• Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021

We sort out the best car waxes in 2021 to protect your car paint and give it that added shine

Everyone loves a spotless and sparkling car in their garage! It gives you a soothing sensation when your ride is all dolled up and shiny. But maintaining that shine and protecting your car exterior is not an easy job, especially when there is a lot of driving involved. But car waxes prove to be an easy escape from being saddened by a dull car exterior and avoid those frequent body professional visits. These waxes are formulated to be easy-to-use, provide lasting shine and protect the paint job to an extent. We sort out the top 10 car waxes to buy in 2021.

Why Do You Need A Car Wax?

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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Car waxes are not actually needed for a vehicle’s proper functioning. It is a pure aesthetics-enhancing product that helps keep your car exterior neat and shiny. A car is your second-most crucial investment after a house. So, taking good care of your car inside out. is something that you would always strive for.

Keeping the mechanical components is crucial for smooth running. But similarly is keeping the exterior ’fresh’. Psychologically, it plays a deep part in toggling your mood. So, investing in a good car wax to buff things up and keep that shine intact is a pretty needy affair.

Are Car Wax And Car Polish The Same?

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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These are not the same but do share a few functions. Car wax is basically a shield that rolls out a layer of wax on top of the exterior paint after being polished. Yes, car waxes have abrasive materials in them that also do the work of car polish, but subtly.

Talking of which, car polish is made up of abrasive materials that are used to remove minor scratches and revive the car’s shine. It is used when the car exterior has dulled down due to frequent exposure to the sunlight.

Most waxes, nowadays, come with both polishing and protecting properties. So, if the surface damages are very minute, then using a car wax would do the trick. Car Waxes are slowly overshadowing car polishes in properties. But both are different products and a car wax is applied generally after a thorough polishing of the surface.

What To Keep In Mind Before Using A Car Wax?

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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These products are chemically active and so you need to careful when applying them. Direct sunlight poses a threat and reacts with the chemicals in the wax. So, better utilize a shaded area for your application.

These waxes do have magic powers to vanish out minor scratches but don’t get your hopes high. Deep scratches will require a touch-up or paint job to be done. Car wax has its limits.

Different waxes have different curing times. So make sure you do your homework on the bought product before applying it. Read those instructions well.

It is our instinct to swirl while cleaning or wiping a surface. Do refrain from it when using car wax. It is always wise to get habituated with a back and forth motion for optimum results.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Waxes?

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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Car waxes have variations in consistency and ingredients. The varying consistency of the product divides it into 3 major types - spray wax, paste wax, and liquid wax. When it comes to ingredients, it is again divided into 3 major types - Natural, Synthetic, and Ceramic based.

Waxes Based On Consistency

Spray Wax comes in as the easiest to apply as it doesn’t require pre-application before buffing on the surface. Start spraying and use that micro-fiber to scrub it. This is the quickest to apply of the bunch.

Paste Wax is the oldest form of wax available. This has been in use way before automobiles came into the scene. This product requires a tedious process of rubbing the compound on the surface till it fades away. But the output is well worth it, and these waxes come with a protective layer against UV rays and stay on for much longer.

Liquid wax is a slightly dissolved version of paste wax and is more focused on shine. It is easy to use and dries up quite quickly as compared to spray waxes. Certain liquid waxes do come in spray cans, and thus thins the line between them. Others come in a gooey form, that is closer to paste wax.

Waxes Based On Ingredients

Natural wax is confined to the waxes with carnauba. It is made from carnauba palm tree lead extract and is considered the world’s hardest natural wax. It is mixed with other organic oils to make it suitable for car body application. Shine is its triumph car. It is only available in a paste form.

Synthetic wax came in soon after as it turned out to be longer-lasting and easier to use than natural waxes. These can even reach the ’shine’ standards of carnauba wax and is available in a variety of forms. Spray and liquid waxes are only available for synthetic waxes.

Ceramic wax is the latest entrance into the wax game and is the most sophisticated and priciest one of the bunch. Ceramic coating has become a thing in the detailing world and helps protect your car and retain that shine for years. Hybrid ceramic waxes bring the functions of a ceramic coating in a wax form. These synthetic waxes utilize a silicon-dioxide blend (from ceramic liquids) and can provide more results than the standard synthetic waxes.

Here Are The Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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This is one of the most commonly sought-after natural wax. It has a traditional blend of natural carnauba wax with beeswax as a softener. The formula for P21S is quite impressive and even stands up to the likes of the synthetic liquid competition. It provides a visible haze and dries up quickly. It doesn’t leave any residue behind and also provides commendable water retention. This one right here is for the hardcore owners who will not sly out when it comes to keeping their vehicles spotless. Check it out on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - Pricey
    • - Frequent application required
    • - Wears of quickly under harsh weather and driving conditions

Carfidant Ultimate Liquid Wax

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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This is a wholesome synthetic polymer-based car wax. It is much easier to apply as opposed to pasting waxes. It is very rare for a synthetic wax to come close to carnauba paste waxes when it comes to shining and protection. But Carfidant stands out here as after its application and drying period of 20 minutes, the shine is at par with carnauba ones. It provides a smooth surface finish and also has added hydrophobic protection. Find it on Amazon right away!

