The BMW 2 Series doesn’t get nearly the same amount of love as it should. You can blame the 4 Series for that. The same can even be said for the M235i and the M4, with the latter getting much more of the publicity. So thank you, Manhart, for giving the M235i some love. You didn’t have to do it, but you still did, giving the baby M a nice MH2 Clubsport program that features plenty of aerodynamic and performance upgrades to soundly accomplish its club sport capabilities.

A car developed for Club sport Racing needs to be treated delicately. Thankfully, Manhart is up to task with the M235i Coupe, outfitting with the kind of comprehensive program that not only gives it plenty of new aerodynamic components to make it lighter but to match it with a stout engine upgrade that significantly increases the car’s already impressive output.

There are a lot of incredible parts about the MH2 Clubsport program. It’s a testament to the incredible work put in by Manhart Racing to raise the M235i’s profile as a natural born racer.

The 4 Series and the M4 can get their accolades. Just don’t forget about the M235i, too. It’s every bit as good a pocket rocket as the best of the lot.

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  • 2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart
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  • Displacement:
    3.0 L
  • 0-60 time:
    4.3 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    186 mph
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2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555068
2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555067
2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555077

Manhart’s exterior upgrades on the M235i may be limited in terms of fancy aesthetics, but there are enough aerodynamic add-ons to improve its riding and handling. Look a little closer and you’ll see that this M235i comes with a new front spoiler, a rear diffuser, and a rear spoiler, all of which were taken from BMW’s Performance program. These items are made up carbon-fiber, ensuring that the car remains light on its rubber. As an added touch, carbon-fiber mirror covers were added to complement the car’s yellow wrap.

Manhart also has a new set of wheels for the MH2 Clubsport program. The tuner opted to use its own 19-inch Concave One wheels, wrapping them all up in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires to ensure top-class performance.


2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart Interior
- image 555079

Surprsingly, some of the M235i’s amenities are still intact. But since it’s a race car, changes were still in order to fit that need. A Recaro Pole Position full-shell seat with 4-point belts were the first indications, but not the last.

You’re going to notice that Manhart removed the entire rear bench in favor of a Club sport bracket with a double cross that was mounted for safety reasons. A soft rug lining covers the rear area to ensure that no metal parts are naked.

Moving back to the front, Manhart installed a special handbrake handle, gear lever knob and an aluminum pedal lining from the BMW Performance program. A new display was also added in the center console where the left ventilation nozzle used to be. This display functions by conveying important driver information like boost pressure, oil pressure, intake temperature, and oil temperature.


2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 555070

Arguably the most important addition to the MH2 Clubsport program are the things Manhart did to the car’s 3.0-liter, inline-six engine. Using a new electronics, a bigger intercooler, and a new sport exhaust system that features 200-cell sports catalyzers, Manhart was able to improve the vehicle’s output. The standard 322-horsepower and 332-pound-feet output of the M235i jump to 430 horsepower and 437 pound-feet of torque after Manhart gets done.

Manhart also eliminates the M235i’s Vmax block that limits it to 155 mph, culminating in a likely top speed of close to 180 mph.

The MH2 Clubsport program isn’t all about engine upgrades, though. Important work was also done on the chassis to ensure its sturdiness. The German specialist fitted a three-fold adjustable Clubsport coilover kit and a tougher sports clutch to handle all of the aforementioned ponies. A new set of brakes, including six-piston fixed calipers and Pagid sports brake pads, were also added to help drag the 2er to a halt.

Engine 3.0-Liter TwinPower Turbo I-6
Output 430 HP
Torque 436 LBS-FT
Top Speed 186 MPH


2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555069

Manhart doesn’t have a price for the program but we’ll venture a guess that with everything added, car included, the entire thing could cost somewhere around $60,000 to $70,000.


Audi TT RS By ABT Sportsline

2013 Audi TT RS by ABT Sportsline High Resolution Exterior
- image 512927

It’s not fitted for racing duties quite like the Manhart’s M235i, but ABT Sportsline’s Audi TT RS carries the same performance capabilities. In fact, the TT RS has a higher output at 470 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque. This helps the TT RS hit a top speed of 177 mph.

It’s not going to be as light as the M235i and its stripped down interior, but taken all together, it would be interesting to see which wins a mile-long race between these two souped up sports coupes.


