A new straight-six diesel engine with Variable Twin Turbo technology and a wide range of fuel-saving improvements also featured in all other engine variants enable the 2008 BMW X5 to present its wide range of qualities even more convincingly and with even greater impact in the
2008 model year. Developing maximum output of 210 kW/286 hp and peak torque of 580 Newton-metres/427 lb-ft, the new diesel engine gives the 2008 BMW X5 3.0sd outstanding pulling force and torque on average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of just 8.2 litres/100 kilometres, equal to 34.4 mpg imp.

The balance of driving dynamics and fuel consumption quite unique in this vehicle segment is based on the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy now also benefiting BMW’s highly successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

Also featured on the three other petrol and diesel engine variants of the 2008 BMW X5, these cutting-edge technologies in the 2008 model year provide fuel economy and emission ratings 4 - 7 per cent better than on the former models.

2008 BMW X5
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Significant progress in the area of efficiency adds a new facet to the already highly versatile character of the 2008 BMW X5. Within its segment BMW’s Sports Activity Vehicle already ranks unique thanks to its outstanding dynamic driving qualities. Indeed, BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive concept promotes not only driving dynamics on the road, but also the vehicle’s traction and handling qualities off the beaten track. And in its outstanding design, this five-door performer combines the robustness of an SAV with sheer elegance and superior presence. Both the driver and passengers are surrounded within the interior of the 2008 BMW X5 by a truly luxurious ambience, at the same time benefiting from the generosity and flexible use of the interior.
 Featuring an optionally available third row of seats, this SAV is the first-ever BMW able to accommodate up to seven occupants. So considering this transport capacity, the efficiency of the engines enhanced to an even higher level gains even greater significance, the 2008 BMW X5 offering incomparable driving pleasure combined with outstanding practical value in relation to its fuel consumption.

The 2008 BMW X5: outstanding qualities also in the area of efficiency.

BMW is introducing all innovations serving to reduce fuel consumption and emissions step-by-step at the earliest possible point in all model series. And now, offering an even wider range of engines for the X5, Germany’s premium car manufacturer is raising the benchmark for efficiency even higher also in this segment in the 2008 model year.

2008 BMW X5
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Particularly the new 2008 BMW X5 3.0sd powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six diesel featuring Variable Twin Turbo technology offers an especially high standard of supremacy with utmost economy. Maximum output of 210 kW/286 hp at an engine speed of 4,400 rpm, plus peak torque of 580 Newton-metres/427 lb-ft from just 1,750 rpm, ensures acceleration to 100 km/h in a mere 7.0 seconds. Average fuel consumption in the EU cycle, in turn, is only 8.2 litres/100 kilometres, equal to 34.4 mpg imp, giving the new 2008 BMW X5 3.0sd a maximum range of 1,035 kilometres or 642 miles and ensuring grand touring qualities quite unique in this segment.

The other model variants of the 2008 BMW X5 likewise feature a wide range of improvements serving to optimise both fuel economy and emissions, such as Brake Energy Regeneration and on-demand management of the engine’s ancillary units.

A further point is that the belt drive for the climate compressor is equipped with a clutch automatically disconnecting the compressor once the air conditioning is switched off and thus reducing the drag force generated by the compressor to an absolute minimum.

Further features of all variants of the 2008 BMW X5 include tyres with reduced roll resistance, a coolant pump operating according to current requirements, friction-optimised final drive, and the Varioserv steering assistance pump with pressure- and volume flow-controlled adjustment of the cam ring serving to avoid the power losses otherwise encountered at higher engine speeds. All variants of the 2008 BMW X5 come furthermore with active aerodynamic improvements, the coolant flaps opening and closing according to current driving conditions and thus helping to optimise the vehicle’s air drag once the engine requires less air for cooling.

2008 BMW X5
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BMW EfficientDynamics: reducing fuel consumption by up to 7 per cent.

The top model in the series, the 2008 BMW X5 4.8i powered by a 261 kW/355 hp eight-cylinder, now offers a reduction in average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle by 4 per cent to 12.0 litres/100 kilometres, equal to 23.5 mpg imp. The 2008 BMW X5 3.0si, in turn, featuring a 200 kW/272 hp straight-six gasoline engine, consumes just 10.2 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 27.7 mpg imp), offering an improvement in fuel economy by 6 per cent. And the 2008 BMW X5 3.0d, finally, with its 173 kW/235 hp straight-six diesel, now consumes just 8.1 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 34.9 mpg imp), a reduction by 7 per cent versus the 2007 model year.

