It was in 2014 when the BMW 2 Series Coupe came to replace the outgoing 1 Series Coupe, and shortly following its release, BMW revealed a couple of cool iterations wearing the M235i badge. By time we turn the calendar to 2015, we will have the even more powerful M2. For the first time in the compact’s career, BMW opted to develop a customer race car under the M235i Racing moniker. Lighter and more powerful than the standard version, the race car is already a common sight in the VLN Endurance Championship and a handful of them managed to run a full 24-hour race at Nurburgring this year.

With the M235i shaping up into a hell of a rival for the compact sports cars such as the Audi TTS or the Nissan 370Z, a brawnier version of the coupe is rolling out in Germany as we speak. This time it’s not BMW that’s responsible for the mighty racer; rather TuningWerk, a small company known for updating any BMW and Mini it can get its hands on, is the mastermind behind this one. Meet the BMW M235i RS, the most powerful 2 Series ever created.

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  • 2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk
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    3.0 L
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    4.3 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    186 mph (Est.)
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2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk Exterior
- image 556678
2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk High Resolution Exterior
- image 556665
2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 556673
To save further weight, TuningWerk ditched the standard rear diffuser and replaced it with a carbon-fiber unit that sports a race-style configuration.

The first thing that catches the eye while looking at TuningWerk’s take on the M235i is its M Performance-inspired livery. The trademark red and blue stripes adorn the car’s nose and hood, and highlight its beefed-up rear fenders. The body updates don’t stop here though. A carbon-fiber lip spoiler placed underneath the front bumper improves aerodynamics, while a fixed rear wing provides additional downforce.

To save weight, TuningWerk ditched the standard rear diffuser and replaced it with a carbon-fiber unit that sports a race-style configuration. Behind that, there’s a stainless-steel axle back exhaust system shooting a deeper note through a pair of brand-new tailpipes. Gone are the factory wheels, as a set of lightweight, multi-spoke rims replace them. Although they are rather subtle, these updates are bound to make the M235i faster and more agile at the track.


2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk Interior
- image 556670
2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk Interior
- image 556671
2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk Interior
- image 556669
However, a set of Recaro bucket seats come in to provide the necessary grip while taking fast turns at the track.

Don’t let the slightly beefed-up exterior fool you, the interior still carries most of its luxury amenities. However, a set of Recaro bucket seats come in to provide the necessary grip while taking fast turns at the track. Mounted on bespoke slide rails, the seats still feature regular seat belts, but a set of race-ready, six-point harnesses can be added as an option. Also as option is a roll cage designed to fit in the rear part of the cabin, which no longer includes the standard bench.

Unfortunately, the Germans opted to keep the Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. A flat-bottomed, sports steering wheel would have been more appropriate considering the vehicle’s performance-oriented purpose.

With all the weight-saving measures applied inside and out, TuningWerk managed to reduce the car’s overall weight to 3,285 pounds with a full tank. The standard BMW M235i tips the scales at a little more than 3,500 pounds.


2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk High Resolution Exterior
- image 556681

This is where the major updates kick in. At the heart of the M235i TuningWerk lies the same 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo technology, but the output now sits at 444 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. That’s a 122-horsepower and 110-pound-feet improvement over the standard M235i. In fact, this track rocket generates more power than the almighty M4 Coupe, which comes with 425 ponies on tap.

TuningWerk is willing to drop yet another turbocharger in the engine bay as an option.

All that power goes to the rear wheels through a manual gearbox aided by a sports clutch and pushes the coupe from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.3 seconds. Moreover, the M235i needs just 15.4 seconds to reach 120 mph from a standstill and TuningWerk says it can lap the Hockenheimring race track in one minute and 11 seconds. This puts the Bimmer on par with vehicles such as the 2014 Corvette Stingray, the Corvette Z06 or the Porsche 911 GT2 on the said course.

If these figures aren’t impressive enough, TuningWerk is willing to drop yet another turbocharger into the engine bay as an option. However, the Germans make no mention of the improvements that come with it, but it should enable the six-banger to generate more than 460 ponies.


2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk Exterior
- image 557686

The M235i RS rides on a stiffer, track-prepped suspension system that can also be fitted with heavy-duty struts on request. The 18-inch, forged-steel rims come wrapped in Dunlop SportMaxx RT tires, while stopping power is provided by an in-house, Brembo-adapted braking system. The front axle is fitted with 350-by-34-mm (13.8-by-1.3-inch) race-ready discs with six-piston calipers, while the rear axle benefits from a combo provided by BMW’s M Performance division. An optimized DSC/ABS controller setup is there to ensure the M235i RS brakes like a proper race car.


The BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk retails from €65,000 ($88,400 as of 06/24/2014) before the optional roll cage, seat belts, and the additional turbocharger. Unfortunately, this fast and nimble compact racer isn’t available in the United States.


