• Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021

If you need a new muffler, these reasonable options are your best bet!

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Mufflers are an important part of any truck’s exhaust system. Designed to reduce the noise produced by the engine, their catalytic converter also reduces the emission of chemical pollution. There’s more to a muffler as choosing a new muffler is an essential way to maximize your power and efficiency apart from altering the sound. Some aftermarket mufflers offer a deep, aggressive growl, while others will make your truck as quiet as physically possible.

In this article, we’ll explain to you everything you need to know about mufflers, including how they work and their different styles and types available. This piece provides a list of the Top 3 best mufflers of 2021, with reviews!

What Is The Best Muffler to Buy On The Market?

The best muffler can’t be anything else apart from the Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler. This muffler combines a pleasant sound with exceptional durability and style. For its excellent price, the muffler will be a significant investment. Still don’t know how to pick the right one below are the best mufflers.

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler

Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021
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To enjoy the feel of an American original, the Flowmaster super 40 is the best muffler for those looking for a deep and aggressive sound, a faster driving experience with less noise, and enhanced off-road performance. Designed for high-horsepower trucks, its amazing Delta Flow technology offers more efficient engine performance with maximized horsepower and torque gains.

The muffler is a long-lasting and durable choice that’s manufactured with strong 16-gauge aluminized steel. Its superior MIG welding construction offers universal fit and ease of installation. Installing this Flowmaster muffler requires no pro-experience. Also, it has an average interior resonance.

Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021
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On the downside, the muffler can not perform on low-power engines. Though Users report that the Flowmaster produces a deep and smooth sound, some complain that it’s not loud enough. Also, its aluminized steel construction is prone to corrode. The muffler can rust faster than the stainless steel counterpart. However, it comes backed by a 3-year warranty. Get yours with free shipping from Amazon today!

Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler

Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021
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The Thrush Turbo muffler is our best value muffler for trucks as it offers improved performance at an inexpensive price point. Plus, the muffler has good exhaust settings and reduced back pressure to provide max power. The Thrush muffler features a triple flow design for improved efficiency and gives a deep sound. The lightweight muffler can fit any vehicle type.

Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021
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It has a 100% aluminum shell for high durability. As it is easy to install, newcomers can fit them perfectly on their V8 trucks. The muffler has reversible features to get desirable sound adjustments. On the other hand, the sound is a little too loud and becomes noticeable during idle or low speeds as well. See how fast you can get one delivered now!

Borla 40349 Muffler

Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021
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The Borla 40349 muffler is the best for improved fuel economy. It is perfect for those looking for a muffler that gives good performance with less fuel, thus helping in reducing the extra spending on fuels. It is made of stainless steel for high-quality and durable performance. On top of it, most of the users rate it high for long-lasting usage on V8 trucks.

Best Truck Mufflers for Trucks in 2021
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Another benefit of the muffler is its usual output design which ensures aggressive deep sound. It also helps reduce the back pressure for a comfortable driving experience. Most of the beginners give the product top ratings for its good rumble, sensible value, ease of use, and improved driving. Plus, it is universal for fitting in any truck and the stainless steel muffler has the best corrosion resistance. One setback commonly experienced by users is difficulty in installation. You can get super fast shipping if you order your new muffler today!

Best Truck Mufflers 2021
  Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler Borla 40349 Muffler
Key Features ●  Universal-fit design ● 16-gauge aluminized steel ● Works efficiently with high horsepower trucks ● Durable design with superior MIG welding ● Weight12.9 pounds ●      Suitable for 2.25” exhaust pipe ●      Chambered design ●      Pocket-friendly price point ●      Weight: 9.35 pounds ●      Universal Fit ●      Increased exhaust flow for better performance ●      Deeper exhaust tone ●      Made from stainless steel for long-lasting durability ●      Backed by the exclusive Borla Million-Mile warranty ●      100% welded construction for strength ●      Free-flow design for improved performance ●      Reversible design for installation flexibility  
Pros: ●      Deep and aggressive sound. ●      Increases depth & resonance of engine ●      The dual-chambered configuration provides better performance. ●      Good for off-road performance. ●      Super strong and durable to use. ●      Improved throttle response. ●      Fits easy in a V8 truck ●      Produces a deep, aggressive sound ●      The design increases airflow, hence improves overall performance ●      Improves loudness & resonance exponentially ●      Works with almost any vehicle ●      High-temperature metallic finish ●      High Durability ●      Highly rust-proof ●      Best for improved fuel efficiency. ●      Works greatly on powerful and strong engines.
Cons ●      Not for less-powerful engines. ●      Rusts relatively faster than stainless-steel mufflers.     ●      Not as durable as other options on the market ●      Too noisy for kids and older people ●      Comparatively difficult to install  

