Make life easier with these interesting and smart car gadgets for 2021

The ever-evolving world of gadgets and gizmos never ceases to impress us. These pieces of technology make life a lot easier. Driving a car is somewhat an unpredictable experience, with a lot of factors at play. So, it’s always wise for someone to have your back during those drives. Gadgets focused on safety, convenience, car care, and convenience makes driving a car a lot more comfortable and interesting. We bundle up some of the coolest and useful car gadgets you can buy in 2021.

What Are The Advantages Of Car Gadgets?

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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Car gadgets are designed to make living easier on the go. It might not sound so needful when you look at one thing at a time. But when you put a bunch of tasks in a car, it sure takes up a lot of time and energy. Getting a gadget that can do all those tasks, minus your attention is the goal here.

Not all gadgets are deemed to do a particular function alone, but look damn cool while doing so. Some gadgets exist to bring about a wow-factor and are quite mesmerizing. Take for example a cassette that allows you to play via Bluetooth on the cars from the 1960s. Now that’s a cool factor.

The most important aspect is the money you save while buying a few extra gadgets. There are infotainment systems that are cheaper and more feature-packed than the ones provided by the factory. You also get various safety-oriented gadgets that can help you monitor and divert possible complications.

There Is A Car Gadget For Every Need

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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Car gadgets are plentiful in the market and you can easily find one for any of your needs.

Keeping your car healthy is a crucial aspect that is actually not taken too seriously in today’s time and age. But with specific gadgets that focus on diagnosis and enhancements, a car can be kept in its optimum health condition. Take these gadgets as the System Cleaners that we used for our PCs. They just love to clean up all the junk. The most common ones are tire pressure monitoring systems. This set of gadgets also include OBD2 readers and scanners.

Then there are gadgets catered towards convenience. The purpose of these is to make drivers easier. These gadgets include utility-focused ones to help load and store cargo, accurate GPS navigation units, smartphone mounts, and storage options for the occupants.

Entertainment gadgets are hot sellers, mostly because of the rapidly changing tech world. A car launched 2 years ago, is already on the verge of being technologically extinct. But certain gadgets can help slack on their outdated character. Entertainment gadgets are closely connected to convenience and include voice-activated audio control units and interesting smartphone to FM frequency transmitters.

Safety is crucial and there are plentiful gadgets to keep you smartly secure. Some of the most common safety-centric gadgets out there are dash cams and rearview camera modules. These help you stay safe in case of mishaps along with having proofs for legal proceedings. There are an impressive bunch of escape tools in case of mishaps that can turn out to be life-savers. And the best part, most of these gadgets are worth only a fraction of what you would have shelled out without them.

Here Are The Best Car Gadgets That You Can Buy In 2021

Black+Decker Cordless Dustbin Handheld Vaccum

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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Getting into a clean car cabin can freshen up your day. It is one of the most easily soiled ’rooms’ in our life. So, an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner is a much-needed addition to your car. The Black+Decker Cordless vacuum cleaner is the better one out there among the bunch of dust suckers. It uses a lithium-ion battery pack that has a commendable runtime and can retain its charge for up to 12 months.

The smart cup design for storage of sucked dirt and debris also makes handling and clearing out waste a breeze. Don’t let the small form factor fool you, as this thing packs quite a punch. Morover, the sleek design helps it reach narrow areas with ease. Order yours here!

Pros: Compact, powerful, easy to use, long-lasting lithium-ion battery pack

Cons: Pricey

ChGeek Wireless Car Charger Mount

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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Smartphones are becoming smarter with every passing day and have taken over the functions of many of the top-selling gadgets like iPods, cassette players, compact video cameras, and a computer! The handheld maps are also becoming more and more detailed, which have also started to eat up on dedicated map-centric car gadgets from Garmin and TomTom.

So buying a sturdy car mount is a wise option that can do both navigation and entertainment duties in a car. This mount also gets a Qi wireless charging pad, that allows you to charge compatible android and apple smartphones even with cases that are 0.2 inches thick. It can be mounted on the dashboard, windshield, and even the air-vents, using either the air-vent clamp or reusable and washable gel suction cup. It has a 360-degree rotating ball joint and 210-degree adjustable telescoping arm, that allows you to position it n the most comforting position. Get yours on Amazon today!

Pros: Flexible to be positioned, sturdy, wireless charging

Cons: Qi charging tech doesn’t have more than 0.2 in. of penetration, Pricey


Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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This one is for those who would like to stay one step ahead when it comes to car maintenance and care. With sophisticated cars loaded with technology rolling out, repairs are getting quite expensive. So prevention would always be the cheaper option than cure. Enter the BlueDriver, a tiny device that can monitor the car’s health and performance data and tell you of problems as soon as they arise.

This system plugs onto the OBD2 port in cars built, in, or after 1996. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device that allows users to get all the scanned data on the smartphone using the free DlueDriver app. Basic error codes can be rectified then and there and for complex ones, they can give you detailed repair data. It also has access to the complete ECU coding of automakers like Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, and more. This gadget is on the expensive side but is very well worth the added expenditure for what you save on later in terms of early diagnosis and rectification of potentially serious errors. Find it on Amazon now!

Pros: Negligible size, Gives detailed error report if any, can rectify minor common code errors

Cons: Drains the car battery as it always stays on, Quite expensive at close to $100

Tymate M12-3 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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A tire pressure monitoring system can help you stay out of unwanted hassle about flat tires and poor gas mileage. And the most comprehensive gadget for this task is the Tymate M12-3. It is affordable and intuitive to use. The package includes a display console and four tire cap sensors. It provides real-time tire pressure data and promises accuracy within 3 PSI.

