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If you want to keep track of what’s happening on the road or in your region, these police scanners might be just what you need

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Police scanners might be something to consider buying, but not for the reasons you may think about. Although it will not help you evade the police, while engaging in some Vanishing point-inspired activities, it can give you vital information about what’s happening in your region before it hits the news. If you want to avoid protests or get info on the road conditions, weather, or disasters, a police scanner can keep you updated. Moreover, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the first ones you should consider.

Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner

Best Police Scanner
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Whistler is one of the brands known for making some of the best police scanner devices. Their0 WS1065 is a desktop scanner that boasts excellent reception and great sound quality. Whether its police and fire updates or simply weather reports, you’ll be able to hear them loud and clear. It’s also easy to program, as long as you use Win500 and a subscription to Radio Reference. Other than that, the menu-driven programming and scan list make it easier to operate and set up. The lit-up display is easy to read even at night. Although the antenna is quite decent out of the box, in some areas, it may require an upgraded one. Other than that, it’s an all-around great police scanner for your desktop. Check it out on Amazon now!

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    • It has a learning curve to it
    • May not have a reception in some areas

Uniden Bear Tracker Scanner (BCT15X)

Best Police Scanner
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Uniden is the other name on the list that is known for top-quality police scanners. This one is our top pick for the best scanner radio for cars. It features 9,000 channels, with location-based scanning. The latter works automatically, by choosing channels depending on your location. It also comes pre-programmed for all emergency channels in the different states. In addition, it offers 10-key Overall, it’s a highly-versatile police scanner, which allows you to stay informed of any activities, regardless of where you are. Order yours from Amazon today.

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    • No user manual

Whistler WS1040 Handheld Digital Scanner

Best Police Scanner
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Here, we have another entry from Whistler. This is one of the best handheld police scanner options, you can currently get. This is especially true if you want to get the latest weather and storm updates. It does so through its built-in Skywarn Storm Spotter feature, which also happens to be used by storm agencies. Other functions include a Scan list, which allows you to arrange, scan, or group objects according to your preference and 500 alpha-channels. The police scanner also has menu-driven programming with context-sensitive help. Each menu provides its own instructions, so you’ll have a better understanding of how to navigate through the device’s functions. You’ll have to do without some of the more advanced auto-tracking features, however. Order yours from Amazon today.

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    • It lacks some of the advanced auto-tracking features
    • Can be expensive

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT

Best Police Scanner
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The second entry from Uniden comes in the form of a handheld police scanner and a surprising amount of features. It allows you to listen to 40,000 different frequencies, among which civilian and military ones. These include police, fire, ambulance, marine, weather, and others. You also get 500 alpha-tagged channels, organized in 10 storage banks, do not disturbed-mode, and close call RF capture technology. You also get a USB and free software which can be downloaded via the internet. You also get 10 presets for popular searches. Overall, it’s one of the best handheld police scanner options and easily one of the most feature-rich handheld devices. Check out the great deal on Amazon.

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    • Requires programming
    • Somewhat confusing manual

5-0 Radio Police Scanner App

Best Police Scanner
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Here’s an interesting one. One of the best police scanners can be your smartphone. And the 5=0 police scanner app can make it happen. The app is installed like any other and gives you a constant feed of active alerts, as well as a collection of breaking news. You can narrow it down to regional alerts, depending on where you are, so you only receive alerts that are actually relevant to you. You can also send a link from your smartphone app to your email and open it through your laptop if you want to listen in on alerts while using your personal computer. By excluding the need for buying additional equipment this is easily the best police scanner app. Check it out on Amazon now!

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    • You have to pay additionally for the Pro features

Uniden Bear Tracker 885

Best Police Scanner
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The BearTracker 885 is quite simply the best money is no object option on the list. It’s a full-fledged CB-radio and trunk-tracking scanner. It also has a GPS. This allows it to choose automatically channels from its database, which is weekly updated, in order to give you the information that is most relevant to you. It also features NOAA weather alerts, BearTracker alerts - which signals you when nearby public safety transmissions are detected, noise-canceling, and many other. The scanner can also work alongside the CB radio features, which means, no need for switching back and forth between the functions. We saved the best police scanner for last, but you also need to pay extra if you want it. Find your great deal on Amazon!

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    • Expensive


What is the best police scanner?

Although all of the above-mentioned are great options, the Uniden BearTracker 885 is the ultimate, most feature-rich, and versatile option, on the list.

What is the best police scanner for cars?

The Uniden Bear Tracker BCT15X is specifically designed for use in cars. It’s as big as a single-din stereo system, which makes it easy to fit in most cars. Most other options on the list can be a suitable replacement too.

Are police scanners legal in cars?

In most states, using a radio scanner is legal. Although there are no federal restrictions, using a police scanner while driving and using it after committing a crime is illegal.

Do police scanners come pre-programmed?

Some do, but not all. In some cases, you need to do the programming yourself.

Can I put a police scanner in my car?

Yes. However, you have to check if it’s legal to use, in your region.

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