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Here are the best CB radios you can buy in 2021 to keep communication clear and intact

CB radios are quite a common commodity in the commercial transportation business as it helps provide uninterrupted communication between the driver and the related authorities. It also acts as a lifesaver in times of dire need and can help truckers communicate with each other over long journeys. We sort out the best CB radios available right now and help you with highlighting features, pros, and cons.

What Is A CB Radio?

Best CB Radios 2021
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The Citizen Band Radio is used for personal radio communication between individuals. But it is more widely used in the commercial business sector. It is free to use and doesn’t require a license but you might need an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certificate to use in areas where the FCC regulates radio communication. A CB Radio can be used via 40 authorized channels between 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz. It can be contracted through an AM or SSB (Single SideBand) mode.

Types Of CB Radios

Best CB Radios 2021
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Mobile CB Radio: These are the most common type out there. It comes in varying sizes but has a generic layout of many knobs to control the varying frequencies and volume, and has a microphone attached to it. This type is also the most popular choice among consumers.

All-In-Handset CB Radio: The name comes from its shape. This type of CB Radio is shaped like a handset and is known for its compact and ergonomic design language. It can easily fit into small spaces and also goes well with a clean dashboard layout. It is quite practical and comes with a one-handed layout for easy usage.

Handheld CB Radio: These have voice receivers and transmitters in a tiny hand-held enclose and are shaped like wired walkie-talkies. These are also offered with rechargeable batteries that allow you to use them in remote situations as well. These come with a cigarette lighter adaptable charger, jacks for an adapter, and a CB antenna.

Advantages Of CB Radios

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Untampered Communication On The Go: The major advantage of a CB Radio is its uninterrupted communication potential in any given weather conditions. All it needs is a power supply and a rightly placed antenna (if it comes with one). The communication is uninterrupted and helps keep consistent contact at all times.

Secure With Communications At Low Frequencies: CB Radios operate at low frequencies as it helps the signals travel much further as compared to high frequencies. This is also a unique trait among CB Radios as no other type of radios can do so which gives it an added degree of security as well.

A Lifesaver During Emergencies: Uninterrupted and further communication range helps these radios to be lifesavers in times of emergencies. This device doesn’t require a license to operate and so can be used by anyone and everyone during crises to manage situations.

A Healthy Companion On Long Tiring Rides: Let’s face it. It is quite boring to drive trucks for long distances all alone. So, these radios come into the rescue as companions that help you communicate with fellow truckers, either those tallying along with you or friendly ones on the way. The communication channel is also encrypted, and so you needn’t; worry about others being able to tap into your conversations.

Our Pick Of The Lot

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The Uniden Bearcat 980 40-Channel SSB CB Radio is our choice of this lot. This particular option packs quite the appeal with a well-rounded package of features. The build quality is impressive and has a sturdy feel to anything you put your hands on. The display is crisp and more importantly sizable and readable. The cool yellowish-orange backlight looks cool with the all-black layout. It also comes with a unique Single Side Band feature that helps receive and transmit crisp and clear audio even for longer distances. All this for under $270 is quite the deal.

Here Are The Best CB Radios To Buy In 2021

Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC CB Radio ($549)

Best CB Radios 2021
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This Stryker offering uses 6 IRG-520 MOSFET transistors and operates with 100+ W of power. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty AM regulator, that is provided with heightened levels of reliability. This can reproduce the human voice with no distortion and provides an ample degree of clarity. The variable power control on this CB Radio allows you to adjust the carrier from as low as 1W to 25W. It has a compact construction and is design with a 7-color LED-backlit faceplate. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • No warranty
    • On the pricey side

Uniden Bearcat 980 40-Channel SSB CB Radio ($263)

Best CB Radios 2021
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This is a plush CB Radio that has a distinctive orangish-yellow lighting layout. This lighting is offered as a backlit layout on all keys as well as on the display screen. The visual appeal is high with this one. It has a Unique Single Side Band and all-weather capabilities that offer crisp and clear audio output every at longer distances. It also has a weather button that gives you an update on the conditions in the particular area. It is also usable with wireless mics and adds to its hands-free appeal. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Build quilality is neat but not suitable for rough usage
    • Button read-outs are too small

Galaxy DX-939F Mobile AM CB Radio ($190)

Best CB Radios 2021
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Galaxy has been making fool-proof and highly-revered CB Radio units for a long time now. This particular specimen is an AM-only unit and is quite well-designed. It comes with a built-in 5-digit LED frequency indicator and a backlit multi-function meter. It has an RF gain, an automatic noise limiter, and a noise blanker control unit. It is a sizable full-sized CB Radio unit that has been cramped into a mid-sized chassis to be made compact. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Does not come with weather channel
    • No auto-scan and AM only

Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio ($150)

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This is one of the modern-looking CB radios of this bunch. The display on this can be set in 4 selectable colors - red, blue, green, and amber. Aesthetic appeal is quite strong in this and it also comes with a dimmer that helps adjust the brightness during night drives. It can lock into 10 NOAA weather channels to provide emergency weather alerts automatically. The signal clarity of the incoming voice is quite good and is a capable performer. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • sizable and will not be suitable for small vehicles
    • The smaller roller knobs are quite flimsy

Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio ($100)

Best CB Radios 2021
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This is the best portable option out there and is made for someone who wants just one CB Radio for all his vehicles. This compact unit can easily clip onto a sun visor, seatbelt, or even pockets for easy access. It comes with a 12V adapter that helps you plug it into a cigarette lighter and juice it up. It can also run on either 6 AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack available from Midland. It comes with 40 standard CB channels, and can also scan for 10 NOAA weather channels. This handheld device is also compatible with headsets so using it hands-free is the way to go. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Rechargable batteries are not included in the box
    • Shorter range as compared to peers

President Electronics BILL CB Radio ($89)

Best CB Radios 2021
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This is a sleek and ultra-compact CB Radio unit that has been designed keeping compact SUVs in mind. This compact unit comes with a feature for channel scanning as well as NOAA weather. It comes with 7 backlit options, a Roger beep, a front-facing 6-ping microphone, and a lot more in that tiny package. Another interesting feature is its 5-year warranty that is provided if you buy a President antenna along with the radio. It supports 40 channels and has a frequency range of 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz. Order yours today!

  • Leave it
    • Too small to be used for commercial purpose
    • Quality is mediocre
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