  • Leave it
    • - Takes a lot longer to dry - 20 minutes to be precise
    • - Reacts with plastic and other polycarbonate trimmings
    • - Oily layer on glass can hamper visibility at night

Lithium Gloss Sauce

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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This is a rather unique product that takes natural waxes and amplifies its properties using chemical catalysts. It is the best fusion of nature and science. As the name suggests, it is a ’sauce’ that adds emulsifiers to a carnauba base. The resulting mixture allows to fill in microscopic creases on the car surface. It basically also works as a paint corrector and adds more shine to the car surface. Applying this sauce is an easy process. it has a cool property of dissolving oxidation after application. You can order it on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - Quite pricey for the quantity at hand

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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Ceramic coating is a fairly new method of protecting the paint surface of your car. It binds with the clear coat to provide for a shielding and sparkling surface. Meguiar has fused this technology into their leading car wax and created the Meguiar Hybrid Ceramic Liquid. Ceramic provides more durability over synthetic polymer or carnauba-based waxes. The main ingredient is silicon dioxide that provides heightened protection and water-repelling properties. It’s available on Amazon right now!

  • Leave it
    • - Tends to leave swirls and streaks
    • - On the pricey side

Griot’s Garage 11097 Spray-On Wax

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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This product is quite different from the standard bunch of waxes out there as it doesn’t focus on shine and glossiness. Griot’s spray-on wax is more focused on providing your car with added protection from the sun and external damages.

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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It also doesn’t hamper the paint quality upon excessive usage and can also be used over an existing wax layer. Being a liquid wax, it doesn’t leave any residue behind and spraying makes applying it an easy affair. You can get it on Amazon today!

  • Leave it
    • - Acts as a secondary wax layer only; car needs a primary dedicated wax coating

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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Meguiar’s has been in the automobile detailing and care business for a long time now. All of their products have years of expertise attached to it and can be trusted with purpose. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is a wholesome product that is tuned to be easy-to-use even for newbies. Applying it is a breeze and it forms a thin layer that dries in just 5 minutes. It doesn’t leave any residue behind and the outcome is comparable to that of a natural carnauba wax which has the highest standard of shine and protection. Order yours from Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - The shiny haze can be too oily on certain surfaces; not to be used on windshields
    • - Consistency is too thin and can be difficult to apply evenly

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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This is a home-grown product that is curated to work as a wax, polish, and sealant - all in one. This product is keen on making the process of sparkling your ride, a lot easier as opposed to other waxes out there. This formula has a dense shine, with an impressive hydrophobic property. And it doesn’t form any haze which helps it to be used on windshields as well. UV protection is strong and the CarGuys Hybrid wax can also be used on motorcycles, RVs, and boats. CarGuys claims that you only have to apply it twice a year, at max. You can order it from Amazon with a great deal on shipping.

  • Leave it
    • - Pricey
    • - Should be used very carefully in terms of quantity

Chemical Guys WAC 201 Butter Wet Wax

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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Chemical Guys are pretty neat when it comes to car care products. Other than sounding dope, their products are well-curated and provide for some of the best results. Their Butter Wet Wax is an impressive liquid wax that provides commendable shine and protection. Also, it can be applied with ease and doesn’t react to sunlight. This formula works well with any car colors and is keenly selected for its impressive results on black and white cars. It’s available on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - Not as long lasting as synthetic polymer waxes

Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Wax Kit}1}
Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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As the name suggests, the Aero Cosmetics Car Wash Wax kit has its roots in the aviation industry. The base of this wax is curated from wax that is used to polish the external surfaces of planes. So, durability is a win-win in this one. All these properties on a car mean that the Aero Car wax can last up to 8 months in optimum conditions. It also has a non-stick formula which helps you use this in every nook and corner without a worry. No alcohol or ammonia here, making it the safest of the waxes for cars. You can order it from Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - The bundled microfiber towels don’t absorb the wax well
    • - No soothing after-smell here

Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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This is as old school as it gets. Mothers is a company with a rich history in car care. As the name suggests, this wax uses the best Brazilian Carnauba to create the wax formula. It combines yellow carnauba with added polish for added sparkle. It is a traditional wax that will require you to sweat it out while applying. But the outcome is well worth it and lasts longer. Find it on Amazon now!

  • Leave it
    • - Being a liquid wax, applying it can frequently result in a messy situation

Which Car Wax Should You Go For?

Best Car Waxes To Buy In 2021
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Choosing an all-in-one car wax is always a wise decision as it helps save a lot of time and energy. These waxes might cost a bit more as compared to traditional ones but their long-lasting properties give you a longer window on reapplication. We, however, have 2 sorted out that are pretty neat for what they offer and are priced at.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is quite impressive for a liquid wax as it manages to stand up to the natural likes of carnauba waxes. It provides long-lasting shine, protection from UV rays, and has an easy-application technique as well. So, despite being a polymer-based product, it still manages to do in 5 minutes and provides a thin haze coat that is smooth to the touch.

Mothers California Carnauba Liquid Wax is the right fusion of natural wax and additives. It provides an impeccable shine and has an easy application process. The resulting layer is free of swirls and is UV resistant as well.

Other than these, if you are keen on trying the latest chemical formulae out there, then Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Liquid and Lithium Gloss Sauce are the ones to look out for. Both have unique formulae and provides impressive results both in terms of shine and protection.

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