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Here are the best after-market truck wheels to buy in 2021

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Trucks are one of the most sought-after four-wheelers in America mainly because of their balanced layout of practicality and usability. So, for purpose-built options, after-market products ought to live up to a certain degree of expectations. But there are certain components where purpose can co-exist with aesthetics, and after-market wheels are one of them. We sort out and give you the best after-market truck wheels to buy today.

Types Of Truck Wheels

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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Aftermarket truck wheels are differentiated based on the type of material used in their construction.

Steel: Steel has been used as a material to make strong and durable wheels for a long time now. And this material turns out to be the perfect companion for people who are into hardcore trucking, hauling full time. Morover, steel rims are cheaper than aluminum that adds up to their purpose. The downside of corrosion is not a bummer as it can be treated with a coating to protect it.

Aluminum: Aluminum rims are a newer implementation and add an extra curve of being lightweight. And at the same time, it maintains the rugged appeal of providing durability pertaining to loading capabilities. Morover, aluminum is much superior when it comes to corrosion protection. So, aluminum wheels are not only useful on slick sportscars but will do just fine on rugged haulers.

Advantages Of Aftermarket Truck Wheels

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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Aesthetic Appeal: Trucks usually have sizable wheels, even when stock is quite attractive. Swapping out those subtle rims with sick-looking aftermarket ones is sure to bump up the aesthetic appeal of your truck. It adds a pinch of sportiness to the brawn as well.

Being lightweight: Bumps Up Performance: The stock rims are generally purpose-built to sway along with the hauling capabilities of the truck. But aftermarket wheels add up to its by providing you with lighter and more wheel size option. This also comes with added load-carrying capabilities, and certain aftermarket rims are specifically made for rough rides and can take on all kinds of bruises.

Things To Consider While Buying A Truck Wheel

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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Quality And Brand: Apart from looks, quality is crucial when buying aftermarket wheels for your truck. Going for brands that have a long history in this line of rim making is a wise idea as they technically know the stuff and will provide you with the best possible product for the price point. Quality is also paramount and should not be compromised for cheaper options.

Size And Bolt Pattern: A major boon of aftermarket rims over OEM ones is the sheer number of design options and sizes on offer. It can help you improve on the hauling capabilities solely based on the size. So, make sure to do the math before going for a custom-sized one, or else go for the exact same dimensions as the stock rim to avoid complications. Another major factor to look for is the bolt pattern that lines with your stock wheel hub. Otherwise, you might have to do a major upgrade with the wheel hubs as well.

Aluminum Or Steel: Both serve two varying purposes but are equally feasible to be chosen. Aluminum rims focus on lightweight construction but also adds up to give higher loading capacity and versatility. Aluminum wheels are quite rugged and don’t bend or crack under pressure. Rust is also hard to come by which adds up to its longevity. So, go for aluminum wheels if looks and performance bump are your primary concerns.

Steel rims have more strength and have even better hauling capabilities. These are cheaper than aluminum and require less maintenance when it comes to keeping those rims shiny and sparkly. But it loses out marginally on corrosion protection as rust easily clings to it. And this can also cause it to crack or bend under pressure. Go for steel rims if you don’t mind with the added maintenance and cons that come with this extremely strong yet reactive metal.

The Top 3 Choices For 2021

Best Truck Wheel: American Racing Custom

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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INSIGHT: This brawny wheel from one of the oldest custom wheel manufacturers in the US has a distinctively cool design and is made to take on quite a lot of beating. These are offered in 15, 16, and 17-inch options. Order your new wheels today!

PROS: Distinctive design with a sturdy built and can take on up to 3,600 pounds with ease.

CONS: Limited in sizes and required additional bits like spacers to function properly

First Runner-Up: Helo HE878

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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INSIGHT: Yet another looker but is sturdily built. These rims come with a lifetime structural warranty and go up to 20-inches in diameter. With a huge selection of bolt patterns, this wheel can pretty much be used on any truck or SUV.

PROS: The cool positive off-set design provides a rugged appeal which is further complemented with its varying diameter and bolt options. All of this from just $130 apiece is a steal. Order your new wheels today!

CONS: It doesn’t come with lug nuts in the box which adds to the investment.

Second Runner-Up: Fuel D560 Vapor

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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INSIGHT: This wheel looks a lot similar to the Helo ones. But Fuel Off-Road has gone for a more outspoken layout that looks sinister at the very least. It gets some cool engineering techniques to provide you with a looker that can very well take on the trails with no remorse. Order your new wheels today!