2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555073

It’s easy to push aside the BMW M235i when there are other models in the BMW lineup that deserve equal or more attention. The BMW M4 comes to mind in that regard. But don’t rush off the M235i, especially when Manhart has played around with all of its go-fast bits.

With over 400 horsepower on tap, this M235i means all sorts of business on the road and on the race track. Best heed these words. Otherwise, you might be shamed by the car when it blows past you.

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Press Release

Club sport – This term is music to the ears of ambitious athletic drivers. The aim of Club sport Racing is to achieve sound racing times with its private vehicle while driving on a race course such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife or the Bilster Berg and in the process, travel there and back on its own axle.

2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart Drivetrain
- image 555071

The BMW specialists of Manhart Performance from Wuppertal henceforth offer such a coveted track tool for Club sport. The brand new BMW M235i Coupé, which stands out for a 326 horse power-strong serial six-cylinder turbo engine that is tightly bound to the accelerator ex-works, a maximum torque of 450 Nm as well as the typically firm BMW driving behavior serves as a basis. The Manhart MH2 Clubsport was developed in Wuppertal from the depth of the company’s own bag of tricks.

Club sport however also means the automatic forfeiture of comfort and suitability for daily use. The interior of MH2 Clubsport is thus presented with the colorfast Recaro Pole Position full-shell seat with the 4-point suspender belts. To keep the weight in check, the technicians of Manhart removed the complete rear bench seat including the belts. In their stead, a Club sport bracket with a double cross that was mounted in a complex process, H-route and gusset plates were introduced. Of course, the rear area has no naked metal plate: It was covered in soft rug lining. The driver’s space is decorated with a special handbrake handle, a gear lever knob and an aluminum pedal lining from the BMW Performance program. One technical highlight for every ambitious athlete of Club sport is offered by an additional display that is installed in the center console in place of the left ventilation nozzle. Here, the driver is not only able to call up all important engine parameters such as charging air pressure, oil pressure, intake temperature, oil temperature etc. through a pushbutton on the multi-function steering wheel but also activate the stopwatch for the 1/4 mile or the circuit.

2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart Exterior
- image 555072

Important for optimal lap times is of course, performance. To have it move forward more speedily, the technical department of Manhart Performance endowed the serial six-cylinder turbo engine with performance boost using an additional process control system. Parallel to this, there was a bigger charging air intercooler for better cooling and a special sport exhaust system with Manhart downpipe and 200-cell sports catalyzers. All-in-all, the MH2 is now dragged by almost 430 horse power and a maximum torque of 592 Nm on the drive shafts. Since Manhart Performance eliminated the factory-fitted Vmax block completely, the MH2 Club sport also moves beyond the 300 k.p.h. sonic barrier on demand.

While running freely, the fast coupé puffs and blows its quality exhaust gases through the company’s own axle back exhaust with two round 90-millimeter stainless steel tailpipes. In the export version, this exhaust variation stands out for its sound background that is almost brutish for a turbo engine, and would certainly even be desired by the current formula 1. Moreover, Manhart Performance also installed a reinforced sports clutch that is also capable of standing the herculean strength of the performance-boosted turbo engine and transmits it to the manual 6-speed gear mechanism.

A perfectly aligned chassis is the second trump card for a species-appropriate application on the race circuit. Here, Manhart Performance relies on the experience of KW and counts on the 3-fold adjustable Club sport coilover kit including support bearings and its own alignment for the MH2 Clubsport. Moreover, there is also a 0-100% differential lock on demand.

2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555073

Contact with the road surface is assumed by the company’s own Manhart Concave One rims of 8.5x19 inches with 225/35ZR19 in front and 9.5x19 inches with 255/30ZR19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in the rear. Wherever there is a race, there is braking too: For racing operation, Manhart has swapped the serial system on the front axle with the 6-piston fixed calipers with disks of size 350x34 mm and Pagid sports brake pads and steel flex lines. There are also Pagid brake pads and steel flex lines on the rear axle.

2014 BMW M235i MH2 Clubsport By Manhart High Resolution Exterior
- image 555074

As in the interior values, Manhart also relies strongly on full-blooded sportiness for the external shell of MH2 Clubsport. The additional aerodynamic mini-helpers such as the front spoiler, rear diffuser and the rear spoiler are all taken from the exclusive BMW Performance program and are largely made up of carbon. Carbon mirror covers and the dull-yellow special wrap, through which all carbon parts are better accentuated do not make the car faster but certainly make it beautiful.

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