A Coupe SUV is something everyone is expecting. Land Rover has already announced the LRX Concept for the Detroit Auto Show; so it was about time for the best German maker to start working on a coupe SUV. The upcoming model will be based on the X3 SUV; actually will be a shrinked X3 with two-doors. BMW will launch a concept version sometime this year; while the production version will follow in 2009 and sales will begin in 2010.

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The X-Series is a real success for BMW. For example the new X5 was sold out in Germany a month before it really went on sale and the X3 is selling very well, despite its high price. The X6 launched in December turned out to be a real success among the press. This is a very good reason for BMW to start working on a more compact version of the X-Series. It will be called X4 and like the X6 was inspired by X5, it will be based on the X3.

The X4 will be a pure road car, with sporty design elements: it will feature narrow roof pillars and frameless windows. It is expected to be around 10 cm thinner than the X3 and also 5 cm shorter.

2010 BMW X4
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Under the hood the X4 will feature the same engines as the X3, but with a few power improvements. There will be a 2-liter diesel engine that will deliver 177 hp; a 3-liter diesel that will deliver 231 hp and the turbo version that will deliver 300 hp. The petrol engine will start from a 2-liter four-cylinders engine that will deliver 163 hp and will go up to a 3-liter turbo engine that will deliver 306 hp.

BMW will not produce an M version, but the flagship coupé could be powered by the 4.0-litre petrol V8 that is set to appear in the all-new M3 due next year. Transmission options will include five and six-speed automatics, as well as a manual gearbox with six ratios.

2010 BMW X4
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Even if the X4 will be based on the X3, it will also borrow a few technologies from the X5. This include: active steering, automatic roll stabilization (Dynamic Drive), adjustable dampers (EDC), night vision equipment, head-up display, remote lighting assistant.

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  (380) posted on 05.19.2010

Amazing interior and exterior designs with its Highland Silver, all-aluminum body. Did you know that You can also see the shape design of the alloy wheels with its distinctive X4 logo.

  (520) posted on 06.26.2008

another useless car from BMW?

  (68) posted on 06.26.2008

if this happens, im gonna hate you for it bmw!

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