The G-Power M3 RS program was made to adhere to a simple tenet: make the car lighter and more powerful. Sounds pretty simple, right?

For us, it’s not. But for G-Power, it’s all in a day’s work. Well, maybe weeks’ work.

With the aero program, G-Power opted to give the M3 the full carbon fiber treatment, instantly making the sports car lighter and more powerful while also increasing its aerodynamic performance.

And then there’s that engine upgrade, or should we say, upgrades. Like the uncle that makes us choose what kind of present we’d like for our birthdays, G-Power is offering a choice of multiple engine modifications, beginning with one that improves the output to a "respectable" 520 horsepower all the way up to a scintillating 720 horsepower.

Take note: the standard M3 produces 420 horsepower so that spike of 300 horsepower is enormous, to say the least.

Find out more about the G-Power’s M3-RS program for the BMW sports car after the jump

  • 2013 BMW M3 RS by G-Power
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2013 BMW M3 RS by G-Power Exterior
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As far as that aerodynamic package is concerned, G-Power added a new front spoiler, a bonnet, a boot lid, and a rear wing, components that are all made from carbon fiber. The front spoiler, in particular, generates more downforce on the car’s front axle while the boot lid does the same downforce improvements on the rear axle. And if you need more downforce for the rear, G-Power can accomplish that by adding a three-piece and four-times adjustable carbon rear wing that can be altered for either racing or street purpose. You can’t say that these guys aren’t meticulous.

2013 BMW M3 RS by G-Power Exterior
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Then there’s what G-Power calls their Venturi bonnet, which was developed to remove heat from the engine compartment as quickly as efficiently as possible. Even the hood vents serve their purpose of keeping the engine in tip-top condition, a critical element that not only safeguards the performance upgrades, but also maintains the quality and integrity of the entire program.


The BMW M3’s interior doesn’t appear to have any upgrades because G-Power made no mention of any when they were glowingly talking about the aero and performance enhancements of this program.


2013 BMW M3 RS by G-Power Exterior
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When you talk about performance upgrades for the BMW M3, few can flex as much muscle as G-Power. For the M3 RS, these boys decided to show off their undeniable skills one more time, building a new TU supercharger system and combining it with a choice of performance systems. The least powerful of the family is the SK I "Sporty Drive" TU, which produces 520 horsepower.

From there, the SK II "Sporty Drive" TU belts out 580 ponies while the SK II CS "Sporty Drive" TU version develops 610 horsepower.

If all those options are still too timid for you, you can opt for the motherload: the SK III "Sporty Drive" supercharger system that produces a staggering 720 horsepower. With this set-up, G-Power also installed an ASA T1-723 supercharger to go with a displacement enhancement from 4.0 liters to 4.6 liters, accounting for the 300-horsepower spike from the standard model’s 420-horsepower output.

Momma, There Goes That Car!

2013 BMW M3 RS by G-Power Exterior
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Suffice to say, G-Power’s program for the M3 is the type that will make you drop your ice cream cone when it blazes past you on the road. Surely, if your momma’s with you, she’d probably notice it too, which is the mark of a finely-tuned sports car. If momma can notice it, then you better believe everybody else will.

2013 BMW M3 RS by G-Power Exterior
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