BF Performance, based in Zug, Switzerland, is dedicated to customising Lamborghinis and customer vehicles at the "Home of special Lamborghinis", individualising and personalising them to the customer’s wishes. As a tuning specialist, BF Performance accentuates the sporty contours and refines both the interior and exterior with various body-styling elements. Racing car flair is created by the lavish use of carbon fibre, lending the Murciélago a fine figure on the track.

At the 2006 Paris Tuning Show, the BF Performance Murciélago was voted "Car of the Show" by France’s Channel Six.

At the front end, a carbon fibre front spoiler reduces the lift of the Italian bull. At the rear end of the Murciélago, this task is performed by a diffuser and an efficient rear deck spoiler of the same material. BF Performance adorns the sides with a pair of side sills. Simply fitting these five body-styling elements brings the Murciélago close to the FIA-GT Lamborghini. Further carbon fibre accessories such as the transparent engine bonnet with glass inlay, the exhaust tailpipe cover, headlight covers, boot lid and bonnet and white indicator lights on the side go to complete the sportingly elegant appearance of this 12-cylinder sports car. All the carbon fibre components (including fitting) cost around 35000$. A carbon fibre airbox is in preparation.

Carbon fibre also stimulates motor racing sensations on the inside with a 12-piece interior kit. This can be complemented by fitting sports bucket seats and either 4 or 5 point belts, which keep the occupants safely restrained. For those drivers who do not wish to sacrifice any luxury, BF Performance can also fit a multimedia system with a CD radio featuring a fold-out screen and changer, navigation computer, sound system and a rear-view camera to help prevent damage when parking and manoeuvring.

BF Performance does not touch the 6.2 l engine. However, in order to match the sound to the visual appearance, BF Performance does offer the option of fitting a sports silencer with the original tailpipes or a competition exhaust for the racing circuit. A brand-new addition to the BF Performance suite is an extravagant tailpipe design, which lends the rear end of the Murciélago a significantly more elegant appearance.

BF Performance can fit wheel spacers for those drivers who find this super sports car too sluggish, enabling the Murciélago to reach its threshold range much later. A positive visual side effect is that the wheels now sit flush with the body. A sports suspension, which promises a further enhancement of handling properties, is in preparation. True to the motto "races are won on brakes", BF Performance also equips this muscle car with a sports braking system, which is composed of four inside-vented 370 mm diameter brake discs and six-piston brake callipers, sports brake pads and brake pipes from steel flex. BF Performance also supplies the sports braking system for Murciélago models pre-dating 2004. By way of an alternative, all the Murciélagos can be equipped with a high-performance braking system from steel or with a high-performance carbon fibre/ceramic braking system.

Fitting composite exclusive wheels enables the Murciélago to almost glide over the tarmac thanks to its light-footed design. They are available for the front in 8.5 x 19 with 245/30 R19 tyres and for the rear in 13 x 19 with 355/25 R19 tyres.

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  (504) posted on 04.30.2012

Cool! The 2006 BF Performance Lamborghini Murcielago impressed me because of the great exterior and interior designs. The shining black paint of this car is glamorous and eye-catching.

  (446) posted on 10.6.2011

Back at 2006 Paris Tuning Show, even would surely vote this car for "car of the show". Eventually only a year after my interest on cars had just started, and now I’m customizing most of my cars.

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