Carbon fiber is one of those materials that, we believe, should be included in the production of all cars, but given that we can’t exactly find the material at the local Costco, we know that using carbon fiber will shoot up price tags for all vehicles, which isn’t exactly a priority for most auto brands.

That being said, tuning houses have always had an affinity for carbon fiber and, much to our approval, ARKYM is putting some on the new BMW M3 Coupe with their new AeroRace bodykit. The California-based tuning firm has created a new carbon fiber boot that comes with an integrated spoiler and a new hood with carbon fiber air vents.

Needless to say, the package is a nice inclusion to anybody with a BMW M3 Coupe, but like we said, it won’t come cheap. The package is available from ’Pyspeed’ with a price tag of $1,999 for the single-side carbon hood - adding another $500 bones to make it double - and another $1,249 for the single-side carbon boot with an option for the double at an additional cost of $450.

So, if anyone has money to burn, we highly suggest scooping up these packages. They’re not only aesthetically-pleasing, but the performance upgrades will be more than worth it too.

  • 2010 BMW M3 Coupe by ARKYM
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Source: Pyspeed

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  (401) posted on 02.27.2011

I miss my jeep (I’ve had 2 wranglers a 89’ and a 98’smiley- I hate the fact I have to be a grown up and drive a sedan because it’s practical and meets my needs.

  (762) posted on 02.27.2011

Nice list, i get rid of the fire engine red Ferrari, oops sorry, i mean that on fire Ferrari from the list till they figure out what to do with them $300,000 fire insurance liability things first. Yep and no manual, give me a freaking break. Then again, may be the point is to drive with the excitement of an explosion at any second smiley

  (544) posted on 06.7.2010

Sometimes, less is more and judging by these pictures, this seems to be the case with Akrym’s new AeroRace bodykit for the latest generation of the BMW M3 Coupe.

  (460) posted on 06.6.2010

The California-based tuning company has designed a carbon-fiber boot with an integrated CLS-style spoiler and a new hood with functional air-vents made from the same lightweight material

  (1022) posted on 06.4.2010

This seems to be the case with Akrym’s new AeroRace bodykit for the latest generation of the BMW M3 Coupe.

  (331) posted on 06.3.2010

Well, I think Jay Leno really keeps on living the car-obsessed dream. Also he really hop into the pit of the Advanced Design Tramontana.

  (309) posted on 06.3.2010

It’s design is very neat and elegant, but IMO it would be better if AKRYM made the tail lamp’s lens smoked type.

  (534) posted on 06.2.2010

Impressive aerokit design, it looks simple but bold.

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