Could this be the most powerful aftermarket M4 in the market?

Ever since it arrived in 2014, the BMW M4 has proudly carried the torch for the German automaker as the go-to performance model for those looking
for a car that combined luxury, performance, and overall affordability in one package. The M4’s versatility has also been one of the driving forces behind the car’s appeal for aftermarket tuners. In less than two years since it arrival, the high-performance sports coupe has already been on the receiving end of numerous tuning programs with the latest one coming by way of Carbonfiber Dynamics.

The German tuner is definitely not as popular as some of its contemporaries. Whereas we mostly associate BMW tuning with the likes of AC Schnitzer and Alpina, Carbonfiber Dynamics is mostly known for its carbon fiber aero kits. But, even if it doesn’t have extensive expertise in the engine tuning game, that didn’t stop the company from building one for the M4. And so, here it is.

The program is called the MR4 and it actually comes with an impressive list of modifications that include a new body kit, a new set of wheels, and of course, a new engine program. All three parts of this program play their roles in turning the M4 into a bonafide supercar. It’s strange to think of the car as such, but once you get a load of all the upgrades Carbonfiber Dynamics put into it, your perception of the M4 will be dramatically altered.

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  • 2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics
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2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics High Resolution Exterior
- image 666006
2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics High Resolution Exterior
- image 666007
2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics High Resolution Exterior
- image 665999
An adjustable rear wing, a rear diffuser, and a trunk-mounted spoiler can all be found at the back of the car

The extent of the exterior modifications can be clearly seen by just one look at the M4. There’s an extensive naked carbon fiber body kit made up of a front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a ventilated hood. the kit not only creates a nice contrast to the predominantly white body finish, but the lighter nature of these components aids in increasing the M4’s performance capabilities. An adjustable rear wing, a rear diffuser, and a trunk-mounted spoiler can all be found at the back of the car, displaying the level of aerodynamic enhancements that the tuner installed into the German sports car. The mirror caps and the front fender vents have also been replaced with carbon fiber versions. In addition to the aero kit, Carbonfiber Dynamics’ exterior upgrade also includes a new set of 20-inch BBS whees shod in Toyo Proxes T1 tires. The wheels, in turn, are complemented by a new braking system from Mov’it that includes brake discs measuring 15.4 inches and 14.9 inches at the front and rear, respectively.


It hardly comes as a surprise that the interior of the M4 was largely left untouched. There are no photos of the interior so I don’t think Carbonfiber Dynamics did anything of consequence to the M4’s cabin that qualifies as upgrading, although there may be a touch or two of carbon fiber trimmings in there.


2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 665997
That’s 175 ponies and 204 pound-feet of torque more than the standard M4.

The German tuner wasted little time making an impression on the M4, specifically the sports car’s turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine. With the M4 already capable of producing 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, Carbonfiber Dynamics went and upgraded the turbochargers while also putting in a new air intake and a high-flow air filter. A methanol injection kit and a tuning module from Burger Motorsport JB4 that comes with fine adjustment and CANBUS command with eight different ECU maps also played roles in bringing the output of the M4 up to 600 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque.

That’s 175 ponies and 204 pound-feet of torque more than the standard M4. Performance numbers weren’t mentioned, but considering the amount of power it now has, a 0-to-60-mph sprint time in the low three seconds isn’t out of reach. Unfortunately, top speed is likely to remain at 155 mph, unless the tuner can take out the car’s speed limiter. In the event that it does, the M4 should have no trouble hitting a top speed in the neighborhood of 185 to 190 mph.

Here’s the real kicker: Carbonfiber Dynamics is by no means done with this program. Once final adjustments on the program are done, the tuner expects the M4 to have even more power to the tune of 690 ponies and a little over 700 pound-feet of torque. That’s serious business right there.


2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics High Resolution Exterior
- image 665998

Carbonfiber Dynamics didn’t announce a full price list for this particular conversion because the tuner is offering these parts individually. Customers who are interested in the kit can opt to pick which aerodynamic upgrade they want to have installed onto their M4s. The vented carbon fiber hood, for instance, costs €3,909 ($4,360) while the carbon front splitter retails for €699 ($780). Unfortunately, there’s still no price tag on the engine modification kit, something I suspect has something to do with Carbonfiber Dynamics still working out the kinks to get the program to produce 700 horsepower. In any event, customers are better served by contacting the tuner directly to get a price quote on the kind of kit they want done on their M4s.


BMW M4 by B&B Automobiltechnik

2016 BMW M4 By B&B Automobiltechnik
- image 663615

2016 has gotten off to a good start for the BMW M4 and aftermarket tuners that have built programs for the sports car. Just last month, B&B Automobiltechnik presented its own take for the M4 and, while it is a little more subdued than this program from a carbon fiber standpoint, it still offered a decent amount of upgrades to the coupe. The most important of these modifications was a three-stage performance kit that was designed to give the M4 different power outputs.

All three stages come with modifications to the turbochargers to go with a higher-flow intake tract, larger exhaust downpipes, more efficient charge air cooler, and an ECU remap with revised fuel, spark and boost parameters. The modifications help the M4 generate a variety of output numbers, beginning with 490 horsepower and 540 horsepower from the Stage 1 and 2 kits, respectively. The Stage 3 kit has a little more special oomph that helps the M4’s turbocharged, 3.0-ilter, inline-six engine make 580 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.

The most powerful of these kits helps the M4 sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds. That’s 1.1 seconds quicker than the standard model. More importantly, the M4’s top speed now goes up to 205 mph, putting it in the vicinity of some of today’s most popular supercars.

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BMW M4 by Vorsteiner

2014 BMW M4 GTS by Vorsteiner High Resolution Exterior
- image 569857

As impressive as B&B’s tuning kit is for the BMW M4, it doesn’t hold the distinction of being one of the first tuners to offer a program for the sports car. Vorsteiner is a part of this group since the tuner presented its kit dating back to the 2014 SEMA Auto Show.

Just like Carbonfiber Dynamics, Vorsteiner spared no expense in dressing up the M4 with a carbon composite wide-body kit made from 3D scanning the stock version of the M4. The kit includes fenders that incorporated functional cooling ducts for the brakes, an upgraded front bumper with integrated splitter, aero blade side elements, and a new rear bumper with an integrated rear diffuser.

As useful as that is, Vorsteiner’s engine modification is the highlight of the program as it gives the M4 as much as 550 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. It falls short of what Carbonfiber Dynamics was able to get out of its kit, but the extra horses from the Vorsteiner program is still significant enough to help it improve its performance capabilities. The Vorsteiner kit also has KW’s suspension sleeve kit and a larger set of wheels shod in Pirelli P Nero rubber tires.

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2016 BMW M4 MR4 by Carbonfiber Dynamics High Resolution Exterior
- image 666009

700 horsepower is a lot of power for any car, but it’s almost unheard of for the BMW M4. That says a lot about what Carbonfiber Dynamics has to offer for the sports car. If it wasn’t too much of a hassle to get the kit here in the US, I’d be very interested in this kit, at least if I was an M4 owner. But, that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that this kit has a lot to offer for prospective customers. It’s not just the engine mods either. The carbon fiber aero kit looks fantastic on the M4 and that rear wing helps the M4 from a cosmetic and performance standpoint.

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