Versatile kit is undermined by a gaudy paint color

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Lumma Design is known for building some outlandish tuning kits for BMW models, including the X6 M. Remember the CLR X 6 R kit that the German tuner presented in 2014? That one was overflowing with aero kits to the point that it completely changed the physical makeup of the high-performance coupe-SUV. But even that kit doesn’t compare to this tuning kit that Lumma Design has come up with for the X6 M.

On the bright side - no pun intended - the program does give the X6 M an impressive output of 750 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. That’s on par with other kits for the coupe-SUV. Lumma also has an impressive wide-body kit on offer and a bespoke interior program that allows prospective customers to take stabs at designing their own cabins. Those are great options for discerning owners of the X6 M. The only downside is that freakishly bright neon yellow paint finish that, generously speaking, is as close to an acquired taste as anything Lumma Design has offered in the past.

Everything else though is aces, though, so I won’t blame a customer for getting the program and requesting to leave out the paint job. That’s what I’d do if I had the X6 M; I wouldn’t want to go home with an X6 M that can presumably serve as its own light source in the dark.

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2016 BMW X6 M by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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2016 BMW X6 M by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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2016 BMW X6 M by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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First of all, you might want to put some glasses on because that neon yellow paint finish is bright. Move past it, though, and you’ll see some cool cosmetic and aerodynamic components on the X6 M. The kidney grille, for instance, comes with carbon fiber accents. The same carbon treatment was applied to the side mirrors, as well as the windscreen surrounds, front splitter, roof spoiler, and trunk spoiler. Lumma Design also removed the stock hood of the X6 M and replaced it with a sporty vented hood. There are also wider fenders on the front and rear, custom side skirts, and a rear diffuser that integrates a new sport exhaust system that comes with four centralized exhaust pipes. Rounding out the exterior modifications is a new set of 22-inch CLR racing wheels.


2016 BMW X6 M by Lumma Design High Resolution Interior
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Lumma Design’s bespoke interior upgrades for the X6 M are available upon customer request. Basically, that means that the tuner is offering a slew of high-quality materials like leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber that owners are free to dispense in a manner they see fit. This, of course, has the potential to end in a variety of outcomes, for better or worse.


2016 BMW X6 M by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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The German tuner did not specify the method by which it worked on the X6 M’s 4.4-liter turbocharged V-8 engine, opting only to say that the extensive modifications help shoot the V-8’s output up to 750 horsepower and 723 pound-feet of torque. That represents an increase of 175 horses and 170 pound-feet of torque, enough power to cut the SUV’s 0-to-60-mph sprint time to under four seconds to go with a top speed that can hit north of 186 mph. At the very least, the significant uptick in power makes up for that garish paint job.


Lumma Design hasn’t released the pricing details of this program so, for those who are interested in turning their BMW X6 M’s into a rolling highlighter, the best way to get a price quote is to contact the tuner directly.


BMW X6 M Typhoon by G-Power

2016 BMW X6 M Typhoon By G-Power
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When you’re talking about tuning programs for BMWs, there’s one tuner that can make a case for having the most potent kits for the German automaker. That’s G-Power, and back in May 2016, the tuner presented the latest iteration of its Typhoon program for the X6 M. The highlight of that program is an engine upgrade that was made up of modified turbochargers, new compressor wheels, bespoke exhaust turbines, sports catalytic converters, and the tuner’s own Bi-Tronik 2 V3 ECU module. Putting all these upgrades together, G-Power was able to increase the V-8’s output to 750 horsepower and 723 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to hit a top speed of over 186 mph and a quarter-mile time of just 11.5 seconds.

Read more about the BMW X6 M Typhoon by G-Power here.

BMW X6 M MHX6 700 by Manhart Racing

2016 BMW X6 M "MHX6 700" By Manhart Exterior
- image 669977

Manhart Racing’s program for the BMW X6 M makes a compelling case of its own, largely because of its engine program that draws up a new output of 700 horsepower and 701 pound-feet of torque. The tuner accomplished this by adding a series of new components, including a new exhaust system with new downpipes, a modified rear silencer, and a remapped ECU unit. Granted, it doesn’t approach the power levels that Lumma Design and G-Power achieved, but it’s still good enough to help the X6 M sprint from 0 to 60 mph in the high-three-second-range and hit a top speed in excess of 180 mph.

Find out more about the BMW X6 M MHX6 700 by Manhart Racing here.


2016 BMW X6 M by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
- image 691465

I’d like to call this program a hit-and-miss because it really does feel like it. But I won’t do it because Lumma Design has built some impressive programs in the past. This one actually qualifies as one too but that fluorescent-looking paint job ironically dampens my optimism. Other than that though, everything about this kit speaks to the high standards that Lumma has become known for.

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