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We give you the best racing seats to buy in 2021 and bump up your driving experience

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Racing requires a lot more than just outright performance. It focuses heavily on handling, dynamics, and weight. But above all this, the driver is a key variable that can make or break a perfect racing car setup. You can have all the power in the world, but if the driver is not at ease while on the track, then it’s all for waste. A racing seat comes in as a key factor in keeping the driver at ease during these demanding times. It provides a layout that slides in well with the aggressive demands on the race track, all the while, adding to the driver’s confidence.

What Is A Racing Seat?

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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A racing seat swaps out the generic seating layout of a car and provides a more focused seating layout for the driver. These seats are specifically used in high-octane racing events, but at the same time also comes in packages that can be used on the roads as well. Its main purpose is to hold the driver snug and safe, with all the insane G’s and sudden directional changes acting along. It is not a stand-alone product and is designed to adapt and work with elements like helmets, racing harnesses (4-point or 6-point), and roll cages. These are extremely lightweight and in most cases uncomfortable as well.

Things To Look Into While Buying A Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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Brand And Value: There are quite a few dedicated and long-standing brands that have been making racing seats including MOMO and Sparco. These manufacturers have invested heavily in R&D and their timely experience has helped in putting forth efficient and purpose-built racing seats. Value generally increases with the intensity of the racing seats. Hardcore ones that come as a whole package are quite costly owing to the lightweight materials used (some even use carbon fiber). But for the professional bunch, there are skeletal options that come in as just the frame and it requires you to customize and fit the required cushions.

Car compatibility: Most racing seats are designed to be universal fits and in cases where they are not, comes with an adaptor. The mounting mechanism is replaced with a sturdier one that will help the seat provide its optimum efficiency. But it is always wise to check for the selected racing seat for compatibility with your vehicle and then move ahead with the buy.

Design, Comfort, And Weight: Racing seats are primarily designed to function rather than look cool. But they generally turn out to be killer when it comes to aesthetics. Design is based on the type of racing seats you opt for, as hardcore ones don’t come with any provision for comfort. The ones that are street legal have perfectly contoured bodies to hold the driver snug at all times and also cut-outs and openings for seat-belt harnesses. For comfort, certain seats do come with an adjustable back for a cozier experience. Lumbar and side support also helps amplify the cozy appeal. When it comes to racing seats, the lower the weight, the better it is for the purpose.

FIA Approval And HANS Compatible: This one is for the serious race junkies who plan on taking on competitive sports. Professional racing events look specifically for FIA approval and HANS compatibility to enroll a car into the event. FIA standards are focused on safety and HANS compatibility tells about the seats having cut-outs for harness and space for a helmet-laden driver.

Here Are The Best Racing Seats To Buy In 2021

MOMO 1076BLK Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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MOMO is a very prominent name in the field of motorsports. They make lightweight and purpose-built wheels primarily but have now forayed into the land of racing seats and racing steering wheels as well. The MOMO 1076BLK racing seat is made with motorsports in mind. It follows along with all the rules in racing events but at the same time provides ample comfort for the driver. Quality is top-notch and the whole product is extremely lightweight. It also gets a HANS system that prevents whiplash ad is FIA-approved. It is made of an Airnet material that is fire and sweat-resistant. Order yours today!

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    • Quite pricey
    • Requires professionalism to be installed

OMP RS-PT2 Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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This is another track-focused racing seat that is FIA approved. It is built out of a fiberglass shell and is extremely lightweight. This seat stands out with its wider and taller structure which allows for people with larger shoulders to easily fit in. It comes with high side bolsters for lateral leg support as well. The whole seat weighs in at just 10.4 pounds and comes covered in black velour. This makes it the lightest racing-focused seat out there. Order yours today!

