When G-Power released the first M6 Bi-Tronic III kit, we were rather impressed by the stunning 640 horsepower and 573 pound-feet of torque the tuner was able so milk from the 4.4-liter V-8 engine. Well, color us astounded, as G-Force went right back into the garage and churned on the Bi-Tronic-III V2 kit for the F13 M6 that makes this one of the fastest and most powerful M6 models on Earth.

G-Power added in a new ECU tune and a high-flow exhaust system to extract 710 horsepower between 6,000 and 7,000 rpm, and 656 pound-feet of torque at 4,800 rpm from the fire-breathing BMW V-8. That’s an unthinkable 150-horsepower and 156 pound-feet gain over the already awesome base M6. With this mammoth amount of power in tow, the M6 Bi-Tronic III sprints to 200 km/h (124 mph) in just 10.8 seconds and hits a top speed of 186 mph — a 31 mph gain. Unfortunately, G-Power did not make light of its 0-to-60 mph time, but we’re sure it is far better than the stock 4.1 seconds — likely, it is around 3.5 seconds (0.3 seconds faster than the original Bi-Tronic III M6).

G-Power went to great lengths to also enhance the handling, braking and look of the M6 with additional components. Keeping the M6 glued to the road are 21-inch G-Power Hurricane forged wheels with 265/30 Z-Rated Michelin tires up front and super-wide 305/25 Z-rated Michelin rubber out back. Making sure the body roll is minimal and that maximum rubber touches the road is the GM6-RS G-Power coil-over suspension

G-Power also added in a ceramic braking package that reduces unsprung weight and brake fade for optimal stopping power without negatively affecting the car’s handling.

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  • 2013 BMW M6 Bi-Tronic III V2 by G-Power
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    710 @ 6000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    656 @ 4800
  • Displacement:
    4.4 L
  • 0-60 time:
    3.5 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    186 mph
  • Price:
    € 42860
  • car segment:
  • body style:

More Power and More Noise!!

2013 BMW M6 Bi-Tronic III V2 by G-Power High Resolution Exterior
- image 519582

Power is the name of the game for G-Power, so the tuner went to great lengths to bump the M6’s output to 710 ponies and 656 pound-feet of twist. It began by exercising its knowledge of supercharging to help push the turbochargers from BMW to their max. From there, the tune slapped on a full exhaust system that includes catalyst-replacement pipes, a titanium G-power exhaust system and titanium links that hook it all together. Not only does this system save 26 pounds over the stock setup, but those 3.9-inch tailpipes in carbon fiber or titanium look mighty sexy hanging out of the back end. We also bet they make one hell of a noise!

New Rollers With Sticky Rubber

2013 BMW M6 Bi-Tronic III V2 by G-Power Exterior
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With all of that extra power on tap, the M6 needs some big fatties to keep it on the road and to launch it from a stops. This is where the new G-Power Hurricane 20-inch wheels come in to play. Up front, these rims come wrapped up in 265/30ZR21 Michelin Pilot Sport rubber to keep the M6 in line on the track. the 305/25ZR21 Michelin tires out back keep the tail from wagging too much in the twist and they allow the M6 to squat and scoot with minimal tire burning at launch.

Brakes and Suspension — Makin’ Gs

2013 BMW M6 Bi-Tronic III V2 by G-Power Exterior
- image 519586

The lateral and deceleration g-force of the M6 is already ridiculous, but G-Power took it to the next level with the addition of its coil-over suspension and brake upgrades. At the corners, G-Power installed its height-adjustable suspension kit that also has 18 total adjustments — nine for bound and nine for rebound.

Also added in is the G-Power ceramic braking system that includes oversized ceramic brake pads, front ceramic discs that measure 420 mm (16.5 inches) in diameter, and six-pot calipers up front. This ceramic system drags the M6 to a halt fast enough to leave a seatbelt burn on your chest, while checking in at 50 percent less weight than the standard steel setup.


2013 BMW M6 Bi-Tronic III V2 by G-Power High Resolution Exterior
- image 519583
Component Price Euro USD Conversion
21-Inch G-Power Hurricane Wheels W/ Michelin Pilot Sport tires €8,325.00 $11,145.51
G-Power GM6-RS Coil-Over Suspension €2,179.83 $2,918.36
G-Power Ceramic Front Braking System €14,460.50 $19,359.72
G-Power Bi-Tronic III Kit w/ Titanium Exhaust €17,895.00 $23,597.83
Total €42,860.33 $57,381.41
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