Developed as a successor to the 1 Series Coupe, already a classic among BMW enthusiasts, the 2 Series is not just good-looking, but powerful as well. The 228i delivers 240 horses and strong performance while returning 36 mpg on the highway, and the M235i will make your heart pump faster with the 320 ponies residing under the hood. Add the fuel-efficient, yet still potent diesel engine available in Europe and you got a complete vehicle on your hands. But does this mean the 2 Series can’t be improved upon? Hell, no!

At least not if you ask the folks over at AC Schnitzer, who have been meddling with Bimmers since the late 1960s. There’s no such thing as a new BMW without an AC Schnitzer package, and the 2 Series is the perfect proof that the Aachen-based specialist means business. It didn’t take too long for AC Schnitzer to come up with a series of updates for the 2 Series, which can now benefit from increased output rating across the entire lineup. Well, almost, as the U.S.-spec 228i is not included yet. But AC Schnitzer’s new offering is not just about added horsepower. These compact Bimmers are also enhanced by aerodynamic parts and various interior upgrades. Check them all out past the jump.

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  • 2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2.0 L
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
  • car segment:
  • body style:

BMW 2 Series In Detail

2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer High Resolution Exterior
- image 566332
2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer Exterior
- image 566327
2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer High Resolution Exterior
- image 566333

Much like most packages created by AC Schnitzer, the BMW 2 Series upgrade is compelling, yet not overly rigged out. More importantly, the German tuner is willing to updated just about any version of the current 2 Series, including the M235i. The M2 is the only version left out of the equation, but that’s because the high-performance coupe has yet to be launched. Once it arrives in showrooms, be sure AC Schnitzer will roll out an upgrade for it as well.

Meanwhile, the 2 Series range is getting a brand-new aerodynamic kit. Additions include carbon-fiber front flippers, carbon-fiber mirror covers, a roof spoiler and a rear skirt protection foil. Customers opting for the M235i will also get a carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The exterior is further enhance by means of a lowered suspension. First up is a spring lowering kit that decreases ride height by about 1.18 to 1.37 inches up front and 1.37 to 1.57 inches out back. A sports suspension pack is also available for rear-wheel-drive cars. This one lowers the car’s stance by 1 inch up front and 1.18 to 1.37 inches out back. Next up is an adjustable, race-spec suspension that will lower the vehicle by 1.37 to 1.57 inches. In the case of M-Technik-equipped Bimmers, overall lowering will be reduced by 0.2 to 0.6 inches. As far as wheels go, the Germans offer a wide range of lightweight rims measuring 18 to 20 inches.

Moving inside, AC Schnitzer has even more goodies in store. For instance, the standard handbrake handle, gear knob, pedals, and foot rest are replaced by aluminum items. Those looking for something a bit fancier can opt for the company’s illuminated, leather-wrapped gear knob. The complete package also includes AC Schnitzer-branded key holders, floor mats and velours.

2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer High Resolution Exterior
- image 566324

Naturally, the 2 Series upgrade is also about increased output. The Germans have developed for each diesel version of the compact, but they haven’t forgotten about the M235i or the 220i, which is exported overseas (but not to the U.S.). The latter has its horsepower rating bumped from 184 to 245 ponies, while the 326-horsepower M235i will benefit from 380 horses once AC Schnitzer is done meddling with its engine. As for diesels, the 218d’s rating increases from 143 to 171 horsepower, the 220d gets an extra 34 ponies for a total of 218, while the 225d cranks out 258 horses instead of "just" 218.

Drivetrain upgrades can be rounded off by one of the company’s many exhaust systems, including the sports silencer with chromed pipes or the "Racing Evo" package. The latter is available for both the standard version and the M235i, which features a dual-tip configuration. Unfortunately for U.S. customers, AC Schnitzer has yet to prepare such a package for the 228i version of the coupe, the only one we can buy here alongside the M235i.

BMW 2 Series

2014 - 2015 BMW 2 Series Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 530084

Press Release

In March this year, the Bavarian company elevated its 1-series coupé to the new 2-series. For the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer, the work was just beginning: they have now developed an extensive tuning range for the BMW 2-series coupé which should satisfy even the most sophisticated drivers "beyond the standard".

2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer High Resolution Exterior
- image 566325

The Aachen-based tuners know that for many BMW customers, there’s no such thing as too sporty. So no less than five performance upgrades are offered for the 2-series coupé.

The export version of the BMW 220i takes off with an engine power of 245 hp instead of 184 hp.

The power development of the BMW M 235i is even higher; the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade adds a further 54 hp to the standard 240 kW/326 hp, giving a total of 279 kW/380 hp. And if that weren’t enough, an AC Schnitzer high performance intercooler is also available for the M235i. Because of its size (520x210x130 mm) and stepped construction, it offers an 80% larger air contact surface and 62% more charge air volume than the standard intercooler, and hence ensures optimum cooling. The perceptible results are a sustained and homogenous power development from the engine.

Nor have AC Schnitzer overlooked the diesel versions: with 126 kW/171 hp (BMW 218d), 160 kW/218 hp (BMW 220d) and 190 kW/258 hp (BMW 225d), in all cases the performance upgrades provide substantially more than the BMW standard. In all models, the AC Schnitzer engine styling shows that these vehicles stand out from the crowd.