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    • On the pricey side of racing seats

Sparco Chrono Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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This is a hybrid racing seat that has been made keeping the cozy riders in mind. Racing sets are bound to be uncomfortable and tight-fit, but not everyone out there is comfortable with being tightly snug and still wants to have a sporty experience with an added pinch of comfort. So, the Sparco Chrono racing seat is the perfect balance the strikes between comfort and purpose. It is very much like the classic Sparco R100 but gets a more aggressive form with deeper bolsters, a comfy bottom pad, and an extra 2 inches to move around freely. It comes in 2 sizes - standard and large. Order yours today!

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    • Not as breathable as its hardcore counterparts
    • Dull visual appeal with just an all-black color option

OMP TRS-E Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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What can you do when the budget is quite narrow and you want a purpose-built seat for racing? Well, you go for the OMP TRS-E racing seat. This is a budget-friendly option among the serious racing seat-list and comes with FIA approval as well. It uses low-cost steel tube construction to cut down on pricing and give you a pocket-friendly racing seat. It also comes with a removable leg cushion and is HANS compatible. This is the seat for racers on a budget and quite lives up to the brand value and purpose. Order yours today!

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    • On the heavier side of racing seats
    • Comfort is heavily compromised despite being so hardcore

Sparco R100 Racing Seat}1}
Best Racing Seats In 2021
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This is a hybrid racing seat that can give you the feels and the ’Sparco’ badging for a cheaper price point. This is for those drivers who are very much into a grippy experience but with an added layer of comfort. It has mushier bolsters and has a mellow styling that is compatible with 3 or 4-point harnesses. The wider form factor helps in providing better comfort and open for drivers with varying body shapes to fit it. It comes in 3 color option with the changes being prominent at the mellow side bolsters. Order yours today!

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    • Not very breathable like its hardcore brothers
    • You need extra tools and pieces to fit it in place

Rugged Ridge Off-Road Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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Off-roading is an equally thrilling arena when it comes to racing and it requires a completely different package of racing seats to go with. Rugged Ridge offers a hybrid racing seat solution for fellow off-roaders with ample comfort and sturdiness to take on the slush and beating. This seat is made up of durable material and makes it quite resistible to the forces of nature. It has a wider form factor which helps drivers and co-drivers to get in and out with ease. It comes with cutouts for 4-point harnesses as well. Order yours today!

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    • Hardcore off-roading enthusiasts will be left wanting for more
    • Jeep specific but still requires added adapters for models from 1998-2002

NRG Innovations FRP-311 Racing Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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This is a fiberglass bucket seat that has an added emphasis on comfort. This seat looks serious stuff and very uncomfortable but is quite the cozy one. The ergonomics have been specifically focused on keeping comfort and breathability in mind. You have plenty of space to move about and comes wrapped in plush comfy fabric. The design is classic among bucket seats and these NRGs come with adjustable mounting brackets. These are actually capable of keeping you comfy during long drives as well. Order yours today!

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    • Not so racing focused, and is better off used on the streets

Kirkey 55185 55 Series Aluminum Pro Street Drag Seat

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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How much hardcore is too much hardcore?! Well, the closest answer to that would be the Kirkey Aluminum Pro Street drag racing seats. Yup, these are seats made to take on sub-10 and even sub-7 quarter-mile runs. Looking at the product gives you an idea of how dead-serious the manufacturer is about purpose. Throw comfort out of the window for this one, and frankly, you aren’t even gonna still that long in a drag car to feel the seat enough! But damn; are these seats focused. These are hand-made TIG and MIG-welded aluminum seats for quite an eye-popping price-point. Order yours today!

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    • Professional stuff requires professional guidance for fitment
    • Mounting kits and cushioning are all extra that you have to work and buy

Our Pick Of This Lot

Best Racing Seats In 2021
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The classic Sparco R100 racing seat still happens to make a mark in providing a well-balanced setup that works just fine on the tracks and is perfect for daily drivability. You are not held too tightly but at the same time still get a certain degree of a focused approach to being used for mellow track use. Added bolstering also helps in providing good body support, including the thighs.

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