camera ($240)

Best Backup Cameras 2021
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This is the one for heavy haulers, RV, and campers. Amtifo offered a compelling package with this product and it packs up to 4 wireless cameras that can transmit 1080p videos with ease for up to 1000 feet. The range is quite decent which makes it a fitting choice for RVs, campers, and trailers. The viewing angle is also impressive at 150 degrees. You get a crisp 7-inch screen that has a layer of buttons to change settings and also supports split screens. It also houses an SD card slot and can record a loop from up to 4 cameras. It comes with a 32 GB memory card that can record up to 68 hours in dual camera mode. The various mounts it comes with house 16 LEDs to provide for commendable night vision support. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Pricey
    • Additional cameras demands more juice from the on-board battery

Yada Digital Backup Camera ($112)

Best Backup Cameras 2021
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This is a well-thought-of product as it comes with a lot of easy-going cues to make the installation and usage an easy process. Firstly, the rearview camera module is wireless that saves a wiring run. It comes with a commendable 110-degree viewing angle and also has night vision, thanks to the 3-bit LED lighting on either side of the camera module.

It comes with a 420p 5-inch monitor that runs using a socket for the 12V socket. Various useful features include a toll-free helpline. The video is fed from the camera to the screen via a 2.4 Hz antenna that has enough reception for cars and almost SUVs. Don’t expect it to be of use from the back of a trailer. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Limited reception for the wireless unit and cannot be used for trailer couplings
    • Works only with a 12V cigarette lighter socket
    • Lackluster 420p display

TOGUARD Backup Camera ($71)

Best Backup Cameras 2021
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This one is on the list because of its versatility and the seamless integration option it offers. This is an internal ORVM mounting backup camera that helps save up a lot of space on the dashboard and also doesn’t require a lot of getting used to, as you subconsciously do look onto the ORVMs while backing up.

When the well-calibrated display is not in use, it doubles up as an ORVM with a reflective layer. The display is touch supported and has picture-in-picture capabilities as well to show displays from its front camera that acts as a dash-cam. It supports 1080p full-HD video recording and comes with a backup camera module as well. The rear outside mounted camera module is waterproof as well. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Night time visibility is sub-par
    • Can record only at max 1080p
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