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Looking for the best synthetic engine oil at a great price? Check out this list of high-performance products!

Synthetic oil is generally regarded as much more efficient than conventional oil. Initially popular in the world of performance cars, over time it has become more mainstream. In truth, synthetic oils do offer benefits. However, you have to pay two to four times more than the cost of conventional oil. As with other automotive products, variety is magnificent.

Moreover, all synthetic oils are marketed in pretty much the same way. That said, we’ve made the effort to give you possibly the best full-synthetic motor oil comparison. Note that no matter which engine oil you go for, make sure it has the correct viscosity your engine requires.

Valvoline 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Oil 2021
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Our first entry comes from a reputable name. This single-viscosity (straight-weight) oil. The Valvoline entry prides itself on passing even the most rigorous tests, with regards to engine lubrication. The oil features innovative additives providing 50 percent better wear protection than the as tested in the IVA wear test standard. It also features superior antioxidants, which make the oil more resistant to breakdown and help retain its viscosity, even in extreme conditions. Featuring extra detergents, the oil fights sludge and buildups, ensuring no oil passages are blocked. Order Valvoline oil from Amazon today!

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    • Might be suitable only for smaller vehicles

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Oil 2021
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This next one is praised by car enthusiasts for its incredible lubrication and cleaning capabilities. This full-synthetic oil uses a patented PurePlus technology, which converts natural gas into full synthetic motor oil. The result is 99.5 percent pure oil base, making for an extremely pure oil formula. As a result, all the oil additives have an even greater effect, because of the PurePlus formula. With this oil, the pistons would be up to 35 percent cleaner than with any other oil. Penzoil is so confident in their product that they are giving a 500,000-mile/15-year warranty, as long as you use their synthetic oil products. Check out the latest prices on Amazon!

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    • Might not be compatible with all vehicles
    • Some complaints regarding packaging

Mobil 1 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

Best Synthetic Oil 2021
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The Mobil 1 oil is the ideal full-synthetic motor oil for engines with over 75,000 miles on the clock. It’s also specifically designed to outperform the brand’s conventional high-mileage motor oil offerings. Other than protecting the engine’s vital parts, the full-synthetic Mobil 1 oil also reduces sludge and deposits, normally left behind by conventional engine oils. As you may know, various rubber seals tend to go bad with time. The formula also features advanced sealing properties, protecting various gaskets. Moreover, the oil’s base comprises of high-performance synthetic oils, which are able to provide protection up to 500,000 miles. See if you can get free shipping on Amazon today!

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    • Price
    • Limited options with regards to viscosity

Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Oil 2021
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Although Royal Purple is a more recent name, compared to other entries, it has managed to establish itself as a trustworthy and reliable brand. Moreover, this entry is one of the best synthetic oils for high-performance vehicles. Royal Purple’s synthetic formula features advanced additives, which significantly reduce friction between the different metal components. The oil is also GM dexos1 and ILSAC licensed. The oil is especially forgiving to the exhaust emissions equipment due to its patented anti-wear additive chemistry. You also get the benefit of improved fuel economy. This product is also designed to perform well on cars that run on a fuel and ethanol mixture, as it removes the white sludge and oil starvation that can result from running on a more concentrated mixture. Check out Royal Purple on Amazon today!

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    • Price
    • Limited choice of viscosity levels

Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Oil 2021
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Just like other established names, Valvoline’s portfolio is quite versatile. The second entry from this brand is actually a blend of synthetic and organic oils. The formula is specially designed for high-mileage engines. It features advanced anti-wear additives that create a protective film, preventing potential engine breakdowns. Despite being a blend of synthetic and organic oils, its formula features advanced antioxidants that prevent engine breakdown, helping it retain its lubrication capabilities. The oil also protects against sludge and any deposits, while doubling as a sealant. This is currently one of the best semi-synthetic motor oil offerings on sale. Find the best deals on Amazon now!

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    • Oil burn-off resistance decreases after 1,000 to 2,000 miles

Liqui Moly Premium Synthetic Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Oil 2021
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Liqui Molly’s synthetic motor oil is all about quick lubrication and improved fuel economy. Due to its advanced formula, the oil significantly reduces friction and travels more smoothly through the oil passages, thus ensuring optimal lubrication almost immediately after you start the engine. Although it largely depends on the engine, the manufacturer says you can expect at least 15,000 miles of use, before having to change the oil again. Moreover, what makes this one of the best synthetic motor oil products is its versatility, as it can be used in diesel, gasoline, and LPG engines, as well as a variety of valvetrain layouts. Check it out on Amazon today!

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    • Expensive


What is the best synthetic engine oil?

First and foremost, it depends on what oil your engine likes to run, as specified by the car manufacturer. Most synthetic oils offer a variety of viscosity levels, so seeing that they offer the right one for your engine is the first step.

Who makes the best synthetic engine oil?

Valvoline, Penzoil, Liqui Moly are some of the most recognized names. Recently they’ve been joined by younger names, like Royal Purple, which quickly established themselves as a viable alternative.

What is the best full synthetic engine oil?

Liqui Moly makes a strong point for itself, with its advanced lubrication formula, which allows it to run smoother than many others. The only drawback is the amount of money you have to pay for it.

What is the best semi-synthetic engine oil?

Valvoline’s MaxLife synthetic blend combines the best of both worlds while providing impressive sealing capabilities for high-mileage vehicles.

Are semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil the same?

No. Full synthetic oils use a more refined oil base, as opposed to the less-refined base oils used in conventional or semi-synthetic oils.

What oil is best for a high-mileage car?

Mobil 1’s High-Mileage synthetic oil and Valvoline’s MaxLife synthetic blend are specially made for high-mileage vehicles, also providing good sealing capabilities as well as protection to rubber seals.

Can an engine use synthetic oil?

Yes. In fact, many of the modern engines, work best with synthetic oils, as it provides the best performance.

What’s the difference between semi-synthetic and full-synthetic engine oil?

The semi-synthetic oils are a mix of organic and synthetic oil bases, while the full-synthetic engine oils are made entirely from refined synthetic oil bases. Semi-synthetic oils are less chemically-stable and more prone to oxidization and oil breakdown. They are also more affected by temperature changes.

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