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If you have a leaking head gasket, one of these products will be your best bet for a quick fix!

When it comes to your car’s health, a head gasket is something you rarely think about. It’s a vital component that does not require maintenance and reminds you only when it goes bad and does not seal properly. This can lead to nasty scenarios, like coolant and oil mixing together, which can lead to catastrophic failure. The obvious solution is to replace it, which in some cases can be expensive. A viable alternative is to use a head gasket sealer. In order to save you the trouble, we’ve gathered some of the best products currently on offer.

Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer

Best Head Gasket Sealer
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From Blue Devil Products comes an impressive solution that is said to be a permanent solution to any leaks. It can be applied to leaking gaskets, cracked or warped heads, heater cores, freeze plugs. Its formula does not feature any solid or particulate matter that may cause damage to an engine. The product includes a 32-ounce (946 ml) radiator flush and a 32-ounce sealer. The process of applying the head gasket sealer is pretty straightforward too, so you can do it yourself. After flushing the radiator, simply pour it in, secure the cap and wait around 50 minutes, while monitoring the engine. In the case, you are not satisfied with the product, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.Check out the latest deals on Amazon

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    • Potential thermostat issues
    • Good only for inline-four and V-6 engines
    • Should only be used with fresh coolant

Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Sealer

Best Head Gasket Sealer
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Steel Steal’s head gasket repair solution is more on the expensive side, but it has plenty going for it. The mixture is easy to apply and has a very high success rate. In the extremely rare scenario, you are not satisfied, you will be refunded. You don’t even need to fill in any forms, just contact customer support and you will be sorted out. What makes this head gasket sealer is that, unlike many other similar products, it works great on big engines too. It’s worth noting, though, it works best on V-8 engines. The product works equally well on diesel and gasoline engines. The product is also free of any particles that may cause engine damage. You might get free delivery from Amazon!

  • Leave it
    • Can be expensive
    • May leave build up in the cooling system
    • May not be compatible with antifreeze

Bar’s Leak HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair

Best Head Gasket Sealer
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One of the most versatile entries on our list comes in the form of the Bar’s Leak HG-1. It is easy to apply and is said to be a permanent solution. This alone makes it one of the best head gasket repair solutions. But that’s not all. This head gasket sealer is quite versatile, as it can be used on a wide variety of engine types. You can use it on diesel or gasoline engines, and even racing engines, regardless of the cylinder number, layout, and whether it’s turbocharged, supercharged, or naturally-aspirated. The company is known for professional-grade products and has a patented “Xtreme Cool” ingredient, preventing engine overheating. It fixes everything from leaking antifreeze to cracked heads and blocks. Slide over to Amazon to get a great deal!

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    • Not suitable for interior leaks

ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks

Best Head Gasket Sealer
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ATP makes the list because it’s highly-compatible and easy to use for both DIY-ers as well as professional mechanics. The product can be used both as a head gasket sealer as well as to prevent overheating. The ATP also has the properties of a plasticizer, which is a chemical used in rubber manufacturing, in order to set the flexibility and hardness of rubber. It’s also non-toxic and easy on the internal bearings. There’s a reason for many of its users recommend it. At 8 ounces (237 ml) it’s not exactly the most generous entry in terms of amount.

  • Leave it
    • Not for transmission and power-steering components
    • Longevity

K-Seal Multi-Purpose Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

Best Head Gasket Sealer
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K-Seal offers another one-step head gasket sealer solution. What makes it special is the time it takes. This head gasket repair product effectively seals any leaks in just three minutes. This makes it the quickest of all the entries. What makes this even better is the fact that it can be mixed with any type of coolant, which is a rare feat for a heat sealer. This also eliminates the need to flush out the coolant, as many other sealers require. This easily makes the K-Seal one of the best head gasket sealer products currently on the market. The product works best with bigger vehicles like RVs Tractors, and boats, as well as big-displacement engines. Check it out on Amazon today!

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    • Longevity
    • May clog radiators if not used properly

K&W 401232 Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair

Best Head Gasket Sealer
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Our last entry comes from K&W and features nanotechnology, for superior sealing capabilities. It creates a stronger bond allowing a virtually permanent sealing effect. In addition, this head gasket sealer does not come with any unwanted side effects like clogged radiators. It’s also offered in a 32-ounce (946 ml) package, which is more than many other head gasket repair solutions. All the product requires is a coolant flush before applying. Once this is done, it’s a simple pour-and-go. It’s good for both light vehicles and heavy-duty applications, such as trucks and buses. It’s specifically developed to seal cracked blocks or heads, as well as any leaks permanently.

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    • Not compatible with antifreeze
    • Contains chemicals so it requires great care


What is the best head gasket sealer?

Although there are a few universal solutions out there, it largely depends on your case. K&W’s solution is one of the versatile products, but its chemical formula requires utmost care when applying it. Otherwise, ATP’s offer works as well, unless you’re working on transmission or power steering system.

Does head gasket sealer really work?

Yes. If applied correctly it should work as advertised. Make sure you know what the product is good for, so you know what to expect.

Is head gasket sealer a permanent fix?

A few products pride themselves on being a permanent solution, however, the majority are not. Sometimes, it’s a matter of the application. As with anything, it’s worth checking what the product is good for.

Will a head gasket sealer ruin an engine?

If not applied properly, it may lead to malfunction with the engine’s periphery (e.g. thermostat, cylinder tubes, etc.), which unattended may lead to catastrophic failure down the line.

Does head gasket sealer work for diesel engines?

Usually, anything that’s meant for heavy-duty applications. Our Steel Seal and K-Seal entries are ideal for diesel engines.

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