Being the only rear-wheel drive compact saloon, the BMW 1-Series enjoys a special status. At the same time, the 1-Series also boasts what is a unique design in this class, which still, however, leaves ample scope for adding a sporty touch or two. To this end, Mattig’s "World of Tuning" offers a range of body-styling elements and modifications to the suspension in addition to numerous wheel/tyre combinations.

Mattig modifies the front end by fitting a new GRP front spoiler for 295$ and, by doing this, also reduces the lift. Mattig adorns the sides with side sills for 295$ a pair, which make the car look closer to the ground. The counterpart to the front spoiler is the matching rear apron from RIM for a price of 295$. Drivers who then opt for one of Mattig’s roof spoiler variants (from 236$) can add the finishing touch to the aerodynamic tuning of their 1-series, whilst also lending their vehicles enhanced directional stability at high speeds. To top things off, 1-Series owners can also choose to fit the boot lid attachment for 117$.

A powerful sound is produced by the sporty 4-pipe system (from 1116$), whose two double tailpipes fit exactly into the recesses of the Mattig rear apron attachment, where they go to create a harmoniously designed rear end.

What would visual and acoustic tuning be without the sporty ride to match? To enable the 1-Series to corner with even greater agility, Mattig offers a range of spring and suspension kits (from 190$) - an indispensable addition for all those drivers who are not just content with creating a stylish appearance.

In addition, Mattig also supplies a large number of wheel/tyre combinations for the 1 Series. The 8.5 x 19 Brock B13 wheel rim in SLC chrome featured in the illustration (see CD) can be yours for just 391$ each.

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  (463) posted on 10.11.2011

Many times I found it BMW just another professional car concept. It simply gives you elegance and authority.

  (197) posted on 08.17.2011

This five-door station wagon of BMW has a unique body style. By the way, I wonder what suspension is used to this Wagon. Oh, I notice that the equipment used for the car has its pricing. I think the journalist wants to say that this car is very expensive.

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