Now that BMW has announced that the M3 Coupe will go out of production in September, it looks like the world — tuners included — is preparing to say "good bye" to a great sports coupe. We had lots of tuning kits for the M3 Coupe unveiled over the past few days, and now the folks over Alpha-N Performance announced a new one.

Maybe not as impressive as all the other kits you have seen in the past, like the G-Power M3 GTR 2 kit announced earlier today, but the Alpha-N package is still well worth our attention. The tuner offers a pretty extravagant wide-body kit, plus an updated interior look and, of course, more power from the engine.

Under the hood, Alpha-N offers several upgrades, but the press car features the most primitive, yet effective, of engine tunes: increased displacement. By way of a stroker kit that includes a new crankshaft, new pistons and new connecting rods, Alpha-N bumped the M3’s engine from a 4.0-liter to a 4.6-liter V-8.

The tuner continued by remapping the ECU for more efficient spark and fuel, which helped bump the final output to a total of 490 horsepower and 346 pound-feet. This is a 76-horsepower and a 51 pound-feet gain, which is relatively tame for the amount of work that Alpha-N put into the engine, but it allows for more extreme tuning in the future.

This tune offers a huge increase in top speed, which jumps to 195 mph — a 40 mph increase.

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  • 2013 BMW M3 GT2-R by Alpha-N Performance
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  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • 0-60 time:
    4 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    195 mph
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  • body style:

BMW M3 by Alpha-N Performance in Detail

2013 BMW M3 GT2-R by Alpha-N Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 516171

Once the job under the hood was done, Alpha-N updated the exterior look of the car. For this, it installed a new wide-body kit that swoops effortlessly over the rear wheel arches.

This wide-body kit includes new front and rear bumper bars, new side skirts, new mud guards for the front axle and new side panels. The entire kit is made in carbon fiber and it also includes a new hood that will provide better cooling to the V-8 engine.

For the interior, the tuner installed Recaro Sportster SC seats. The tuner opted to combine leather with blue Alcantara - a perfect match to the car’s exterior paint.

This updated M3 sits on a new set of 19-inch wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tires and combined with a new a coilover kit for grip in the ecorners.

Press Release

ALPHA-N Performance from Bad Neuenahr has virtually the most avant-gardist exterior modifications of the (yet) current M3 of the construction series E92 on offer. The tuning specialists from the county of Ahrweiler are transforming M3 into an impressive ALPHA-N BT92!

2013 BMW M3 GT2-R by Alpha-N Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 516171

For this purpose, they are equipping the bodywork of the Bavarian V8 coupé with an extravagant wide-body kit that is characterized by pulsating, curly forms. In addition to the bumper bars for the front and rear sides, befitting side skirts, new mud guards for the front axle and side panels for the rear axle, the construction kit made of high-grade carbon also contains a new engine hood and a new luggage compartment cover. ALPHA-N is also constructing new wheel house liners made of Kevlar.

Cubic capacity can never be replaced by anything else but by even more cubic capacity!

In terms of motorization, ALPHA-N is leaving its customers with the agony of choice: In addition to the conventional suction tuning of the S65B40 high-torque engine, the offer covers several variations of the “supercharge” or even complete engine swap. The eight-pointer version of the vehicle in the photo here was endowed with cubic capacity upgrade that elevated it to a good 4.6-liter capacity through a new crankshaft as well as new pistons and connecting rods. Of course, the software of the electronic control unit was also adapted to the new situations. Having been thus fitted, the driving gear commands a peak of 490 Horse Power and a maximum torque of up to 470 Newton-meter. At top speed, the BT92 4.6 presses its distinctive nose against the wind with more than 315 km/h.

2013 BMW M3 GT2-R by Alpha-N Performance High Resolution Exterior
- image 516172

The S3 rims, on which the Hankook Ventus S1 Evo rubber of the dimensions 255/35R 19 and 295/35R 19 is mounted endeavors to achieve as much low-loss transmission of the boosted engine power as possible running on the asphalt as well as a maximum grip build-up while negotiating bends at top speed.

Öhlins Road & Track coilover kit

The tires can, of course, fulfill their duties in the best possible manner, only if they "stick“ to the ground. That is of course known to the technicians of ALPHA-N who owe their huge wealth of experience in the alignment of sports running gears to their spatial proximity to the Northern loop of the racing facility Nürburg Ring and thus made the best possible running gear technology available for the tires: Of course, only a coilover kit of the Swedish high-end brand came into question for ALPHA-N as Öhlins Performance Partner. In addition to the installation of an Öhlins Road & Track-running gear, ALPHA-N also performed the precise alignment of same on a wheel load balance.
At the present moment, ALPHA-N is yet not permitting a visual insight into the engine compartment. Reason: The engine hood also conceals among others, the prototype of a full carbon air-box that is not yet meant for the public in its present form – the new component will however be unveiled by ALPHA-N in the very near future.

Blue Alcantara Interior

2013 BMW M3 GT2-R by Alpha-N Performance Interior
- image 516174

The interior of the “former” M3 was also extensively upgraded: In addition to the complete passenger compartment (including driving comfort and side support), the car upholstery shop Fischer from Meinerzhagen that was also incorporated in the construction of the vehicle, also covered the harmoniously unifying Recaro Sportster CS sport seats and even the baggage compartment extensively with blue Alcantara. The outer shell is thus made to harmonize perfectly well with the interior in terms of color.

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