• Best Car Speakers In 2021

We sort out the Top 10 best car speakers that will be help you get in the groove.

Music can help brighten up your day, no matter the situation. Getting a pleasing set of speakers to enjoy those tunes are well worth it. Apart from crispier vocals and thumping bass, a good set of aftermarket speakers can also help you save space and upgrade that dull audio setup from the factory. So, we have sorted out and listed down the top 10 best speakers to buy in 2021 that will amplify your experience without hurting your pocket.

Is It Worth Upgrading The Factory Car Speakers?

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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A more apt question would be - ’Are you unhappy with your current music experience in your car?’ And if you say a big YES without hesitation then it’s time to swap those boring speakers for a spanking new set that will amplify up the car’s atmosphere and your mood. There are a lot of advantages in replacing those oldies.

The aftermarket speakers are always high on value with impressive sound quality and while you are swapping those old ones, you also have the leverage to upgrade them with powerful amplifiers and added subwoofers for that added bass! So, in all probabilities, you are upgrading for a better audio experience for a nominal amount.

A good set of speakers will surely bump up your experience and make you fall in love with music. This in turn helps you to enjoy the drive more. The frequency band of aftermarket speakers is wider than the stock ones. So, you are treated to richer highs and deeper lows.

You get to save space with those aftermarket speakers as they provide equal or more audio output but in half the count. Yes, you can put up 2 aftermarket units for 4 of your stock and get an improved audio experience. The added space can be either used for more mental audio (if you really want them) or converted into simple storage spaces (just saying).

What Are The Different Types Of Car Speakers?

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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Component Speakers

Component speakers are sound-specific and are made with premium materials for richer and more dynamic sounds. These have a specific range of frequencies and works with a bunch of add-on elements like subwoofers, tweeters, and midrange units for a wholesome audio experience. These are generally on the pricier side and need supporting elements to be utilized to the fullest.

Full-range (Coaxial) Speakers

Coaxial speakers are the all-in-one package that gives you a wholesome experience in a compact package. These are useful if you are in for a plug-and-play unit that can be retrofitted to your stock speaker cutouts. These speakers comprise of a woofer and tweeter in one. The pricier ones also get mid-range elements as well. These speakers are much more flexible in terms of pricing, sizes, and power range as compared to component speakers.

Apart from the above-mentioned major types, certain add-on speaker components add up to the experience. These are secondary are works in tandem with either the component units.


Tweeters produce the highest frequencies and are noted for crisp details of instruments like cymbals and shriller vocals. These are the smallest part, if, of a speaker and are placed closer to the passenger’s ears, preferably on the dashboard. These range in size from 0.5 to 1.5 inches.


As the name suggests, midrange speakers produce the middle frequencies of an audio palette. They come in for audio that is not reproducible by tweeters. These range in size from 3.5 to 6.5 inches.


With midbass units, we enter the lower range of frequencies. This is where the bass-craze starts are getting one of these will surely shake things up. These units mostly highlight the bass drums and deeper vocals. These units range in size from 6.5 to 8 inches. Both the midrange and midbass are positioned at the lower part of a car door, the generic location for a car speaker.


These are the big-daddies when it comes to bass. Subwoofers are used to reproduce the lowest frequencies and can literally shake the car. These are generally the biggest component in any speaker system, let alone a car audio unit as it requires air pressure and enclosed space to reproduce those rumbling tones. These range from 8 to 15 inches and are mostly located in the cargo compartment.

How To Choose The Best Aftermarket Car Speakers?

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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Sensitivity and power rating is a crucial factor when choosing your aftermarket speakers. Generally, stereo systems come in varying power ratings. So, if you have a high-powered audio system then going for speakers with low sensitivity ratings will make sense and vice-versa. Going for the correct equipment about the power rating will help in providing a richer and safer audio experience. Never go above the threshold limit of either the audio system or speakers, as it can cause serious damage to the units.

Check for the correct speaker size when going for replacement speakers. Your car will have a specific speaker dimension and so tallying it and going for the same dimension will help you avoid a lot of hassle and provide you with a plug-and-play setup.

For a richer audio experience while overhauling the audio system, go for external crossovers as it helps in differentiating the highs and lows for you to enjoy those tunes to the fullest. It can also be coupled with extra input terminals for bi-amping that allows for dedicated amplification of both high and low frequencies.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Aftermarket Car Speakers In 2021

Kicker Marine KM8 (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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These are some killer set of speakers that has a vibrant party vibe. It is a set of water-proof units that are built well. In terms of aesthetics also, the Kicker Marines score well and the ambient LED lighting adds up to its pumped-up appeal.