2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer High Resolution Exterior
- image 566324

When you reach the top, you want to be heard. The AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with 2 chromed "Racing Evo“ tailpipes or the "Sport“ tailpipes (both in right/left combination) ensure that the imposing appearance doesn’t go unnoticed.
For purely visual enhancement, the tuning experts also offer the chromed "Racing Evo“ tailpipe trim and the chromed "Sport“ tailpipe trim, with a 90 millimetre diameter, individually.

Only in one field are the sights "lowered" in Aachen: the suspension spring kit, sports suspension and racing suspension (adjustable in compression and rebound stages) leave the lift in the

AC Schnitzer versions around 30 - 40 mm lower. In this case however, less is more: for cornering comfort and road-holding, the 2-series coupé by AC Schnitzer certainly comes out on top.

This is due not least to the aerodynamic conversion kits which also set visual accents. The carbon front spoiler (for M-Technik vehicles), carbon mirror cover, carbon rear diffuser (for M 235i), a rear roof spoiler and the AC Schnitzer rear skirt film clearly distinguish the vehicle from standard.

Developed on the principle of "Form follows Function“, the AC Schnitzer carbon aerodynamic components primarily improve driving behaviour and ensure better ground adhesion thanks to improved downforce.

The wide range of AC Schnitzer wheelsets available for the 2-series coupé also goes beyond the standard. Type VIII BiColor forged alloys, Type VIII BiColor rims in black or silver or anthracite, and Type IV silver or BiColor black rims: all give that unmistakeable sporting look when fitted with corresponding tyres (18“, 19“ or 20“).

The tuning package is completed with various interior elements which continue the High Performance standards into the inside. For a superior look, choose from the AC Schnitzer gear knob with digital gear display, an illuminated leather gear knob and the Aluminium "Black Line“ gear knob. The AC Schnitzer "Black Line" aluminium handbrake handle, aluminium pedal set and foot rest, AC Schnitzer keyholder and velours foot mats reinforce the feeling that driving pleasure simply can’t get better than after the "AC Schnitzer treatment".

2015 BMW 2 Series by AC Schintzer High Resolution Exterior
- image 566323

Here you can find the first sound video of the AC Schnitzer silencer for the new 2 series. Enjoy watching!

To request further details and high-resolution images you may have a look in the press area of he AC Schnitzer homepage. For your personal assistance please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Basic car: BMW 2 series Coupé (F22)

Engine: AC Schnitzer performance upgrades

  • for BMW 220i with 135 kW/184 HP to 180 kW/245 HP (export version)
  • for BMW M 235i with 240 kW/326 HP to 279 kW/380 HP
  • for BMW 218d with 105 kW/143 HP to 126 kW/171 HP
  • for BMW 220d with 135 kW/184 HP to 160 kW/218 HP
  • for BMW 225d with 160 kW/218 HP to 190 kW/258 HP
  • AC Schnitzer engine optics
  • AC Schnitzer intercooler 520x210x130 mm (for M 235i) 80% more contact surface and over 62% more charge air volume


  • AC Schnitzer sports silencer with 2 chromed
  • "Racing Evo" tailtrims in right / left combination or "Sport" tailtrims in right / left combination (both versions only for M 235i)
  • AC Schnitzer tailtrim, chromed "Racing Evo"
    AC Schnitzer tailtrim, chromed "Sport", Ø 90 mm


  • AC Schnitzer spring kit
    Lowering front approx. 30-35 mm, rear approx. 30-40 mm
  • AC Schnitzer sports suspension (not for xDrive cars) incl.
    Lowering front approx. 25 mm, rear approx. 30-35 mm
  • AC Schnitzer racing suspension, adjustable bump and rebound incl.
    Lowering approx. 30-40 mm
  • For cars with M-Technik the lowering is reduced by 5 to 15 mm


  • AC Schnitzer carbon front flippers, Carbon, 2 piece (for cars with M-Technik)
  • AC Schnitzer carbon mirror covers
  • AC Schnitzer rear roof spoiler
  • AC Schnitzer carbon rear diffuser (for M 235i)
  • AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil


  • AC Schnitzer aluminium handbrake handle, "Black Line"
  • AC Schnitzer gear knob with digital display
  • AC Schnitzer leather gear knob, illuminated
  • AC Schnitzer aluminium gear knob "Black Line"
  • AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set
  • AC Schnitzer aluminium foot rest
  • AC Schnitzer key holder
    AC Schnitzer floor mats, velours
  • Wheel/Tyre Sets:
  • Type VIII Lightweight Forged Wheels BiColor Black
    front: 8,5J x 19“ with tyres 225/35 R 19
    rear: 8,5J x 19“ with tyres 225/35 R 19
  • Type VIII Wheels BiColor Black, Silver or Anthracite
    front: 8,5 x 18" with tyres 225/40 R 18
    rear: 8,5 x 18" with tyres 225/40 R 18
    front: 8,5 x 19" with tyres 225/35 R 19
    rear: 8,5 x 19" with tyres 225/35 R 19
    front: 8,5 x 20" with tyres 235/30 R 20
    rear: 8,5 x 20" with tyres 235/30 R 20
  • Type IV Wheels Silver or BiColor Black
    front: 8,5 x 18" with tyres 225/40 R 18
    rear: 8,5 x 18" with tyres 225/40 R 18
    front: 8,5 x 19" with tyres 225/35 R 19
    rear: 8,5 x 19" with tyres 225/35 R 19
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