• Best Racing Tires In 2021

We give you the best racing tires you can buy for added grip and performance in 2021

There are times when we all love to get more from our cars, be it performance, handling, or even MPG figures. But to make that happen, we sure need the right tweaks and tools. When it comes to handling and grip, it all depends on those 4 rolls of rubber at each corner. Tires are paramount when it comes to driving appeal and control. And racing tires are the most involving and sensitive of the bunch. Racing tires are used to get the most in terms of grip and traction both on the track and on roads. So, we have sorted and bundled up the best racing tires you can buy in 2021, for the track as well as daily use.

What Is A Racing Tire?

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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Simply put, these are tires on steroids but with limitations on their usage scenarios. Racing tires are the extreme type of performance tires that have their potential only when it comes to dry tarmacs. These tires are made of the softest available compounds which give the best possible traction and control but at the same time loses out on versatility as these perform very poorly on wet surfaces. We do have racing tires that are dedicated to working on wet tarmacs, but that is a hybrid outcome and takes away from the root formula of what makes a racing tire so ’slick’.

What Are The Benefits Of Racing Tires?

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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Incredible Traction: Racing tires are semi-slick or slick options that are designed to improved grip and traction on the roads. The soft compound sure wears out quicker, but the up-side is its impressive traction that helps you build up confidence on the go. Lesser and wider treads on the tire paves way for a wider surface area that in turn, translates to more grip and traction.

Confidence-inspiring Handling: The driving dynamics are greatly improved with racing tires. The soft rubber and precise pattern help in providing impressive control even in corners. It helps you to carry in more speed without any hiccups. These tires are also much lighter than standard tires which helps reduce the unsprung mass, which in turn, allows for much-lightfooted handling characteristics. It’s a win-win.

More Speed And Quicker Braking: These lightweight tires also help in bumping up the acceleration, speed and reduce braking distance. The lower curb weight and sticky compounds do help notably. These tires come in varying speed ratings depending upon the build and material used. It ranges from 130 mph to 186 mph respectively, depending upon the rating mentioned.

Adds To Safety On Tracks: One key reason why racing tires wear out quickly is because of its heat dissipation feature. Normal tires heat up and over, extended usage gets worn out prematurely, and even has high chances of exploding. Racing tires are good at staying cooler and providing optimum performance even under aggressive usage, and thus upholds the safety quotient.

Here Are The Best Racing Tires To Buy In 2021

Toyo Proxes R888 R 325/30ZR20 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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This is a hard-core dry surface tire that is backed by insanely cool looks and tread patterns. It is easily one of those tires that can boost up your car’s sporty appeal. But it is not just in the looks, but the Toyo Proxes R888 R excels when it comes to tarmac performance as well. It is generally pitched in as an alternative for the Pirelli PZeros and is best suited for dry weather conditions. They are road-legal but wear out way too soon to make any sense of. So, it’s better off on the tracks where you can use it to its utmost potential. Order your new tires today!

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    • Not for the damp weather conditions
    • Too noisy for road comfort
    • Pricey

Mickey Thompson P305/35R20 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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This is one of the coolest and race-focused tires out there. Micke Thompson Racing is known for making slicks and they have done a pretty job with this product. This particular tire is slated for a 20-inch wheel and has a 6-inch tread depth. The build is durable and is made to sustain high temperatures. It has an aspect ratio of 35 and a diameter of 28.4 inches. This tubeless radial tire has a polyester-ply with a steel belt for added strength. The wider forayed-out tread pattern offers impressive road grip and control. The minimal tread also adds up for impressive traction on dry surfaces. Order your new tires today!

  • Leave it
    • Wears out way too soon, you have about a few 100 miles
    • Not recommended even on damp surfaces, and a big NO in soaked surfaces

Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35ZR19 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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This one is an all-rounder and doesn’t compromise on traction or track performance. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport has stayed on top of its game for quite some time now. It provides some insane levels of grip but at the same time also offers a toned-down approach for road usage. It works fine in wet weather, has a comfortable degree of road noise, and is durable in the long run. These tires are the factory choice for various sports coupes which shows us their performance appeal and consistency. Order your new tires today!

  • Leave it
    • On the pricier side of performance tires
    • Despite its balanced layout, it is best suited for dry weather

Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R 235/40R17 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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This is a tire that strikes a balance between aggressive track days runs and daily chore runs. It offers a commendable grip situation both in wet and dry conditions. The tread pattern is quite dense as opposed to track options like Toyo and Pirelli in this bunch. But this Yokohama still makes quite a lot of noise because of its non-optimized design for comfort. The compound is a bit on the stickier side and provides a consistent dry grip over extended periods of track runs. Order your new tires today!

  • Leave it
    • Expensive
    • Noisy for road use

BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2 275/40R20 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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This is a company that has a rich motorsport heritage. The G-Force Comp-2 tires is a tire built to amplify a car’s acceleration, cornering, and braking distance. It is made from race-derived compounds which BFGoodrich uses in the tires they provide at various schools and racing series including the Ford Racing High-Performance Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park. This particular tire is made keeping traction in mind but at the same time doesn’t compromise much on comfort. The shoulder blocks are stable for better cornering stability as well thanks to the added steel belt reinforcements. Order your new tires today!

  • Leave it
    • Not the most comfortable ones, as it gets loud at high speeds
    • Stiffer construction makes it uncomfortable for the public roads

Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position 255/40R18 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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Just like the Yokohamas mentioned above, this one also managed to strike a common ground when it comes to wet and dry surfaces. The distinguishable tread pattern also paves way for a more quiet ride on roads, as opposed to its equally aggressive counterparts. This tire is quite commendable when it comes to wet surface driving as well. But in either case, you need to warm up the tire to get the maximum grip out of it. Order your new tires today!

  • Leave it
    • Heavy construction takes away from the optimized performance appeal
    • Average tire life despite having toned down grip appeal

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R 205/50ZR15 Racing Tire

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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Pirellis are often associated with supercars and premium machines. They focus mainly on traction in almost all of their line-ups. The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R Racing is no different and is a road-legal semi-slick tire. But despite this one’s road-legality, it is wise to keep them reserved for track use only, as they tend to wear out quite soon. But the upside here is that the traction it offers is extremely good and is best suited for dry surfaces. The high levels of grip are insane but that also adds up to an uneasy loudness on the road. Order your new tires today!

  • Leave it
    • Very noisy and wears out quicky
    • Not suitable for wet weather conditions

Our Pick Of The Bunch

Best Racing Tires In 2021
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The long-standing and well-rounded Michelin Pilot Super Sport is our choice of the racing tire from this bunch. Its well-balanced layout and notable emphasis on comfort make it quite the commodity you need for daily drivability with a pinch of weekend track days. Despite being on the pricier side, its longevity balances out for the extra bucks and is a very VFM product. Being durable and providing a comfortable driving experience is the icing on this cake.

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