This significant reduction of fuel consumption on all engine variants naturally also means an appropriate improvement in exhaust emissions, where the 2008 BMW X5 ranks right at the top in its segment, with further improved emission ratings: Offering a CO2 emission rating between 214 (2008 BMW X5 3.0d) and 286 (2008 BMW X5 4.8i) grams per kilometre, all variants of BMW’s SAV earn best marks in their respective class also when it comes to emissions.

Both diesel versions of the 2008 BMW X5 are furthermore fitted with a particulates filter positioned close to the engine as well as an oxidation catalyst housed within the same unit. In addition, both the 2008 BMW X5 3.0sd and the 2008 BMW X5 3.0d in the 2008 model year come with a diesel tank filling security system preventing inadvertent filling of gasoline into the fuel tank. To make sure this cannot happen, the tank manifold on both models comes with a lock ratchet only the fuel pump for diesel with its larger diameter is able to open. Clearly, this virtually rules out the risk of filling up with the wrong fuel, for example if the driver is not really used to the vehicle, eg when driving a rental car. So any mistake made when using the smaller fuel pump for gasoline will not have any consequences at filling stations equipped with the appropriate pumps with the right pump diameter.

2008 BMW X5
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Enhanced DSC for even greater agility.

With the BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system being intelligently networked to DSC Dynamic Stability Control, the 2008 BMW X5 offers both safe and superior driving behaviour in all situations and on all surfaces.

Now, entering the 2008 model year, the agility of BMW’s upmarket SAV is being enhanced to an even higher standard through the extension of the DSC system: To ensure harmonious transmission of power in fast and dynamic bends, carefully dosed application of the brakes, together with the compensation of torque, counteracts any trend to understeer right from the beginning: As soon as the front wheels start pushing excessively to the outside, the inner rear wheel in a bend is slowed down by the appropriate wheel brake operated by DSC. Any loss in drive power suffered in the process is set off accordingly by increasing the transmission of power to the drive wheels, thus enabling the driver to take bends even more precisely also on a slippery surface.Whether and to what extent such intervention is required, is determined by data on the yaw rate, the steering lock and engine output provided by the DSC sensors.

2008 BMW X5
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Optimised occupant safety with crash-activated headrests.

Benefiting from its demanding suspension technology, the 2008 BMW X5 offers not only particularly dynamic, but also exceptionally safe driving behaviour. And now, entering the 2008 model year, the passive safety of BMW’s SAV is being further optimised, the 2008 BMW X5 now featuring crash-activated headrests significantly reducing the risk of neck whiplash injury in the event of an impact from behind.

Masterminded by the vehicle’s safety electronics, this system ensures that in the event of a collision the front part of the headrest moves forward instantaneously by up to 60 millimetres/2.36" and upwards by up to 40 millimetres/1.57". This reduces the gap between the headrest and the occupant’s head before the forces acting on the vehicle force the occupant’s head back. So the stabilising and securing function of the headrest is further enhanced and the risk of injury or over-extension of the cervical spine is reduced to a minimum.

To enhance comfort on long distances to an even higher standard, the wide range of attractive options on the 2008 BMW X5 gives the driver and his passengers supreme freedom of choice and enjoyment. An additional option being introduced in the 2008 model year is a TV function for on-board entertainment of the rear-seat passengers. As an alternative to the DVD video programme, this system allows the transmission of TV signals to the 8-inch folding flatscreen monitor on the centre console.

Dynamic at first sight: the M Sports Package for the 2008 BMW X5.

The dynamic character of the 2008 2008 BMW X5 making it quite unique from the start in its segment is further highlighted in truly authentic style by the M Sports Package for an even more intense and visually attractive experience. Apart from special bumpers, side-sills and door running strips, the flared wheel arches also come in characteristic M design. As an alternative to the 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in V-spoke design on the M Sports Package, the customer may also choose optionally available M light-alloy wheels in 20-inch format. In both cases the 2008 2008 BMW X5 comes with different sizes of tyres on the front and rear axle geared specifically to the vehicle.

A high-speed set-up and the sports suspension also inlcuded in the M Sports Package round off the wide range of improvements serving to enhance driving dynamics.

2008 BMW X5
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BMW Individual Exterior Line in satinated aluminium design on the side window surrounds as well as the BMW Individual roof railing in high-gloss Satin Chrome ensure exclusivity of the highest standard. Within the interior of the 2008 2008 BMW X5 with its M Sports Package, in turn, the unique driving experience is enhanced to an even higher level by electrically adjustable sports seats for the driver and front passenger, the M leather steering wheel, interior trim in aluminium stretch polish design, and the BMW Individual roof lining in Anthracite.

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"A further point is that the belt drive for the climate compressor is equipped with a clutch automatically disconnecting the compressor once the air conditioning is switched off..."

What’s new about that exactly, BMW? That’s how all a/c compressors I know of function.

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