What Does a Muffler Do & How Does it Work?

Improving Engine Sound

Mufflers go directly into the exhaust pipe, designed to tune and minimize the engine noises. It can reduce the sound engines produce or improve them by increasing or refining the noise. The unique chambers and designs create sound paths that end up in unique sounds from quiet to loud. If you want a louder and aggressive sound then choose the glass-packed muffler design. The Flowmaster Super 40 is a glass pack-type muffler that is one of the best-sounding mufflers out in the market.

Maximizing Performance

Many newcomers doubt if mufflers can improve performance, but they do. The faster your engine emits exhaust gases, the faster it receives fresh air (oxygen) and produces more power. Unlike a turbo system or bigger engine, mufflers do not provide exponential power gains. A well-designed muffler can boost about 10% of your engine performance. Certain mufflers like the Borla 40349 Muffler on the list can be used for efficient exhaust flow and reduced backpressure.

Improves Fuel Efficiency

With the right choice of the muffler, you can also affect the fuel consumption of the truck. A quiet and deep muffler shall increase efficiency, consuming less fuel while a more potent muffler consumes more fuel. Though the improvement will not be exponential, it will be noticeable. Among the top 3 mufflers for trucks, the Borla is the best muffler for fuel economy.

Complying with Regulations

Going on the highway without a muffler can’t be recommended. State and local laws govern the sound levels and mufflers are needed in order to stay street legal. The purpose of these regulations is to reduce noise pollution.

What are different Muffler Styles and Design?

There are different types of mufflers available in the market, each designed to suit the different performance and sound tuning. Most of them come with these three design specifications: turbo, chambered, and glass packs. If you are looking for a deep and aggressive sound with a straight-through design that minimizes backpressure, a glass pack muffler is the best choice. The turbo and chambered are basically less sound-making types. These are good choices if you want something a quieter sound

Material Quality

Most mufflers are made from some of the other kinds of steel and stars among these are stainless and aluminized steel. Stainless steel is the pricier of the two options but has a more attractive appearance, and lasts longer as well. For cost-effective Aluminised steel protects from corrosion but can be scratched. Thus the Stainless steel is more resistant to rust, too.


Considering the size and fit of a muffler is essential. A single exhaust system needs a muffler with a single inlet whereas a dual exhaust system will require a muffler with dual inlets. Before purchasing a muffler do check for the inlet pipe diameter of your truck’s exhaust pipe. The smaller mufflers can not reduce the noise like the bigger ones as they come with fewer baffles. So, if you want a super quiet muffler, get the larger size.


How does a glass pack muffler works?

A Glasspack muffler use sound-absorbing materials like fiberglass or steel wool that absorbs the sound produced by the engine. The straight pipe allows free-flow of exhaust gases with being backed up for maximum horsepower.

What Muffler Is Best for Performance?

For maximum performance, any muffler with the maximum flow is a winner. Generally, straight-through mufflers or glass pack mufflers offer the best flow possible, thus are the best mufflers for performance.

Can I install a muffler myself?

With most new aftermarket mufflers is possible to install them yourself. However, certain types of mufflers require welding and can’t be clamped. To install a muffler yourself, the following steps should be performed. Starting with Safely jacking up your car, followed by removal of old mufflers. While installing coat the new muffler’s inlet pipe in exhaust sealant, and put it in place. Do check if the muffler is working correctly post-installation. Check for leaks as well.

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