Given the modest price tag – only about $37,100 - and the diesel engine variant that the Euro only 118d coupe comes in, the competition of this car is slim pickings, to say the least. Other than Volkswagen’s very own 2.0 TDI Scirocco, you won’t find any other car out on the market that can combine the power, value, and prestige of a BMW 118d Coupe. The most important question to ask when you’re in the market for a car in the range of a BMW 1-Series is exactly how much value are you going to get for your buck?

2010 BMW 118d Coupe
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First of all, you can’t disillusion yourself into thinking that the
118d packs the same power and speed as most of its higher-echelon
brethren. But that’s not to say that the car doesn’t come with the same high-level performance that is standard with BMW. For starters, the car’s 141hp rear wheel 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine played a key part in the 118d winning the World Green Car of the Year 2008 Award. There’s also a useful amount of torque to go around and while its 0-60mph time of 9 seconds is uncharacteristic of BMW, the car’s U.S.-converted 57.8 mpg, which Autocar measured in its test run, is right on the same plane as that of the Toyota Prius, which comes in at 60.3 mpg.

Although it may sound as nitpicking, one thing that we noticed
about the 118d’s engine was that it was louder than usual – a mild irritant that we’re sure will pass as soon as you get used to it. After all, for
this price tag, you’ll take all of the whips and whistles that come
along with it.

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Fuel Economy

Despite not achieving the promised 62.8 mpg, the car’s fuel economy rate of about 57.8 mpg is not a bad figure to say the least. The core strength of the 188d lies in its economical engine, which benefited greatly from BMW’s EfficientDynamics technologies. Having the technology in the fold allows the 118d Coupe to have a clean fuel emissions and superior fuel economy without necessarily compromising the car’s overall performance. In addition to that, BMW also outfitted the 118d Coupe with some programs from the EfficientDynamics program, including the Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start-Stop, and an optimum gearshift indicator, among others.


With the car’s noteworthy fuel economy and EfficientDynamics-laden features, owners can have more pleasure in pushing the car to its limits.

Safety/Drive Quality

In terms of drive quality, people will be surprised as to how smooth
the ride is. There’s a little heaviness on the steering but it’s not
something that people should burn their eyebrows about. Corner turns
are smooth and as we’ve said, the relatively economical engine allows
you to enjoy the thrill of driving a BMW for longer distances. It also
doesn’t come as a surprise – given the reputation of BMW for providing
one of the best tech specs among all automakers – that the 118d’s
shock absorbers can withstand the bumps and bruises of the road
without compromising the high safety standards that has long been associated with BMW.


As far as the interior of the car is concerned, we have to admit that
the VW Scirocco has a more spacious interior compared to the 118d,
which is a little too confined for our liking. Nevertheless, the
118d’s cabin still has enough room for comfortable short travels and the materials used for the interior - including the supportive cloth sports seats are nothing short of high-grade and classy, which makes you feel that you really are driving a car with the blue propeller badge.

As far as the dashboard is concerned, Buy-a-Car observed that BMW made it a point to keep it as less cluttered as possible with a lot of the major controls for the entertainment and ventilation system confined to a specific panel ahead of the gear lever. As far as every other button that’s of importance to you is concerned, everything is located on or around the multi-function wheel making it easily accessible at all times.


As with any other class unit BMW has released recently, the new 118d will come in a range of other trims specifically catered to what the customer is looking for. The entry-level trim is the ES, followed by upgraded SE and Sport levels, which is then followed by the top-end M Sport. These sports models - specifically the Sports and M Sport range - cater specifically to a certain demographic that would want their 118d Coupe’s modded to the brim. As if not satisfied by the performance package of the entry-level ES, the Sports editions come with a collection of accessories and features including 17" alloy wheels, front foglights, heated mirrors, a leather steering wheel and sports seats on top of the basic ones.


Overall, the BMW 118d offers prospective buyer with the unique
opportunity of availing a BMW at a modest price tag and despite its
affordability, the car’s performance reaffirms the 118d as an
efficient and economical model. When you’re on the market for a car that boasts of high-performance capabilities, unparalleled fuel efficiency, and a somewhat reasonable price tag to boot, the BMW 118d Coupe is as close as you can get to making the right choice. And of course, it should help that - as we’ve mentioned - the car won the World Green Car of the Year 2008 Award, which should mean a great deal who base their purchase on what the so-called experts think about the car.


• Tag price: $37,100

• Max speed 130 mph

• 0-60 mph 9 sec

• Weight 1395 kg

• Average Fuel Efficiency 57.8 mpg

• CO2emissions 119 g/km

• Engine layout 4 , 1995 cc

• Max power 141 bhp at 4000 rpm

• Max torque 221 lb ft at 1750 rpm

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  (702) posted on 03.9.2010

I’ve seen that design before it’s like a Volkswagen design. Now I’m disappointed with BMW. I thought each and every design of yours is unique.

  (939) posted on 02.24.2010

I’m sorry but no matter what engine modifications they can do and come up with, it’s still a very ugly looking car and it looks worse on road.

  (344) posted on 01.6.2010

This is a really cool car but if you would look at it through my eyes you will notice also another thing namely that this is weird.

  (780) posted on 12.28.2009

BMW has announced changes to its 1 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series ranges, bringing greater value and improved environmental performance.

  (1023) posted on 12.28.2009

I’m not that interested on this one coz’ I know BMW cars quality in terms of driving comfort is high and this crappy 118d is a mess. Also the price is that high for a car like this. I’m expecting in the range of $15-20K but it’s not so I don’t think this car will be considered.

  (92) posted on 12.28.2009

I just find it too bad that I live in the US because that car won’t come from germany in like three or five years...... Awesome car though

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