PROS: Impressive build quality goes well in terms of looks as well as off-roading performance. These wheels are quite light for a truck at 42 pounds each and come in 20-inch options.

CONS: The matte finish looks quite intimidating but is prone to scuffs and scratches quite easily. And there is not vibrancy as it comes in just one color.

Here Are The Best Truck Wheels To Buy In 2021

TIS Machined Black 544 Wheels ($387 - $550)

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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Interestingly TIS stands for Twenty Inches Strong, and the manufacturer has a history of making sturdy 20-inch wheels They are known for huge negative offsets, deep lips and insane spoke designs that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. This model right here is one of their best-selling wheels and comes with a wavy 8-double spoke layout in chrome and black. It’s all in for the aesthetics but TIS has also given ample thought to the rigidity. Don’t expect it to be a wonder off the roads, but it will do decently on the tarmac. It also comes with a lifetime structural warranty on the cast aluminum construction. Order your new wheels today!

  • Leave it
    • All in for the show, not much of a performer off the roads
    • Bold design might not be of everyone’s taste
    • Only offered in sizes of and above 20-inches

Fuel D560 Vapor ($254 - $357)

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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This is a purpose-built option and looks really sinister. It is made using some of the most advanced engineering techniques to give you a heightened swag while hitting those trails. These are 20-inch wheels and weigh in at 42 pounds each. It is quite light for a truck wheel and is a 1-piece construction that gives it added rigidity. The cool matte black paint gives it a sinister touch and helps transform your truck’s brawny appeal. It has a 5-bolt pattern and comes in a cool 6-double split-spoke design. Order your new wheels today!

  • Leave it
    • Offered in only one shade
    • Matte black paint gets scuffed easily

Moto Metal MO962 ($226 - $302)

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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As seen from the design, this rim is made for aesthetic appeal. But that doesn’t make it shy when it comes to heavy-duty though. This unit is built sturdy and comes with a unique billet design on the outer rim. These rims are offered with a 1-year warranty on the satin gray finish and also comes with a lifetime of the structural warranty. These rims are offered in 3 diameters and come with varying width and off-sets to give your truck a unique stance. Order your new wheels today!

  • Leave it
    • Questionable design for some
    • Chunky flat spokes in a negative offset is a hit or a miss

XD Series 798 ($179 - $258)

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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These wheels also follow a similar design pattern as the Moto Metals, but instead of having a negative offset, this one has a positive offset. The XD Series 798 is offered in 16, 17, and 20-inch diameter sizes, with various widths and off-set options. The matter black layout adds a sinister and bold outlook for the rims. These look quite brawny on small and mid-sized trucks. These also offer a certain degree of off-roading potential and are best suited for lifted trucks. Order your new wheels today!

  • Leave it
    • Tops out at 20-inches; doesn’t help much for the lifted appeal
    • matte finish scuffs easily

American Racing Custom ($135 - $187)

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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American Racing Custom is one of the oldest custom wheel manufacturers in the US. They provide some of the most sought-after rim designs for both trucks and cars. These rims go quite well with small and mid-sized trucks and SUVs. This being a Wheel Pro brand, can be easily procured at various offline locations apart from the online market places. This easily accessible rim set also comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a one-year warranty on the matte finish. It comes in 15, 16, and 17-inch diameter options and in either chrome or matte black finish. With a load rating from 2,200 to 3,600 pounds, these rims are made for hauling as well. Order your new wheels today!

  • Leave it
    • Not offered in sized bigger that 17-inches is a bummer
    • Requires spacers to keep the inner wall from scrapping

Helo HE878 ($131 - $171)

Best Truck Wheels 2021
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This is also a Wheels Pro-owned brand and so getting hold of these is an easy affair. These rims come with a lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year matte finish warranty. With diameters ranging from 16-inches to 20-inches, these rims are offered in 6 different colors and finishes. Also offered in a huge selection of bolt patterns, these wheels can be an easy fit even for prior custom wheeled consumers. These Helo wheels are high on purpose as well, as they have a load capacity ranging from 2,400 - 3,600 pounds. Order your new wheels today!

  • Leave it
    • Does not include lug nuts
    • Chuky protruding shape along the circumference is prone to scrapping
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