• 2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts

The 2 Series is BMW’s venture into offering a fun, sporty, luxury ride that’s somewhat affordable. The 220d model packs a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine under the hood, with a choice of either a two-door coupe or cabrio body style. While the base model convertible could be seen as a bit bland, all the trimmings are still available to those souls cavalier enough to take a pen to the options list. Now, it appears as though that list just got a lot bigger with a capital M.

BMW’s tuning division, BMW M GmbH, is responsible for some of the greatest Bimmers to ever touch tarmac. From the Nordschleife to the autobahn, an M badge on a BMW connotes one thing: complete seriousness about performance.

It’s the sort of clout that can sell just about anything, if it’s branded correctly. Case in point: the new performance parts for the 220d. Despite being a diesel-powered convertible, BMW thinks the 220d is ripe for speed tuning, or at the very least, the illusion of speed.

As you can probably guess, the majority of these upgrades are completely cosmetic, offering not much more than homage to sportier, more powerful BMWs classes ahead of the 220d. However, there are a few drivetrain upgrades that could amount to a substantial difference in driving experience. But are they worthy of the M badging? Read on and judge for yourself.

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2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts High Resolution Exterior
- image 610667
2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts High Resolution Exterior
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2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts High Resolution Exterior
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The M performance body kit does a decent job in distinguishing between an upgraded 220d and a stock version of the vehicle. In the front, we find an exclusive grille with black trim surround, leading to side racing stripes that stretch along the entire length of the car. There are carbon fiber exterior mirror caps, plus new skirts and M Performance decals. In the back is an upgraded diffuser, which is flanked by chrome-tipped tailpipes (you could also opt for carbon fiber tips if you think the chrome is weighing you down). Lightweight alloy wheels measuring in at 19-inches of diameter are available in two different styles, 405 M or 624 M, with the 624 M design presented in either a matte black/milled or polished look.

Somehow, the lack of a roof makes the whole thing look a bit odd, especially with that huge racing stripe stretching down the side. We suppose it is a bit “racier”, but in a tacky kind of way.


Alcantara and carbon fiber are the materials of choice in the M Performance parts package, starting with the gearshift lever and handbrake, both of which are covered in composite and sport Alcantara gaiters. Carbon is also used in the center console, center armrest, and interior trim strips. Alcantara can be found wrapping the steering wheel, which is offered with an integrated Race Display as an option. Details on this are fuzzy, but we believe it to include a shift light indicator, lap timer, and a few other track-oriented features.

M Performance floor mats, pedal covers, and a stainless steel footrest compose the upgrades to the cabin’s base, which are complimented by stainless steel doorsills adorned by additional M Performance badges in LED illumination.


2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts High Resolution Exterior
- image 610674

When it comes to BMWs with M badging, this is where it counts, Unfortunately, not much is happening in the drivetrain department. The stock 220d engine sees a few nice upgrades, including a stainless steel exhaust, retuned ECU, and a larger intercooler, but the result is a mere 14 liberated horses, bringing the grand total to 204. That helps cut the 0-to-60 time to about 7.1 seconds, a 0.3 second improvement. While not exactly awe-inspiring, the extra power doesn’t come with degraded fuel consumption or increased emissions, which is a welcome change in the world of performance tuning.

The best parts of this package, however, are the new limited slip differential and sport brakes. Drag racing is not exactly the 220d’s forte, but with these new handling upgrades in the outstanding 2 Series chassis, we could see come decent corner slicing from the cabrio.


2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts Exterior
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Pricing for the 220d droptop starts at around £30,000, which is $45,490 US at the current conversion rate (1/13/15). Pricing on each performance part is unavailable at this time, but we could see something like five thousand dollars per segment (interior, exterior, and drivetrain), bringing a fully M Performance’d 220d close to legitimate M car territory in terms of cost.


