It seems that BMW is really spreading the love with the many special edition M3 models they’ve scattered all over the world. Just a few weeks ago the Chinese market received the M3 Tiger Edition and Australia received its BMW M3 Pure Limited Edition. This time, BMW felt the need to provide the Japanese with their own special M3. It is called the M3 Competition Package, and yes it is painted in the same Fire Orange metallic paint as both the Tiger and GTS models.

Other than the paint job that customers will either love or hate, the M3 will receive black 359M styling wheels (19 inches in size), black painted air intakes on the bonnet, black kidney grills, and chrome exhaust tips. BMW has also not left carbon fiber out as the material was used in the exterior mirrors, rear spoiler, and the inserts on the interior.

The BMW M3 may look a faster with all of these extras, but under the hood you’ll find the usual 420 HP, 4.0 liter V8 engine. There hasn’t been any mention of how many units will be produced for the Japanese market or how much it’s going to cost, and speculation based on previous models offers a variety of options. There were only 50 of the M3 Pure Limited Edition models built, each priced at $135,000-$148,300, but the BMW M3 Tiger Edition got 250 units with prices yet to be revealed.

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Source: BMW Blog

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  (473) posted on 06.1.2011

Hats off for the Japanese. They are always making improvements. First impression lasts. They’re one of the best inventors so far in our generation.

  (577) posted on 05.31.2011

One question to ask from you guys and don’t laugh on me. Is this one will be exclusively release for Japan only? Or it will be distributed worldwide?

  (683) posted on 03.22.2011

Oh no!That color looks good on BMW, but I think the kidney grille doesn’t fit on the look of the M3. However, I would like to congratulate BMW for the success of the M3 series. 

  (592) posted on 12.5.2010

The paint looks nice and all, but how is this a special edition.

  (815) posted on 11.25.2010

Amazing race!! I want to see a competition between the Porsche and the Mustang..

  (428) posted on 11.15.2010

that matte look in gray is so hot! I’m not a fan of matte finishes, but this being a lighter color still allows for highlights which gives the overall appearance a very smooth finish.

  (939) posted on 10.22.2010

agree, it looks more aggressive than the regular M3 GTS, it looks quite faster and agile.

  (676) posted on 10.22.2010

It seems that the Chinese community is loving the BMW...So i guess, they are on their way in making a China version for this one. lol

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