BMW M235i Racing

2014 BMW M235i Racing Nurburgring 24 Hours Edition High Resolution Exterior
- image 557235

Based on the new 2 Series, the M235i Racing was developed as a competitive entry-level race car for the masses. Crafted with input from BMW’s M Performance division, the M235i Racing sports an aerodynamically enhanced body kit and many racing amenities taken from BMW M Performance Parts stock.

While the exterior isn’t radically different when compared to the stock M235i, the interior tells a completely different story. Gone are luxury and comfort features available in the regular BMW, and in come FIA-approved racing parts. These racing bits include a professional roll cage, a six-point racing harness, and a Recaro Pro Racer driver’s seat.

Motivating the M235i Racing is the same 3.0-liter, TwinPower Turbo, six-cylinder engine found in the regular coupe. The mill cranks out 333 horsepower, which accounts for a 11-pony improvement over the standard model. Additionally, the race car benefits from race-spec ABS, DSC and traction control systems, a limited-slip differential, and reinforced suspension and brakes. Pricing starts from €59,500 ($80,900 as of 06/24/2014, making it only €5,500 ($7,480) cheaper than TuningWerk’s RS.


2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk High Resolution Exterior
- image 556664

With the M235i already a back-to-the-roots BMW, TuningWerk’s RS update only comes to improve on that status. The M235i RS is undoubtedly the most potent iteration of the 2 Series, outpacing both the upcoming M2 and the slightly uprated Racing version offered by BMW. Making things even better is the fact that it costs only slightly more than the M235i Racing. Sure, the latter benefits from FIA’s approval for many events, including the Nurburgring 24 Hours, but the RS comes in a unique flavor, one that many enthusiasts and gentleman racers alike might find appealing.

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Press Release

That one who is satisfied with the best, is a man of simple very simple
taste! This slogan, attributed to no less a person than Oscar Wilde, is
prime principle of the Tuningwerk GmbH Company at Puchheim, Bavaria, nearby
Munich, Germany, if the point is the appreciated customer’s satisfaction.
Numerous examples concerning the creativity of the specifically BMW tuning
company – from 1-series to 7-series, including X models – are speaking very
plain language. The recent object of the Bavarian’s desire is a 2 series
BMW, on the market only since a few of months. It is an exclusively 2-doored
compact class coupé, which by the way is understood itself as „reverence“ to
the legendary 2002 BMW.

2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 556673

Nevertheless, before public presentation there is quite a lot of the nearly
endless list of retrofitting measures to be done on the brand new BMW named
M235i RS, with exclusively Tuningwerk-own pieces. At first is to be
mentioned the enlarging in TW design with front lip, rear diffusor and rear
spoiler, all made of carbon. Besides main and oil cooler, the warranting for
stableness also under extreme stress situations expensive cooling system
includes an additional cooling agent cooler and a 850 W fan. Optionally,
there is still a heat exchanger, in this regard. Moreover, there is a single
mass flywheel with sports clutch, amid pipe eliminating the bottle neck on
the flexible element and a stainless steel axle back exhaust with valve
command and tail pipes, causing the unique deep engine sound. The basing
upon adapted Brembo components Tuningwerk braking system has 350x34 racing
steel discs and 6 piston brake calipers on the front axle, setting upon BMW
performance on the rear axle. The braking is topped by steel flex pipes and
an optimized DSC/ABS controller setup.

2014 BMW M235i RS by TuningWerk Exterior
- image 556663

The wheel-tire-combination for this enlarged construction consists of made
by Tuningwerk forged steel rims in 8,5x18” (weight of 7,1 kgs) with Dunlop
SportMaxx RT in 235/40R18 on front and 9x18” (weight of 7,4 kgs) with
265/35R18 on the rear axle. Under the PolePosition Recaro seats, there are
mounted company own seat slide rails. Optionally, for the retrofitting of
the rear part of the car, there are available a rollover cage and 6 point
seat belts. Besides the modified aluminum oil pan, the Uniball axle elements
are to be mentioned. The 6 cylinders engine with 2.979 l of engine size,
TwinScroll Turbo and manual gear shift brings 444 HP (326 kW) with 600 Nm of
torque. This allows to speed up within 4.3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph or
within 15.4 seconds from 0 up to 120 mph. Lap times of 1 minute 11 seconds
on the Hockenheimring race track also compels respect. Optionally, by the
way, there can be installed another turbo charger.

For the hard racing use, Tuningwerk offers additional car body stiffening
and struts. Beside the already mentioned Recaro PolePosition seats, sparking
plugs with higher heat value and the modified airflow reliably serve their
purpose. The tuned by the crew around Tuningwerk director Peter Reith
2-series BMW has an empty weight of 1.490 kg with full tank and is available
beginning from 65,000 Euro.

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