Occupants can receive warning notifications when tire pressure drops below the set level. The console intuitively displays data and can be recharged via an integrated solar panel or USB cable. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. You can order it on Amazon now!

Pros: Comprehensive functioning, air pressure error is narrow at 3 PSI, detailed display

Cons: Displays fades out in harsh sunlight, confusing instructions on its usage

Rightline Gear Moki Door Step

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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This is one of those quirky gadgets that might not look the part but can help you do challenging tasks with ease. The Rightline Gear Moki Doorstep makes reaching the roof of your car an easy affair. It is built out of a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is lightweight yet extremely rigid that can be hooked onto the door latch and can withstand up to 400 pounds on it.

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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You can climb on it to reach the roof with ease. Quite an ingenious product that surprises us with its simple approach. It gets a rubber number to help prevent damages to the paint on your car. This step comes with a one-year warranty and is easy to store away. Check it out on Amazon today!

Pros: Simple yet very effective design, sturdy and made with a single piece of aluminum, protective layer to keep the car paint safe

Cons: No for all door hinges, especially for the rear doors, exposed metal elements might damage door panels with a slanting approach

Anker Roav SmartCharge T1

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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This is one of those gadgets that can help your old car catch up with the current generation. It looks like a USB charging device with a port but the impressive part lies on the extended playback display it has. This unit can read audio from any smartphone using a USB cable or Bluetooth, and then converts them into an FM frequency. It is then broadcasted which can be intercepted using the car radio. Smart right?! This system also uses static cancellation technology for a smooth listening experience. This system also supports hand-free calling for added convenience. Imagine listing to The Weeknd on your 1890 Chevy Camaro. That will be a surreal experience. Available on Amazon right now!

Pros: Quirky device that can turn an old radio into the latest Billboard player, sturdy design. also comes with a USB charger

Cons: Static issue is prevalent in many examples, the set frequency needs a lot of work to be changed, Sound quality is not consistent

VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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Dashcams are a genius way to help you have proof and make a stand in case of mishaps. It is always a wise idea to invest in a good dashcam. The VanTop H612 is a dashcam alright but manages to stay hidden in plains sight. This unit features a 12-inch 2.6L HD touchscreen and control panel and is attached to the car’s rearview mirror.

It packs a 17-degree view front-facing camera behind the unit which is also waterproof. A back-up camera is also included with a 160-degree viewing angle. The front-facing camera uses a Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor that even provides clear viewpoints in the dark. It also supports voice activation for various functions. Memory cards up to 128 GB are supported and this gadget uses advanced GPS support for your route map. It also features time-lapse recording and parking assist features. Check it out on Amazon.

Pros: Hidden in plain sight, doubles as a rearview mirror and display, crisp camera both at the front and rear

Cons: No memory card in the box, time-lapse and parking assist features are extras with added hardware, nighttime video is dodgy with a lot of glare

Arsvita Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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This is one cool gadget that can help your old car connect to the future. This is also a rather unique offering. The Arsvita Bluetooth adapter is a cassette that goes into those old car infotainment systems. It can be charged and provides about 8 hours of playback. It also offers hands-free calling with the help of a built-in microphone. A genius offering that is on the pricier side, but cool to have. You can order yours from Amazon today!

Pros: Off-beat gadget that allows you to connect via Bluetooth even to a 1980s car, No modifications required in the car audio system - plug and play

Cons: Pricey, audio reception is not that great


Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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This is one of those gadgets that isn’t confined to a car alone. TileMate is a neat little trick to track your lost keys, which is quite common nowadays. We are so busy with life that there are times when we misplace keys including car keys and run about searching for them.

This tile easily sits as a key chain and looks rather neat. It is a tracker that has a commendable range. You can track this tile on your phone. Interestingly it works the other way as well with the TileMate allowing you to ring a misplaced phone as well. Find it on Amazon right now!

Pros: Simple, effective, and time saving

Cons: Not necessarily good-looking, a bit pricey for a tracking device

Cobra RAD 480i

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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This is one of those gadgets that is a necessity, especially for the enthusiast in you. We all love to stretch our car’s muscles out on an empty patch of roads, without being penalized for it. But things are not so easy unless you have the Cobra RAD 480i that is a tiny little device, but a lot more helpful.

There are many radar-detectors out in the market but the Cobra has added perks with a partner app that allows for community sharing of speed trap locations. This helps you stay up-to-date on any new speed traps that have come up. It also gets a 36-degree laser detection system to warn you. Find it on Amazon now!

Pros: Community sharing helps keep it up-to-date, updatable software, compact, and sturdy

Cons: Sharp aesthetics not everyone’s cup of tea, Pricey

Which Gadgets Are A Must-Have Among These?

Best Car Gadgets In 2021
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Each of the gadgets mentioned above has features that are distinctive and more importantly extremely useful. But we would want you to have a few must-have gadgets right away on your wishlist. Not everyone can be a mechanic and so having a device to guide you to your mechanic is cool.

Radar detection is a must-have to save yourself from unwanted tickets, and a dashcam that stays out of sight is a great addition. A smartphone dock is now a necessity, so adding a wireless charger to it is a boon. Gadgets that help you in all the above aspects would be ChGeek Wireless Car Charger Mount, Cobra RAD 480i, VanTop H612 Mirror Dash Cam, and BlueDriver.

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