• Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021

Here are the best racing steering wheels you can buy in 2021 to amplify your car’s sporty appeal

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Steering wheels don’t actually get the attention they deserve! Well, think of it. How many of you have had a proper look at your car’s steering wheel?! We generally don’t pay much heed to the helm of our ship. But a steering wheel is a crucial element that can make or break your connection with the car. These tend to wear out over time, and we generally don’t go beyond the OEM replacement units. But we are here to help you get out of that boredom and provide you with the best racing steering wheels that you can buy in 2021 to amplify the sporty connection with your ride.

Advantages Of Installing A Racing Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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Looks cool and vibrance in designs: The most visible advantage is the added coolness that you get with a racing steering wheel. These are not bulky, boring, and dull-colored as the OEM steering wheels and helps bump up your car’s sporty appeal. The vibrant bunch of designs offered lets you choose from sharp race-spec designs to classy retro ones that also come with wooden grips.

Adds value and character: Talking of sporty appeal, a good racing steering wheel helps add value points for your car. And while selling your enthusiast-focused car, having a cool-looking steering wheel will help you bump up its resale value as well. Character is something that is formed, and with the right racing steering wheel, you amplify the car’s character as well, be it a JDM or a classic.

Helps you with a new drive feel: Racing steering wheels are designed to help you get more involved with the car. It has been constructed to let go of unwanted stuff that takes away from the love of driving, including chunky media controls. Eliminating all of these give you a close-to-analog feel which is sure to put a grin on your face. This helps you connect better with your car as well, and at times, also unlock certain hidden perks, earlier unknown!

How To Choose A Racing Steering Wheel?

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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Choosing your style and shape: Racing steering wheels are a few of the plethora of aftermarket steering wheels available right now. Racing specific ones are more inclined towards making your ride connect better and provide for a more straight-forward driving experience (the reason why these are very much sought-after in the racing world).

Keep an eye on the wheel diameter: The steering wheel diameter is crucial when it comes to driveability. The aftermarket racing wheels are offered in diameters ranging from 300-400 mm. Smaller steering wheels are more common among professional racers are it helps in quick reactions but the same is not so comfortable for daily use. Depth of the disc also comes into play here and a smaller depth is more suited for daily use. Deep disc wheels are confined to racing as it doesn’t allow you to use those stalks and other controls on the steering column.

Choosing the brand: Quality and experience go hand-in-hand. So, it is always better to choose an aftermarket manufacturer that has been in the business for quite some time. Racing steering wheels from brands like MOMO, Sparco, NRG, and Nardi are some of the sought-after ones out there. But there are quite a few newcomers who are learning quite fast on making some pretty dope steering wheels.

Knowing of the loss of functionality: Practicality doesn’t go well with racing steering wheels. Cars of today come with loads of controls on the steering wheel ranging from infotainment system controls to various comfort and safety features like Cruise Control as well. So, you should be at peace with losing all these for better drivability and looks. If it’s purely for racing purposes, then this is barely a loss, but if you are planning to swap the steering wheel of your daily driver, then better make peace with the compromises.

Materials Used and Compatibility: Racing steering wheels commonly use leather, Alcantara, or plastic vinyl as a grip material. Alcantara is the grippiest of the bunch but requires more maintenance. Leather follows and is high in terms of durability and doesn’t require as much maintenance as Alcantara. Plastic vinyl is the cheapest option but often compromises on the grip as compared to the others. Always choose the material used, based on your usage. If it’s through and through for racing, then Alcantara is perfect. Occasional track days and daily drivability see leather as a viable choice. And if you are in for the looks and on a tight budget, then opting for a plastic vinyl-wrapped racing steering wheel will not harm you.

When it comes to compatibility, almost all aftermarket steering wheels require a hub adaptor ( also called a boss kit) which allows you to slap on a racing steering wheel. Most of the hubs are drilled as a 6-bolt kit 70 mm apart. Almost all custom steering wheels are built with this specification in kind. This also allows you to add-on more accessories like a quick release unit or spacer to fine-tune the layout as per your desire.

Here Are The Best Racing Steering Wheels That You Can Buy In 2021

Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This racing steering wheel comes from a well-revered manufacturer with a rich history in the field of motorsports. It is a deep disc unit with a depth of about 2.09 inches. It comes in 2 varying diameters of 12.99 inches and 13.78 mm. The bigger one has a depth of 3.15 inches. It can be had with either leather or suede handgrips in black. This is complemented by contrasting red stitches. Anodized black spokes are centered with the catchy Nardi horn button. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Too pricey

MOMO Heritage Indy Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This one is a unique proposition from MOMO. They have gone all retro with the heritage Indy steering wheel. It is a favorite among the classic racing steering wheels out there. The rim is made of 100% mahogany wood polished out in a gloss finish. It is connected to the center hub with machined aluminum spokes that provides for a contrasting look. The center is adorned with an iconic MOMO logo for the horn button. This is a universal-fit unit with a diameter of 13.75 inches. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Quite pricey
    • Not so racing oriented, and is more for the looks

