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We give you the most comprehensive Emergency kits to help you out during dire situations

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Imagine going out for a cross-country trip, and in the midst of that soothing drive, you get stranded on the road due to various car-related reasons. A major breakdown happens in the rarest of situations but even the smallest of hiccups on the roads shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is during these times, that an emergency kit comes in handy. So, we have put together the Top 3 Car Emergency Kits that you can buy now that can come as a saving hand during dire situations of need.

Here Are The Top 3 Best Car Emergency Kits In 2021

HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Toolkit ($45)

Best Car Emergency Kits 2021
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This is a 124-piece kit that includes a 12-foot jumper and 10,000-pound capable tow rope. Generally, first aid kits and tool kits included in emergency kits are lackluster and just basic, the ones in this kit are quite impressive and much more than just basic. The toolkit includes a fully adjustable wrench and Allen wrenches and the first-aid kit even comes with a bundle of anti-covid face masks. Everything in this kit, including the shovel, is blacked out, and the overall dark appeal gives is a rather premium look and feel. It is quite capable but lacks when it comes to winter preparedness. Check it out on Amazon now!

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    • Not winter-proof
    • Limited items for a flexible layout

LIANXIN Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit ($40)

Best Car Emergency Kits 2021
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This is a 142-piece kit that includes items like an 8-foot jumper, a tow rope, an emergency hammer, and more. For the asking price, this is a well-thought-after and assorted kit that is of immense value for money. Another clever inclusion is of a hand-crank flashlight instead of a battery one, thus reducing the chances of it not working in a dire situation. It also comes with a 9-piece toolkit which is basic, and so is its first aid kit. Winter is also thought for as it comes with an ice scraper as well. See if you can get free shipping from Amazon!

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    • Tow straps are too weak for heavy hauling
    • Lackluster first aid and toolkit sets

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit ($34 - $36)

Best Car Emergency Kits 2021
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This emergency kit is as vocal as the Top Gear Show and its ex-hosts; Jeremy Clarkson specifically! It comes with all of the basics including a mylar blanket that is very much useful for winters. For the price-point, Top Gear has provided us with a killer package and it also comes with extra bits including zip ties, a bungee cord, a whistle, and glow sticks. The ’Top Gear’ branded carry bag gives all the attention that you need! You can get fast delivery if you order through Amazon today!

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    • No tire repair kit
    • At 66-piece kit, it is too little a package for an emergency kit

Why Do You Need A Car Emergency Kit?

Best Car Emergency Kits 2021
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Your vehicle is a mechanical marvel that is composed of tens of thousands of components. As impressive as it sounds, mechanical components are not without faults, and at times, certain components wear out or particular part malfunctions because of underlying issues. Sadly, we can’t always foresee these happenings, and thus a car emergency kit comes as the utmost important element during these times.

The situation can range from a breakdown, an accident, a punctured tire, or even bad weather. An Emergency kit includes numerous contents that come in handy during all of these situations and so is a must to be had in any given automobile.

Items Important To Be Included In A Car Emergency Kit

Best Car Emergency Kits 2021
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A car emergency kit is made to be the jack of all trades, and triumph over them all as well! It should contain items that will give you added confidence on the road, and even when stranded on the side of nowhere.

The basic and major components to be included in a car emergency kit include multipurpose utility tool, flashlight, reflective triangle, jumper cables, wheel wrench, fire extinguisher, car charger, emergency blanket, duct tape, and rain poncho. It also packs a few emergency medical items, but you should never confuse and substitute a car emergency kit with a first aid kit. A first aid kit has a more medical-centric layout with mostly, medicines.

What Additional Bits Required In A Car Emergency Kit For Winter?

Best Car Emergency Kits 2021
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A generic car emergency kit packs a hefty amount of items that come in handy, but you need to take a completely different and much broader angle in winter. During winter the weather plays a denser role to pack additional items in your emergency kit.

The items that should be included additionally in your Winter-specific car emergency kit include a portable charger, windshield scraper, shovel, water, and non-perishable food, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, tire and tow chains, canned compressed air for emergency tire repair, road salt (to melt ice), booster cables with a fully charged battery, waterproof matches, portable charger, and extra hats, coats, and blankets. The major idea behind adding more items in your winter emergency car kit is to provide more leverage for added water, heat, food, and mobility.

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