Need a good battery charger to get the summer car going or keep your battery charged over winter? look no further.

We’ve all experienced it at some point. You get in the car, turn the key, and nothing but that clicking sound. Batteries can discharge over time. Whether it’s because you forgot the lights or radio, or simply because of the parasitic effect on one of the many electrically-powered accessories new cars come with, leaving the car for a while without driving it can cause the battery to discharge.

This is why investing in a battery charger might be a good idea. As with other products, variety is plentiful, so we narrowed it down to a few, you should consider first.

Battery Tender Plus

Best Battery Charger 2021
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The first entry is all about simplicity. It’s a 1.25-amp, 12V battery charger that even those who know almost nothing about battery charging will easily get the hang of it. It has a lot of built-in safety features that are supposed to prevent accidents, like spark protection. It also has a built-in shut-off, for when the battery is charged, in order to avoid overcharging. When that happens, the battery tender switches to maintenance mode and automatically starts charging when the battery charge drops again. The 1.25-amp charge may not be the most powerful or quick charge, but it’s easy on your battery. Overall, it’s one of the best car battery charger options for people who are using it for the first time. Check it out on Amazon today!

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    • Low charge
    • Slow charging
    • Customer support not great

CTEK 56-353

Best Battery Charger 2021
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This is quite simply the best portable charger from the premium segment. CTEK is a company that specializes in car batteries and battery chargers. They focus on making flexible, simple, and safe to use products. Because of this, some of the CTEK’s key features are protection against voltage spikes, reverse polarity connections, short-circuiting, and sparks. It also works perfectly in any weather conditions and is dust, and water-resistant. This easily makes the CTEK offering the money is no object option in the world of battery chargers. In addition to extending your battery’s life, this 7-amp car battery charger clears any sulfur build-up. It also provides great monitoring and notifies you of any required maintenance. If you don’t mind sending a bit more on a battery charger, this a no-brainer. Check out the CTEK 56-353 on Amazon now!

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    • Brittle plastic clips
    • Expensive

NOCO Genius 3500

Best Battery Charger 2021
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This is one of the best car battery charger products when it comes to versatility. It’s able to charge both 6 V and 12 V batteries. The Genius 3500 in particular, comes in a wide variety of ampere ranges, from as little as 0.75 amps all the way to 26 amps. This one in particular is the 3.5-amp variant. Among the key features of the Genius 3500 are active battery monitoring, as well as all safety features like reverse polarity and voltage spike protection. It’s also UV and water-resistant and can work reliably even in extreme temperatures. The 15 and 26-amp models can jump-start a dead battery, but that’s not the case for the 3.5-amp variant we see here. Overall, a highly-versatile, easy-to-use portable battery charger. Check the latest prices on Amazon today!

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    • The 3500 model cannot jump-start a dead battery
    • Can be expensive

Stanley BC25BS

Best Battery Charger 2021
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If charging speed is what you are after then this will be the best battery charger for you. Stanley’s offering is among the most technologically-advanced and definitely the quickest portable car battery chargers on the list. It can bring even a diesel truck back to life in under five hours, without a sweat. It’s also able to jump-start a discharged car battery in as little as two minutes. Of course, you get all the safety features, such as reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection. In addition, this 25-amp battery charger offers multiple charging modes and a patented alternator check. Moreover, Stanley’s charger I able to clear any sulfate buildup on the battery plates. Furthermore, the charger features intuitive power-sensing, LED screen, and one-touch automatic charging, making it extremely easy to use. Orders yours on Amazon Now

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    • Will not recharge below 2 volts

Schumacher SC-1281A-CA

Best Battery Charger 2021
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Another versatile option comes from Schumacher. Their products consistently rank in top 10 and for a good reason. This is a fully-automatic, smart portable battery charger that can be used for both marine and automotive applications. It features a 100-amp quick boost mode and a 30 amp maintenance mode, which means it can easily jump-start even big SUVs. It can charge 6V and 12V batteries, with its integrated automatic voltage detection. With the Schumacher, you also get all the safety features, including reverse polarity protection. Its packaging also makes it convenient for home use, as it allows you to charge your car battery indoors. The LED display gives ample information and makes it very easy to monitor the charging progress. Check the latest prices on Amazon!

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    • The clamps feel somewhat brittle compared to the rest of the charger,
    • Not very clear instructions

Optima Digital 400 battery charger

Best Battery Charger 2021
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If you want to bring your car battery back from the dead, few products can match the performance of Optima’s entry. The smart portable battery charger has a built-in health mode, which automatically works to maximize the battery’s life. As with other batteries, this one automatically shuts off, when the battery is charged, in order to prevent overcharging. This means you can leave it charging your battery overnight, without worrying. The LCD screen gives you ample information and real-time progress of the charging process. It also works on a wide variety of batteries and allows you to easily select the battery type you want charged. The 4-amp charge makes this portable battery charger stronger than previous generations. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • The plastic clamps are prone to breaking
    • Customer support lacking


What is the best battery charger?

Overall, the Tender Plus and Genius 35000 are the money no object picks. That said, most other entries do a similarly good job for a wide variety of batteries.

What is the best car battery charger?

The Optima 400 is one of the best, simply because it can raise batteries from the dead like no other charger. If speed is of the essence, Stanley’s entry is the one to go for.

What is the best portable battery charger?

Schumacher’s entry is the best, as it can even be taken home and charge your battery while indoors.

What is the best 18650 battery charger?

This type of charger is not suited for car batteries, as it has a completely different application.

Who makes the best battery charger?

All of the entries on our list are good for different reasons. The important thing is to find the one that suits your needs the most. Some are better at bringing batteries back from the dead, while others charge much quicker or are more portable.

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