If you don’t like run-ins with the boys in blue, one of these radar detectors will keep you one step ahead

Although we do not condone speeding we understand that sometimes people need to drive above the speed limit. Whether you’ve been stuck in traffic and got an opening, you have to urgently get somewhere, or you just want to stretch your ride’s legs a bit, speed cameras could make your life difficult when you decide to “rest” your right foot on the gas pedal.

That’s where a radar detector may prove to be extremely useful, as long as they are legal in your region. There are countless offerings from various manufacturers, at different prices. If you are wondering which one to get, the list below might be the best place to start.

Uniden R7

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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Our first entry could be one of the strongest contenders for the best radar detector 2020 award. That is, if money is not an object, since it’s one of the most expensive offerings on our list, at $499.99. If you want the full set, including a neoprene case, two suction cups, and a few other goodies, you are looking at a $528.08 price-tag. Still, it can save you thousands worth of speeding tickets, so that’s something to consider. And the R7 certainly delivers on that front.

The R7 offers industry-leading range and sensitivity, and advanced false alarm filtering. The dual antennas scan in all directions for 360-degree protection. In addition, it even shows the signal strength and band for each threat. Thanks to integrated GPS, the R7 also mutes all common alerts. Check the latest prices here.

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    • Slightly more expensive
    • manual lockouts
    • firmware updates can be tricky

Cobra XRS9370

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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One of the best “bang for the buck” options on the list. The Cobra XRS9730 offers good performance while featuring “superfast sweep circuitry” for extended range and warning. The POP mode is a particularly useful feature of the XRS9370, as it detects the latest radar guns. With this radar detector, you can switch between city or highway modes to reduce the frequency of false alerts in more densely populated areas. VG-2 and Spectre alert is also available here. All these useful features are gathered in a very compact body. Get it on Amazon with free shipping.

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    • frequent false alarms reported

Escort Redline 360C

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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The most expensive high-performance radar on the list offers an all-in-one package, for a ticket-free drive to your destination. Its level of sophistication and advanced features make for a simple plug and play experience. The Redline 360c also prides itself on having some of the least amounts of false warnings. It has arrows indicating the direction of the threat and can also share data in real time with other drivers. The integrated GPS warns you about fixed red lights and cameras.

Moreover, the device keeps updating itself and is undetectable.

The manufacturer is so certain of the effectiveness of their Escort Radar detector that it comes with a one-year ticket-free guarantee.

In case you get a ticket within the first year of ownership, Escort will cover the expenses. Order one from Amazon today!

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    • Very expensive
    • no open API
    • poor customer service
    • poor history of updates

Beltronics RX65 Professional

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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In terms of price, the Beltronics model is somewhere in the middle. Offering full X, K, Superwide Ka, and safety warning system, it has all the essentials. But is it the best radar detector for the money? That’s not all this radar detector offers.

Advanced AutoScan and digital signal processing help to extend the range and eliminate false alarms. Controlling alerts is convenient thanks to a SmartPlug power cord with a patented auto Mute and AutoMute function. Similar to other devices, the safety system uses a K-band radar signal to notify you of any construction happening on your route of choice. The 280 LED display is bright and easy to read. The Beltronics RX65 comes with a one-year limited warranty. Check the latest prices!

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    • radar detection is only front and rear

Valentine One Gen2

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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Gen2 is a popular choice for many. It comes standard with most features, offered by the more expensive models. In addition to being undetectable, you get long-range, great BSM filtering, automatic GPS lockouts.

However, you do need a smartphone in order to use all features. The device is compatible with third-party apps, and their use is even encouraged in order to get the most out of it. Overall, the Valentine One Gen2 is probably the best radar detector for the money. It has performance very close to the more expensive models, at a fraction of the price. Order your today!

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    • no MRCD / MRCT detection
    • requires a smartphone for full features
    • no red light and camera alerts

Whistler Z-15 R

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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The most affordable option on our list comes in the form of the compact and sleek Z-15R. The display is separated into different color sections, for the different bands. Everything is easy to read even in direct sunlight. It features a city mode, which reduces false alarms. On the highway, the Whistler performs well and does a very good job at filtering. You might not get as many features as the other offerings, but you won’t pay as much either. The Whistler Z-15R is quite possibly the best radar detector under $ 100. Check out how affordable they are on Amazon!

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    • weak range
    • not a lot of features

Escort Passport 9500Ix

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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This mid-range radar detector is specially developed for long-range and is best suited for remote areas. With this Escort radar detector you will see any potential threats long before they see you. It features straightforward indications and even tells you how much speed you need to shave off in order to not get a speeding ticket. You can get it with integrated GPS, but it doesn’t feature automatics lockouts. Check the latest prices now.

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    • sketchy app
    • not as convenient to use as other models

Radenso Pro M

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
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The eighth entry on our list prides itself on being the most stylish radar detector you can get. It’s not just about the looks, however. The Radenso features an advanced warning system for X, K, and Superwide Ka frequencies. The radar detector is optimized for long-range and has superior false alert filtering. The manufacturer is adamant that every warning you hear will be legitimate. In fact, they are giving a one-year ticket-free guarantee.

On the off-chance that you get one, Radenso will cover the expenses, unless you go more than 25 mph over the limit or drive intoxicated. The radar detector is also one of the most intuitive and easy to use currently on the market. You can snag one right now with free shipping.

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    • no automatic GPS lockouts

Uniden R3

Best Radar Detectors - Reviewed
- image 949335

Given the price differences between affordable and premium radar detectors, $300 can be considered the golden middle when it comes to price to quality ratio. Once again Uniden comes in with a great entry. With a price of $ 299, it’s a strong contender for the best radar detector under $300. The more compact R3 does not offer a rear antenna like its sibling, the R7, but it features everything else, essential for a ticket-free driving experience. The long-range performance is not far from the R7 and it also features an updatable database for red light and speed cameras.

With the R3 you have to make do without Bluetooth, automatic GPS lockouts, and arrows, but you get what you pay for. Overall, it’s a good all-around option from a reputable manufacturer. Head over to Amazon to check the current price.

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    • poor MRCD detection
    • no automatic GPS lockouts
    • no Bluetooth
    • no arrows


What is the Best Radar Detector?

Uniden R7, Escort Redline 360c, and Cobra XRS9370 are among the top contenders for the best radar detector.

What is the Best Radar Detector on the Market?

If money is no object, the Uniden R7, Escort Redline 360c, and Cobra XRS9370 are the top dogs currently on the market.

Which Radar Detector is best?

Uniden R7 offers the most comprehensive arsenal of detection features.

Who Makes the Best Radar Detector?

Uniden, Escort, and Cobra are the most consistent names in the industry.

Do Radar Detectors Really Work?

Yes. Although performance varies, depending on the brand, settings, features, and other factors.

Will a Radar Detector Stop Me From Getting a Ticket?

When set up correctly, a radar detector will warn you of potential threats on your way. It cannot, however, decelerate for you, so ultimately it is up to you whether you will get a ticket or not.

Where to Install a Radar Detector?

Radar detectors are usually mounted inside the vehicle, on its windshield, with the help of suction cups or various other attachments, usually included in the kit.

Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

Radar detectors are illegal in some states. If you are on the market for one, it’s best to check before making the purchase.

How Much Do Radar Detectors Cost?

Each manufacturer offers a variety of models, in different price ranges. Brand new detectors can cost as little as $60 or even less, while the top of the line models can go up to $600 and more.

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