We are pretty sure that you remember the BMW 1M Coupe Raze announced by Revozport back in 2011. Revozport was among the first tuners to unveil an upgrade kit for the BMW 1-Series M Coupe, but it looks like the tuner waited quite a while before offering any upgrades for BMW M5.

The kit Revozport offers includes six new elements made from carbon fiber that are specially designed to complement the elegance of the M5. The aerodynamic kit includes a new front grille, mirror covers, new fender grille, front splitter and, for the rear, an adjustable diffuser and a trunk lip spoiler. The price for the side fender grille, the mirror covers and front grille is $2,035 and the prices for rest of the elements will be announced at a later date.

The tuner didn’t announce any under-hood upgrades, so customers will have to enjoy the standard engine, which is a 4.4-liter V-8 engine with an output of 560 horsepower 502 pound-feet of torque. Judging from the previous packages, we expect to see several engine upgrades to the M5 in the near future.

  • 2012 BMW M5 by Revozport
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    4.4 L
  • car segment:
  • body style:


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  (305) posted on 01.6.2013

As pooya said, These prices are way too enormous. But the car is a jewelry. Whoever can afford such car, must be a very lucky person..

  (516) posted on 01.6.2013

Dave, I totally agree with you!
Once you own such car, you can make it up as you please, the colors isn’t so important...

  (302) posted on 01.6.2013

Who the hell in the worls cared about colors?
It’s the car and engine that matters the most!

  (509) posted on 01.6.2013

I want to see some more versions of colors !!
Imagine a black one, with sharp and fine gold details, yumm!

  (312) posted on 01.6.2013

Gary, if you want comfort, you must afford it.
This car might be expensive, but I’m sure it’s worth any cent

  (305) posted on 01.6.2013

I’ve always appreciated the high quality components in a car.It makes it more secure, somehow, even tough the prices are high as well

  (4) posted on 01.6.2013

yes the price is not logical. but the changes is effected the new BMW M5.
I am so interested to know what are change in the engine.
For being a monster 560 HP is not enough in these days.

  (312) posted on 01.5.2013

I think it’s a bit expensive...

  (302) posted on 01.5.2013

I think , however, they could have worked a bit more on the new grills.They aren’t so spectacular

  (422) posted on 01.5.2013

Garry, go see some other cars, if this one doesn’t fit your tastes

  (305) posted on 01.5.2013

quite sporty, I’m more into classy elegantly ones.but it’s a fine one....

  (312) posted on 01.5.2013

Let us know when the other prices arrive, i’m curious about ’em

  (302) posted on 01.5.2013

I like the agressive look of this car.Great one, and even better with these new features

  (305) posted on 01.5.2013

I adore those grills, and not only!Great changes!

  (422) posted on 01.5.2013

beautiful changes, but aren’t the prices a bit too high?

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