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You may not need it now but, sooner or later, it’s likely that you’ll be on the market for a car that plays the part of a family transporter well. As you’ll find out - or as you’ve already discovered - transporting your infant kids in the car requires you to get a car seat and, while this process in itself is not easy, getting it correctly fitted inside your car can be a hassle too. That’s why we’ve listed ten cars that you should really consider looking into if you have small children or if you’re planning to start a family and want everyone aboard to enjoy a safe ride at all times.

First of all, you must remember that all vehicles made after September 1, 2002, come equipped with a Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system so you won’t have to worry if that system is in place when buying a new car. However, not all cars are particularly family friendly since what you’re looking for is something big enough for both the cargo and the people you’ll be carrying and also one that’s easy to use and it’s also versatile - if you waste many minutes day in and day out getting your kids in and out of the car, you’ve got yourself the wrong car.

2019 Toyota Camry

2018 Toyota Camry High Resolution Exterior
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The Toyota Camry is the single best-selling sedan in the U.S. with 178,795 units sold in 2018 alone.

The mid-size model has been the choice of so many consumers also because of its practicality and its family-friendly demeanor.

Its large doors and flat seat bottoms mean that loading and unloading child seats, be it forward-facing or rear-facing, isn’t a chore. Also, according to, since "2018, the Toyota Camry has easy-access lower Latch anchors that sit below removable plastic covers" and aren’t hidden between the seat cushions as before. Also, with many trim levels (and engines) to choose from, the Camry fits like a glove no matter what and it has to be one of the best cars for car seats out there.

2019 Toyota Camry drivetrain specifications
Engine naturally aspirated, 2.5-liter, four-cylinder
Horsepower 203 horsepower
Torque 184 pound-feet
Drive FWD
0-60 mph 7.6 seconds
Top Speed 115 mph

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2019 Hyundai Sonata

2018 Hyundai Sonata Exterior High Resolution
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Yes, we know the 2020 Sonata was recently unveiled and as stunning as it is, we must also praise the outgoing model for its propensity to be a devoted family hauler. praised it for its "roomy backseats" that have no problem taking in car seats, and the rear doors are big enough, so you don’t have to worry about getting them in. Also, the car is equipped with all the latest safety features such as blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert and it all costs just $23,200 (including the destination charge), $1,565 cheaper than the base Camry (although, as a side note, you should go for the better-equipped Camry LE since it costs just $505 more).

2019 Hyundai Sonata SE drivetrain specifications
Engine naturally aspirated, 2.4-liter, inline four-cylinder
Horsepower 185 horsepower
Torque 178 pound-feet
Drive FWD
0-60 mph 7.4 seconds
Top Speed 125 mph

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2019 Honda Odyssey

2018 Honda Odyssey High Resolution Exterior
- image 718513

You can’t compile a list such as this one without including one of the most famous (and best-selling) minivans out there. does make the point that the Odyssey received only an ’Acceptable’ rating (while the top one is the ’Good’ rating) from the IIHS but also adds that the Odyssey offers five LATCH systems (for all of the seats in the back two rows) and they’re all visible.

What is more, the ease of access is quite tremendous due to the way you can just slide the second row to get to the third one.

Also notable is the low floor and the fact that the head restraints are removable to allow for an easier installation of the forward-facing convertible seats.

2019 Honda Odyssey drivetrain specifications
Engine naturally aspirated, 3.5-liter V-6
Horsepower 280 horsepower
Torque 262 pound-feet
Drive (AWD, FWD, RWD)
0-60 mph 6.9 seconds
Top Speed 120 mph

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2019 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer Exterior
- image 578459

The latest Ford Explorer is touted as an SUV that’s ready to tackle whatever adventure you have in mind. This also includes the adventure known as "raising a family" which is, as anyone who’ve tried it will attest, among the most challenging (and most rewarding) of them all.

The Explorer offers a lot of cargo space and up to seven seats.

According to U.S. News, "when equipped as a seven-seater with a second-row bench seat, the Explorer has two full LATCH connectors on the outboard seats and a tether anchor in the middle seat" while the third row only has a full LATCH system on the passenger’s side seat but that still amounts to a healthy four car seats compared to the three that can be fitted inside Ford’s more compact Edge.

2019 Ford Explorer drivetrain specifications
Engine naturally aspirated, 3.5-liter V-6.
Horsepower 290 horsepower
Torque 255 pound-feet
0-60 mph 6 seconds
Top Speed 135 mph

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2019 Subaru Ascent

2019 Subaru Ascent
- image 786233

The Ascent is a three-row SUV with up to 19 cup holders, plenty of legroom - for reference, even the smaller Impreza offers 36.5 inches of rear legroom - and all sorts of modern safety features.