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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These speakers are said to get quite loud and consumers have reported it to be good in terms of sound clarity as well. It works well with low and mid-range frequencies as well, providing you with pumping bass. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Clarity and bass are compromised for loudess

JL Audio C2-650X Evolution (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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These are another set of performance speakers known for incredible high-frequency details and powerful low-end bass. The ones in the spotlight here are 6.5-inch coaxial speakers that include a 6.5-inch subwoofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter. These speakers perform in the frequency range of 59- - 22 kHz. These are an expensive duo of speakers but impressive performance and finely-picked usage of materials make it well worth the money you pay. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Quite pricey for a set of coaxial speakers

Infinity Primus PR6510CS (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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This brings us into the middle ground when it comes to pricing. The Infinity Primus can pump out 320W of crisp audio. These are 6.5-inch two-way component speakers and have a party trick up their sleeve called - PlusOne woofer cones. These are a specific design of the woofer component that allows for the speakers to pump out more audio bliss even with smaller amplifiers. The quality of speakers is notable and is well worth its premium tag. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Odd shape might need you to go for custom installation

JBL GTO609C (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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This is one of the best-rated coaxial speakers out there and its generic form factor helps in easy installation. The highlight of these JBL speakers is their bass quality which will impress you right away. These are plug-and-play units with a low impedance that allows being used even with undersized wires. Endurance is also commendable with these JBLs as it gets oversized coils that help it perform consistently even at higher temperatures. And most importantly being from JBL, you can trust these speakers for being reliable. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Pricey
    • Bland design doesn’t go well with its performance

Skar Audio IX-8 D2 (Single Speaker)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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This is for those who are sucker for bass. This is a subwoofer and a pretty great one. For the price-point Skar has delivered a killer product with the IX-8 D2 which is an 8-inch sub that has a maximum power output of 300W. This is not a stand-alone product and is wise to dial it accordingly to enjoy a pumping overall audio experience. The lowest of frequencies are reproduced with vigor and can even shake things up. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Not a standalone product
    • Even the mellowest of settings might be uneasy for many. So, go for it if you are a true basshead!

Alpine SPS-610 (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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This is an impressive option in the 6.5-inch range of speakers. This component speaker set is built with conviction. The woofer is polypropylene reinforced with mica to withstand the extended duration of high volume audio runs. The tweakers are made of silk for crisper audio quality. Alpine has also included an OEM adapter with a tuned motor to give you adaptive audio output with a thumping bass. These actually require a warm-up run after the first time you install it. And after about 1 hour of audio playback, you will get to enjoy its true nature. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Does not include speaker grilles
    • looks bland
    • Need times to warm up

JVC CS-J620 (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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This is a budget-friendly offering and comes with some impressive bass and clarity for the price. Despite being a budget offering, JVC has not compromised on the use of high-quality materials to provide a soothing audio experience. It also comes with numerous mounting points that give you the flexibility to position it as per your wish. This is a well-rounded offering that does justice to your money. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Subpar bass
    • Questionable durability

BOSS Power CH6530 (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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Yet another value for money offering, the BOSS Power CH6530 uses high-quality materials for its construction that give it long-lasting endurance for the price point. It is aesthetically pleasing as well, with the cool red membrane color. Affordability is at its root and it also comes with a 3-year dealer warranty. These 6.5-inch component speakers are equipped with a polyurethane cone that helps them withstand rough use and retain audio quality. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Not so good when it comes to higher frequencies
    • Not for audiophiles

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 (Set Of 2)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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These are by far the most impressive co-axial speakers out there that differentiate well with the highs, mids, and lows. And best of all, it is quite affordable and is an easy-to-install option. It comes with an official 1-year warranty and has great build quality for the price bracket. It scores high on aesthetics as well with a sleek yet plush design language. This is a great buy if you want a hassle-free replacement for those dull factory speakers. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Bass output will not tickle the enthusiasts
    • Higher volume tends to distort the audio

Kenwood KFC-1665S (Set Of 4)

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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The only one of this bunch to come in a set of 4, the Kenwood KFC-1665S is for those who are pretty serious about being budget-friendly. These have a lot more compromises but are still better off than the stock speakers of your car. This gets a 2-way design as opposed to the common 3-way which means that you don’t get a mid-range speaker, just the woofer and tweeter. Morover, don’t go on for an endurance test with these, as they tend to distort under elongated usage and heat. Order yours from Amazon today!

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    • Not for audiophiles
    • Audio quality is notably diminished

Our Choice Of this Bunch

Best Car Speakers In 2021
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Of all the various manufacturers and types in this bunch, we would right away go for the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 which has struck the perfect balance between rich audio quality, build quality, and value for money. These look cooler and are easy to fit into the stock speaker casing. And to top it all it has impressive durability to withstand your usage in the long run.

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