Prior Design is a well-known tuner that specializes in upgrading German metal. Many recent Mercedes, Audi, and BMW models have gone under Prior Design’s knife and come out modified quite handsomely. We recently reviewed the BMW M6 GranCoupe, customized by Prior Design and came away very impressed. Its latest offering is for the true two-door version of the 6 Series. Prior Design upgrades are marketed as mostly aerodynamic enhancements, but these upgrades simultaneously give the modified cars a stunning, show-worthy, tuner look.

This Prior Design BMW 6-series is a prime example. While the stock 6 Series is one of the better-looking BMWs of today, with clean lines and a slippery shape, the Prior Design team dramatically increases this already-pretty car’s street presence, all the while helping it cut through the wind in an even easier fashion with sharp, functional aerodynamic upgrades.

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  • 2014 BMW 6 Series By Prior Design
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  • 0-60 time:
    4.6 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph
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BMW 6 Series By Prior Design

2014 BMW 6 Series By Prior Design High Resolution Exterior
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2014 BMW 6 Series By Prior Design High Resolution Exterior
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2014 BMW 6 Series By Prior Design High Resolution Exterior
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The 6 Series doesn’t need any power upgrades, and with this upgrade Prior Design leaves the 315-horsepower, 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 and the 4.4-liter, 445-horsepower, twin-turbo V-8 unchanged. This Prior Design kit fits any 6 Series, including the mighty M6, with its twin-turbo, 560-horsepower V-8. All of these cars are plenty fast, and these visual enhancements make an already sleek-looking 6 Series appear to be going 100 mph even while standing still.

From the front, this modified 6 Series is dramatically changed, with massive side air-intakes, and a large center air scoop complete with a blacked-out grille. The new hood features air inlets and more aggressive lines. The changes are so intense that when viewed from above, it’s almost hard to tell exactly what kind of car this is.

The ride height is much lower, and parking bumps or even driveways will need to be negotiated carefully.

From the side, the car takes on a meaner stance as well. The upgraded side skirts still look relatively stock, but the new wheel arches — both front and rear — are massive and give the car a much lower and wider appearance. Prior Design likes to call this a "Widebody" upgrade, and these arches when combined with the large and wide new front bumper help to convey a wider appearance for the 6 Series.

Out back, a new rear diffuser integrates nicely with the exhaust outlets, and attractive lateral air outlets also give the car a wider look. A somewhat subtle spoiler rounds out the package. It’s interesting to note that this car looks the most dramatic and menacing from the front, moderately so from the side, and out back, things are relatively tame.

The stunning, five-spoke rims are not part of the package, but can be ordered separately.

Also worth mentioning is the material is made not from carbon fiber, but a Dura-Flex FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) material, which Prior Design touts as being both "flexible and stable," and claims the material makes matching paint a breeze.

While these aerodynamic, wide-body enhancements should make the 6 Series even more of a wind-cheater, expect plenty of stares and double-takes when seeing this car up close. We can’t comment on how it may or may not affect the ride quality.

Regardless, Prior Design has succeeded admirably. While the 6 Series in current form is a superb, eye-catching design, these upgrades take it to a new level.

BMW 6 Series

2014 BMW 6-Series High Resolution Exterior
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