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The first-generation BMW 1 Series hatchback, be it a three-dour or a five-dour, wasn’t exactly appealing from the styling point of view. The 1 Series Coupe, on the other hand, was a completely different story. Marketed as a successor to the iconic 2002 model, which was built between 1968 and 1975, the 1 Series Coupe received a much-praised M Performance version that carried the 1M moniker. The coupe was discontinued last year, as BMW was readying its successor, the 2 Series Coupe.

Although production of the 1 Series was halted about eight months ago, the Coupe, as well as its high-performance 1M cousin, are still popular among BMW enthusiasts. Some have labeled it as the best vehicle Munich has made in the 21st century, while others have seen its launch as a sign that BMW wants to return to its roots.

As with most compact, ankle-biting BMWs, the 1 Series Coupe and the 1M Coupe have been quite popular with tuning companies like Leib Engineering, Sportec and Vorsteiner.

Each of them are cool in their own way, but none are as intriguing as the one developed by the folks over at TJ Fahreugdesign.

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  • 2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign
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  • Model:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • 0-60 time:
    4.0 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    186 mph
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2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign Exterior
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Dubbed 1M Coupe CSL, this modified Bimmer, which started its life as a 118 diesel model, pays tribute to the iconic M3 CLS by wearing a Silver Gray, the E46’s popular exterior color, and a carbon-fiber roof.

The vehicle sits on 19-inch wheels that are sourced from the current-generation BMW M5 and are offered with a set of sport tires. Additional body modification are rather minor, but include carbon-fiber parts for the front and rear bumpers, which means the vehicle in question is lighter than the standard 1 Series Coupe.


2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign Interior
- image 548072

Unfortunately, TJ Fahreugdesign ignored the interior almost completely, save for a set of lightweight CSL bucket seats. Other than that, the vehicle comes with the same steering wheel, center console and dashboard seen on any bone-stock 1 Series Coupe. It’s disappointing, yes, but bear with us, because this BMW’s most important highlight is featured in the next section.


2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign Drivetrain
- image 548069

This where things go from boring to super-duper. And it’s not because this modified BMW is powered by a cool inline-six engine. Under that grey hood lies something far more frightening: an M6-sourced 5.0-liter, V-10 mill that generates 555 horsepower at 8,800 rpm.

We have no idea how that monster fit in that tight engine bay, but we’re certainly glad it did, because we are now looking at the quickest 1 Series Coupe ever built. As you might imagine, performance is staggering. The coupe sprints from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.8 seconds and needs only 12 seconds to reach 124 mph. What’s more, the V-10 propels the vehicle all the way up to 186 mph in just 36 seconds.

In the process, the huge engine, which is connected to a seven-speed SMG transmission, provides proper V-10 music via a custom-made, stainless-steel exhaust system. With this kind of performance available, we’re willing to forget about the boring, dated interior.

Drivetrain Specifications

Engine M6-Sourced 5.0-liter V-8
Output (HP @ RPM) 555 @ 8,000
Acceleration (0-60 MPH) 3.8 Sec
Acceleration (0-124 MPH) 12 Sec
Acceleration (0-186 MPH) 36 Sec


2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign Exterior
- image 548071

Power is nothing without the right suspension, and TJ Fahreudesign is aware of that. For improved dynamics, a KW Clubsport coilover suspension kit was fitted along with new axles, while some parts were sourced from the previous-generation M3.

Braking duties were handed over to the same system available in the new BMW M5 but with larger discs and calipers. This system also reduces the vehicle’s weight by about 20 pounds.


2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign Exterior
- image 548075

The German company says that all the modifications seen above can be had for €85,000, which means about $117,900 at the current exchange rates. That is on top of the cost of buying a 1 Series Coupe. Additional goodies can be added as well, but further pricing is only available at request.

The big problem with the 1M Coupe CSL is that the upgrades need to be done in Germany, which means you’ll have to be prepared to pay a hefty shipping fee.


2013 BMW 1 Series M CSL By TJ Fahrzeugdesign Exterior
- image 548077

The V-10 unit under the hood makes this bespoke 1M Coupe CSL exclusive and somewhat attractive at the same time. Performance-wise, this monster 1er can give just about any 2014 model year BMW a run for its money. On the other hand, the first-generation 1 Series styling and the CSL theme are aimed at a handful of hardcore BMW aficionados. Pricing is another weak spot, making it more expensive than a base M6 and a fully-optioned M4. You do the math.

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    • Built overseas
    • Costs more than an M6
    • Dated interior

Source: BimmerToday

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