BMW will launch the next generation X3 in 2010. BMW will move the production of its X3 SUV from Austria to South Carolina, USA. Next to its standard competitors, like Touareg, the 2010 X3 will get a new competitor starting 2009 when Mercedes will launch the GLK, but also the all new Infiniti EX.

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To be built on the same 3-Series platform like the current model (but stretched and widened to help differentiate it from the 3-series wagon), the 2010 X3 will get an all-new exterior and new engines under the hood.

As BMW confirmed, the CS Concept will inspire all the future models, and the X3 is no exception. It will get a new front fascia (inspired by the CS), with a large prominent grille, redesigned headlamps and a slightly redesigned rear end. The air intakes on the lower bumper will be shared with the future X6 and will also likely become a future design cue for BMW activity vehicles.

The interior in the next X3 will also see a major upgrade, using high-tech materials and also offering more space for the passengers.

Spy photographers report that the 2010 model will have a redesigned suspension setup compared to the current X3.

Under the hood we will see the same engine range with just a few exceptions. It is expected that the 2.5i version to be dropped just because 160 hp won’t be enough for a future SUV (we have to consider that the Infiniti EX has an output of 290 hp and the GLK starting from 228 hp). Instead BMW will add the powerful twin-turbo 3.0 liter engine used in the 335i.

BMW will produce the 2010 X3 at the Spartanburg’s plan, South Carolina, USA in a number of 50.000 units a year.



BMW launch the X3 compact luxury crossover SUV in 2003. It ombines the characteristic proportions of a Sport Utility Vehicle with both classic and new design features from BMW.

The long wheelbase with short overhangs and the sloping roofline accentuate the dynamic character and performance of this Sports Activity Vehicle right from the start. Flared wheel arches and the striking front section give this newcomer an air of self-confidence and underline its bold appearance wherever it goes.

2010 BMW X3 II
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2003 BMW X3

Dynamic performance is ensured by BMW’s 2.5 and 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engines widely lauded for their truly outstanding refinement and performance. The X3 3.0i boasts 225 horsepower while the X3 2.5i offers 184. Both models come standard with a six-speed manual transmission. A five-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission is available as an option.

A special highlight of the BMW X3 is the all-new xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, which sets new standards in agility for all-wheel-drive vehicles. BMW’s xDrive allows infinitely adjustable and fully variable distribution of torque front-to-rear. The system immediately recognizes any need for a change in power distribution and responds very quickly when driving on road, often before the wheels begin to lose their grip. As a result, the X3 responds with cat-like reflexes, but at the same time is able to feed optimum drive forces to the respective axle at any time when cornering, significantly minimizing both understeer and oversteer in the process.

On the road, xDrive therefore offers a high standard of agility, driving pleasure and, provides at the same time, state-of-the art safety features. The BMW xDrive system also ensures better grip and traction on slippery or rough terrain, with drive power being shifted continuously to the wheels with the best available grip.

2010 BMW X3 II
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2003 BMW X3

The outstanding versatility of the new BMW X3 is by no means limited to the wide range of different road conditions and terrain on which this SAV demonstrates its agile and dynamic performance. The interior and the wide range of available equipment reflects the crisp, agile nature of the X3 blending with it the luxury and comfort one expects of a BMW. From their "command position" - the high, characteristic seating position of a BMW Sports Activity Vehicle - the occupants not only see the surroundings from a pleasant and clear perspective, but also enjoy a modern and very spacious interior.

Typical BMW elegance and aesthetics combine with the agile character of the vehicle to create a youthful, sporty ambience. In the cockpit the classic, easy-to-read analog gauges are grouped in typical BMW style in an elegant binnacle. In the middle of the dashboard, the driver will find the optional navigation system with a 16:9 color monitor that flips up whenever required.

Lots of space is to be found behind the wide opening rear tailgate, and enables the driver to take along all kinds of sports gear such as several mountain bikes. Numerous storage compartments round off the functionality of the X3.




Mercedes GLK-Class

Known only by the internal development code, 204 SUT, the new Mercedes-Benz compact SUV will be called the GLK-Class, following the logic of the other compact vehicles in the range (SLK, CLK) inspired by larger models (SL, CL). “K” stands for “kurz”, meaning “short” in German.

Following the latest tendencies in the SUV construction, same as the latest ML-Class, the new model will use a unitary body construction, rather than a separate chassis, like those used on high-performance off-roaders. Inspired by the BMW X3, the GLK will most likely be oriented towards the ’sport’ rather than the ’utility’ end of the SUV market. And that end is the one to attract most buyers these days, as statistics show that SUV owners rarely use them in off-road.

2010 BMW X3 II
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Mercedes GLK

The GLK is expected to feature the more potent engine of the C-Class, including the new four-valve 3.0-liter and 3.5-liter V-6s as well as a supercharged four cylinder and a CDI turbo diesel. As any other model in the range, the MLK is likely to feature an AMG version, featuring the V8 engine known from the C55AMG.

The GLK-class is expected to be assembled in Bremen at a yearly production rate of 40.000 units starting with 2008. Expected base price is around $46,000.

Infiniti EX35

The all-new 2008 Infiniti EX35, which goes on sale at Infiniti retailers nationwide in late December 2007, offers an exceptional combination of seductive design, elegant interior and advanced technology systems – including the world production car debut of the advanced Around View Monitor (AVM) system, which utilizes four small cameras to give the driver a “top-down view” of the outside of the vehicle while parking.

Every 2008 Infiniti EX35 comes standard with a fourth-generation VQ35HR 3.5-liter V6 engine (shared with the new G35 Sedan), rated at 290-plus horsepower (estimated) and 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode, DS sport mode with Downshift Rev Matching (DRM), and Adaptive Shift Control.

2010 BMW X3 II
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Infiniti EX35

The engine block features ladder frame construction, variable exhaust cam timing (eCVTCS), asymmetric piston skirts, twin knock sensors and Iridium spark plugs. Its symmetric twin ram air intake system helps reduce airflow resistance, while the dual exhaust system has been designed with equal length exhaust manifolds and reduced muffler exhaust pressure help improve engine breathing.

Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen of America launched the restyled Touareg 2, one of the world’s most successful premium SUVs to a new plateau. No small feat for a vehicle that has set records – from the highest volcanic peaks in Chile to the dunes of the legendary Dakar Rally. The Touareg 2 is a masterpiece of German engineering for adventure lovers seeking the most capable on- or off-road vehicle built with the driving dynamics and value only Volkswagen can deliver.

A completely redesigned front end demonstrates the extent of the changes on Touareg 2. The new Touareg 2 now is instantly recognizable as a member of the Volkswagen family, with its new stylized front grille — chrome on V6 FSI and matte chrome on V8 FSI and V10 TDI — with chrome eyebrows standard on all models. A redesigned front bumper, new side mirrors with improved airflow, and sleek, new organically shaped headlamp housings with polycarbonate lens covers further distinguish the Touareg 2 from its predecessor.

2010 BMW X3 II
- image 219646
Volkswagen Touareg II

The changes continue to the rear of the vehicle, where a new roof edge spoiler sharpens the look, improves aerodynamics, and aids fuel efficiency. The brake light housings have an improved LED lighting visual effect and feature a sporty new dark “glazing” treatment. Below the rear bumper, but not forgotten, the exhaust system tailpipes also have been massaged for a fresh new look.

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