Audi A3 Cabriolet

2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet High Resolution Exterior
- image 522236

Featuring most of the same components from the popular hatchback model, the A3 Cabriolet is a cheaper, more practical German droptop. The interior is large enough to seat four adults comfortably, while the rear seats fold down for additional carrying capacity. Optional equipment includes adaptive cruise control, Audi side assist, Audi active lane assist and park assist, plus a Bang & Olufsen sound system and seven-inch monitor. The diesel option is a 2.0-liter TDI unit with 150 horsepower, which means it’s slower than the Bimmer. However, it’s also $10,000 cheaper, and that’s before all the added M Performance parts.


2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts High Resolution Exterior
- image 610675

When you get down to it, the M Performance parts for the 220d represent a lot of money for not much more than a bunch of M badges. In our opinion, it’s not really worth it. If you want an M2 that badly, just wait a little bit- BMW says it’s already in development. Odds are it won’t be a diesel, though, so if your dream ride is a roofless oil burner that can hit 60 mph in seven seconds, then this is really your only option.

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Press Release

At BMW the letter M signals the presence of high performance and a very special brand of sporting allure. And now Original BMW Accessories from the M Performance range can be specified for the new BMW 2 Series Convertible, stylistic and technical modifications combining to elevate the joy of sporty driving to even higher levels.

2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts Exterior
- image 610670

Extra dynamism for the exterior.
Side skirts and skirt decals with M Performance lettering lend the BMW 2 Series Convertible extra sporting appeal, as does the rear diffuser. They also match up nicely with the exclusive front grille with black trim surround and the carbon exterior mirror caps. BMW M Performance accent strips which run along the flanks of the car below the crease line inject fresh visual momentum, while attractive BMW M Performance 19-inch light-alloy wheels in 405 M and 624 M styling advance the cause of exclusive sportiness. The 624 M can be ordered in either a bi-colour (matt black / milled) or a polished variant. A stainless steel silencer with chromed tailpipe embellishers and inscribed M logo ensures the car signs off in dynamic fashion. Customers can also specify the tailpipe embellishers in carbon.

High-quality carbon for a more sporting interior.
The BMW M Performance Accessories range offers a host of finely matched products made from high-quality carbon (some combined with Alcantara) for the interior of the BMW 2 Series Convertible. These include the selector lever trim or – in manual cars – the gearshift lever with Alcantara gaiter, as well as a handbrake grip likewise with Alcantara gaiter. The centre console trim, centre armrest and interior trim strips can also be retrofitted in carbon as accessories. Alcantara steering wheels with carbon trim, which can be specified with or without an integrated Race Display, are impressively grippy and provide a sporty feel.

2015 BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts Exterior
- image 610671

Like the easy-care BMW M Performance floor mats with eye-catching M Performance lettering, the attractive BMW M Performance pedal covers and footrest in stainless steel also emphasise the sporting character of the BMW 2 Series Convertible. Another highlight feature is the BMW M Performance key case, with its sophisticated Alcantara/carbon material combination and blue hex bolt. LED door sill plates in stainless steel with illuminated M Performance lettering even bring a sporty sense of occasion to climbing aboard.

Boosting performance with the BMW M Performance Power Kit.
The BMW M Performance Power Kit for the BMW 220d Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 4.7–4.4 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 124–116 g/km)* boosts engine output by 11 kW/14 hp – from 140 kW/190 hp to 151 kW/204 hp – and cuts the car’s 0 – 100 km/h time by 0.3 seconds. To this end, the engine control unit (including engine data update) and the other hardware components, such as the larger-capacity intercooler, work together to maximum effect. However, despite the higher engine output, there is no increase in fuel consumption in the ECE test cycle. Another highlight for connoisseurs of sporty driving is the BMW M Performance limited-slip differential, which reduces slip through the driven wheels when one loses grip. This allows it to optimise traction and thus give the car’s on-limit handling even greater precision. The BMW M Performance lightweight sports brake discs optimise deceleration (even in the wet) thanks to their special perforation and grooving, and reduce unsprung mass thanks to their lower weight. They also accentuate the car’s sporting profile, especially if light-alloy wheels with an open design are fitted.

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