It can accommodate rear-facing car seats in the back without you having to move the front seats an inch.

The Outback is also roomy enough but it doesn’t come with three rows of seats and, while it does offer adequate headroom, the Ascent tops it.

2019 Subaru Ascent drivetrain specifications
Engine 2.4-liter, twin-scroll turbocharged, boxer four-cylinder
Horsepower 260 horsepower
Torque 277 pound-feet
Drive AWD
0-60 mph 7.3 seconds
Top Speed 130 mph

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Chrysler Pacifica
- image 661192

The Chrysler Pacifica with its power sliding rear doors is the option if you want a minivan but don’t want the Odyssey. What’s cool about these minivans is that you get second- and third-row ’Stow ’n’ Go’ seats as part of the standard package on all Pacificas. Second-row ’Stow ’n’ Go’ seats are unavailable on the Pacifica Hybrid, but the seats are removable. What this system does is allow for "the seats of the Pacifica to be stored into the floor of the vehicle and that creates 140.5 cubic feet of flat storage space". Also, you can configure the seats in up to 243 ways according to your very own needs.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica drivetrain specifications
Engine 3.6-liter, Pentastar V-6
Horsepower 287 horsepower
Torque 262 pound-feet of torque
Drive FWD
0-60 mph 7.5 seconds
Top Speed 120 mph

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2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit
- image 671026

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is by far the Jeep to go for if you have a family or want a car that will be able to take in your future family.

According to, "this two-row SUV, which straddles the compact and mid-size classes, is a good fit for families with its roomy backseat boasting 40.3 inches of rear legroom."

Also, the Grand Cherokee comes fitted with two full sets of LATCH connectors on the outboard seats of its back row beside the tether anchor on the middle seat for up to three seats - including rear-facing and convertible ones due to the roomy cabin, making the Grand Cherokee.potentially the best SUV for car seats if you also take into consideration its other features and also the engines available.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee drivetrain specifications
Engine naturally aspirated, 3.6-liter V-6
Horsepower 293 horsepower
Torque 260 pound-feet
0-60 mph 7.1 seconds
Top Speed 130 mph

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2019 Toyota 4Runner

Best Cars for Car Seats
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The standard 4Runner seats five adults, but you can option it with a third row of seats. Inside of this SUV, you can easily fit three car seats on the second row as the latches are easy to spot.

It comes with two full sets of LATCH child seat connectors on the outboard seats and a tether anchor in the middle, rear shoulder room being quoted by the manufacturer at 57.8 inches, about as much as the Grand Cherokee (58 inches flat).

2019 Toyota 4Runner drivetrain specifications
Engine naturally aspirated, 4.0-liter V-6
Horsepower 270 horsepower
Torque 278 pound-feet
Drive AWD
0-60 mph 7.6 seconds
Top Speed 115 mph

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2019 GMC Acadia

Safest SUVS Of 2019
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The Acadia is a versatile people-mover. You can have it with either five seats, six seats, or even seven seats, although you’ll have to remember that the third row is, by design, ready to welcome your kids since adults will have a bit of a hard time getting in there.

The five- and the seven-seat versions come with outboard LATCH systems that allow you to fit three car seats on the middle row (or second row in the five-seat model).

The Acadia starts at $29,000 making it over $3,000 cheaper than the Explorer before adding the $2,154 needed for AWD. GMC charges you $2,000 if you want the power to be sent to all four wheels.

2019 GMC Acadia drivetrain specifications
Engine 2.0-liter, turbocharged, inline-four
Horsepower 230 horsepower
Torque 258 pound-feet
Drive AWD/ RWD
0-60 mph 8.0 seconds
Top Speed 120 mph

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2019 Chevrolet Bolt

Best Cars for Car Seats Exclusive Photos High Resolution
- image 818530

This may seem like the odd one out and, in many respects, it is.

For starters, it's not big, it doesn't come with seating for half a dozen people, and it also doesn't feature sliding doors or easily foldable seats.

But what it does offer is top notch inner-city practicality, and this is important if you actually live in the heart of a bustling city and owning a behemoth on wheels isn’t an option for you. Sure, cargo space is limited but the Bolt EV with its EPA-estimated 238-mile range is big enough in the back for you to fit up to two rear-facing child seats (as well as any other type of car seats) and it passed car seat tests with flying colors.

2019 Chevrolet Bolt drivetrain specifications
Engine Single electric motor
Horsepower 200 horsepower
Torque 266 pound-feet
Drive RWD
0-60 mph 6.5 seconds
Top Speed 91 mph

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