• Best Car Scratch Removers

These products help keep the scratches away from your prized vehicles

Your cars get scratches no matter how careful you are with them. They’re inevitable annoyances that car owners have to deal with it. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate car scratches and bring some shine back to our precious rides. The car scratch remover market is booming with all sorts of products that effectively addresses the issue of car scratches. A lot of these products can be used at home and, more importantly, they only cost anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on the product that you buy.

Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound

Best Car Scratch Removers
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Meguiar’s is one of the most popular car cleaning products on the market. The company boasts an impressive lineup of cleaners and kits, including the G17216 Ultimate Compound. Boasting an advanced formula that can cut through paint layers quickly, the G17216 Ultimate Compound has a formula that’s less abrasive than rival products. It can also fix a variety of imperfections beyond the typical car scratches. Blemishes, water sports, and others are all within the reach of Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound. Check it out on Amazon today!


  • Strong and advanced formula
  • Can clean car scratches, blemishes, water spots, and other surface imperfections
  • $20 price tag
  • Leave it
    • Strong formula should be used carefully
    • Other options available

Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover

Best Car Scratch Removers
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Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover is a polis that’s designed to fill in very light scratches in specific surface areas of your car. The product’s biggest selling point is its price. At just $10, it’s a lot cheaper than other products on this list, but it’s not as effective when it comes to getting rid of tougher and deeper scratches. If your car only has light scratches, the California Gold Scratch Remover is a great choice. If it has deeper scratches, you’re better off getting other products on this list. This is available on Amazon right now!


  • Polishes very light surface scratches
  • $10 price
  • Leave it
    • Not suited for heavy scratches
    • Still need to follow specific instructions for application

3M Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit

Best Car Scratch Removers
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3M offers one of the most comprehensive car scratch removal kits in the market. The Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit comes with packets of 3M Rubbing Compound and 3M Scratch Remover. There’s also a foam pad and a fine 3000-grit abrasive square. Everything you need to restore shine and gloss to your car is included in the kit. The abrasive square, for example, features an aluminum oxide abrasive that cuts fast and lasts a long time. It should be pointed out that this product is geared more towards advanced users. Follow the detailed instructions carefully before you start using this kit on your car. Get it fast when you order it from Amazon!


  • Packets of 3M Rubbing Compound and 3M Scratch Remover
  • Foam pad and fine 3000-grit abrasive square
  • Leave it
    • Strong formula should be used carefully
    • Better suited for those who have an understanding on how the product works

Chemical Guys’ VSS Scratch and Swirl Remover

Best Car Scratch Removers
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Chemical Guys’ VSS Scratch and Swirl Remover is one of our favorite car scratch remover products. It’s very easy to use, and it’s best if you have a dual-action polisher in-hand, too. That cuts a lot of the application time and you get excellent results a lot faster. Do it by hand and it takes some time for the results to come, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of light scratches and swirl marks. But the payoff is tremendous because the product does its job well. Find it on Amazon with discounted shipping!


  • Versatile car scratch cleaner product
  • $18 price
  • Leave it
    • Takes a lot more time if you do it by hand
    • Priced in the upper-tier of car scratch removers

Turtle Wax 50734 Complete Compound

Best Car Scratch Removers
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Turtle Wax is another brand that’s considered a segment-leader in the car scratch remover sphere. The company’s 50734 Complete Compound is one of the best there is in the market. The kit comes with everything you can ask for a car scratch remover product. From the foam applicator pads to microfiber towels to the compounds themselves, everything you need to get those car scratches cleaned is included in the 50734 Complete Compound package. Check it out on Amazon today!


  • Polishing and Rubbing Compound
  • Applicator pads and microbe towels
  • $15.99 price
  • Leave it
    • Ideally suited for those who have experience in using the product

3D One Professional Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing Compound

Best Car Scratch Removers
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The 3D One Professional Cutting, Polishing, and Finishing Compound deserves a spot on this list for combining all the things you need to clear car scratches in just one bottle. It’s easy to use, too. All you need is a dual-action polisher and a proper polishing pad to get the results you want for your cars. Granted, deep scratches will be hard to clean, but for everything else, the 3D One product is worth the price you’ll pay for it.Order yours from Amazon today!


  • Cutting, polishing, and finishing compound in a single bottle
  • $25 price
  • Leave it
    • Does not clear out deep scratches
    • Pricier than other options



What is the best scratch remover?

Meguiar’s Complete Compound is considered one of the best car scratch remover products that are available today. It’s fast and easy to apply thanks to its Micro Abrasion Technology. It’s also affordable; the 15-ounce product only costs $20.

What is the best scratch remover for a black car?

Meguiar’s Complete Compound is also on the shortlist of best scratch removers for a black car. Other products like Turtle Wax’s Complete Compound and Chemical Guys’ Scratch and Swirl Remover are also great choices. Other products that are available in the market provide similar results, but if you want the best bang-for-your-buck, buy the products from some of the most established brands in the field.

What is the best vinyl scratch remover?

Removing scuff marks from your car’s vinyl surfaces can be accomplished by using a vinegar-based cleaner that’s equal parts water and vinegar. For deeper and more serious scruffs, you can add baking soda to your solution for a little abrasion. You cal also use a magic eraser to buff out the scruffs. Magic eraser scrubbing pads are particularly effective in buffing out scratched vinyl.

What is the best interior scratch remover?

Meguiar’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Car Guys’ Super Cleaner, and Tuff Stuff Multipurpose Cleaner are some of the best interior scratch removers in the market.

What is the very best scratch remover on the market?

Chemical Guys’ Scratch and Swirl Remover is regarded as one of the best scratch removers on the market. It removes imperfections from all kinds of surfaces and applies to different paint colors. The product works as a compound, polish, and cleaner all in one, leaving the surface shiny and spotless.

How does scratch remover work?

Scratch removers work by removing thin layers of a car’s clear coat in order to give your car’s finish a new look.

Is rubbing compound better than scratch remover?

It depends on what your objective is. Rubbing compound is more abrasive than your typical scratch remover. It’s a lot like using liquid sandpaper on your car instead of a typical car polish or wax. Some rubbing compounds also require a polish to be applied afterward.

What is rubbing compound?

Rubbing compound is a material that’s used to restore old paintwork. In the case of cars, the compound acts as a new topcoat that helps conceal scratches in the paint.

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