MOMO R1909_33S Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This is one of the most commonly used racing steering wheels out there and is very much known among racers. This wheel is all for the driving and comes wrapped in an Alcantara suede grip. It is comfortable and provides for a grippy experience. It has a diameter of 12.99 inches and is an all-aluminum construction. It comes with a horn button and the spokes are shaped like a ’T’ for a more ergonomic grip. This is a no-frills design that provides for impressive grip. MOMO recommends you use their own hub for a stern fit. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Pricey
    • Alcantara needs added care

Sparco 015TRGL1TUV Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This is another well-known company among the sea of aftermarket entries, rooted in Italy. So, quality is never a compromise for this. This racing steering wheel has been spawned after years of experience in the racing as well as the tuning world. So, you get sportiness and looks in one sexy package. This is a premium option that comes with a universal fit and has a diameter of 12 inches. It comes with a central hub that has a 6-bolt pattern and provides for a strong attachment. It is an all-aluminum build and the rim comes wrapped in leather. Sparco and MOMO always go hand-in-hand when it comes to competition. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Pricey

MOMO QRK35BK0B Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This is one of those racing steering wheels that combine form with function. This 12.8-inch diameter wheel comes with a black urethane cover with thicker leather inserts on the top half for a more comfortable and grippy experience. It is built out of aircraft-grade aluminum and has an all-black 3-spoke layout. The only contrasting cue is the ’MOMO’ logo in white on the horn button. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Leather gets oily and grip is an issue at times
    • No center line

NRG Innovations Deep Disc Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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NRG is a company that was crowdfunded and formed by car enthusiasts and race car drivers. So, all their products are sure to give you a wholesome experience at a nominal price. This deep-disc unit is an all-aluminum 3-spoke unit that is 12.75 inches in diameter and comes with a 6-hole hub adaptor for a universal and plush fit for your car. It is wrapped in leather that provides for a comfortable and confidence-inspiring grip. The NRG logo is embedded in the horn button which for the record, has all the wirings, nuts, and bolts in the box, to set things up. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • The center yellow line is ironically defective in most cases of not being centered!

Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This is a uniquely designed racing steering wheel out there, and the only one of this bunch that doesn’t follow the generic 3-spoke layout. It has a rather unique dual-planed 2-spoke split layout that gives it a chunky look. This a steering wheel that is focused more on the aesthetic front to help and make your car look cooler from the inside. But that doesn’t make it a compromise of the driveability. It comes with a diameter of 12.5 inches and has a dish depth of 2.25 inches. It is an all-aluminum build and comes wrapped in black cushioned foam for a commendable grip. This is more of a budget-friendly product and gives ample the price-point. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • DIY is not recommended as installation instructions are not clear
    • The dual-plane design might not be of everyone’s taste.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CMH3KQ/?tag=tpspd-20

Grant 838 Classic Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
- image 979226

This is a classic racing steering wheel but without the wooden trim. So, people who are no so keen on MOMO’s mahogany can opt for this classy piece. It uses an all-metal base and comes with a chromed layer for that extra bling on the spokes. The rim is covered in black vinyl foam that provides for a contrasting appeal and has a radius of 13.46 inches. And to top it all up, it comes with a chrome horn button to sync well with the overall layout. It is comfortable to hold and is one of the cheapest classic options out there. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Poor fit and finish of the chrome surface
    • Black biny foam grip is prone to cuts if not careful

Rxmotor Drifting Deep Dish Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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Chances of you hearing about this brand would be narrow, but this one has made it to this list because of its insane affordability and positive reviews. It is 12.75-inch in diameter and comes wrapped in PVC leather. The spokes are made of high-grade metal and connected to the central hub with a 6-bolt layout. This is not so keen on the drivability aspect and is more into giving a more intense layout for your car. For the price point, this thing makes it to the spotlight. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Poor quality mounting bolts tend to break apart
    • PVC leather tends to give in soon

RASTP Universal Racing Steering Wheel

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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This universal racing steering wheel is surprisingly durable and is universal in nature. It has a 6-screw layout which makes it compatible with most standard hub adaptors. It is made up of good quality metal but doesn’t expect too much for this price-point. But the visual appeal is commendable and it comes wrapped in viny leather. All the tools required for installation are available in the box. The hold is comfortable and provides for a sporty layout in your car. We say that it’s money well spent if you are on a tight budget. Get yours on Amazon today!

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    • Low quality metal
    • vinyl leather wears out quickly.

Our Pick(s) Of This Bunch

Best Racing Steering Wheels In 2021
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We would go with the NRG Innovations deep disc steering wheel as it provides for a well-balanced layout of premium race-focused design and pricing. The ease of installation is a win and the use of durable materials will help it to last longer. The MOMO QRK35BK0B Steering Wheel came in a close second as well, as its unique race-focused design provides loads of comfort without compromising on performance.

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