Not quite an M7, but very, very close

Say hello to the Bavarian’s latest uber-luxury ground-bound missile. Based on the sixth-generation 7 Series, this velocity limo walks and talks like an M7, but an M7 it is not. Maybe it’s not quite hardcore enough to bear the M Division nomenclature, but either way, there’s no doubt this thing brings the goods when it comes to going fast. Inside, you’ll find a capacious cabin space dripping in luxury and technology, while the exterior is subtle and refined. But the real centerpiece lies under the hood, where you’ll find BMW’s most powerful production V-12 ever created.

In fact, the M760Li xDrive offers with the first 12-cylinder engine with M Performance twin-turbo power adders, which is more than appropriate for BMW’s latest flagship luxury sedan. So then - this thing promises to deliver world-class style and comfort, bleeding-edge tech, and eye-widening performance. Let’s see what makes it tick.

Updated 11/15/2016: BMW announced prices for the new M760Li xDrive at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Continue reading to learn more about the 2017 BMW M760Li xDrive.

  • 2017 BMW M760Li xDrive
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  • Make:
  • Model:
  • 0-60 time:
    3.92 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph
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2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665329
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665330
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665331

One look at the M760Li xDrive, and you’d be forgiven for confusing it with a regular ‘ole 7 Series. It still has the same proportions, character lines, and enormously long wheelbase. Get closer, however, and you’ll start to notice a few differences, most of which can be summed up in four simple words – Cerium Grey-colored trim.

Let’s start up front, where we find a tweaked fascia with larger air intakes in the lower bumper, outlined in Cerium Grey. Cerium Grey can also be found complementing the glossy black in that characteristic kidney grille, which uses active shudders to either cool the engine or enhance aero efficiency.

There’s discrete badging announcing the car’s cylinder count on the C-pillars

Moving to the profile, we find more Cerium Grey along the lower door edges. The side-view mirrors caps and door handle trim are both new, and there’s discrete badging announcing the car’s cylinder count on the C-pillars. In the corners, you’ll find exclusive double-spoke “760M” alloy wheels, measuring in at 20 inches and finished in (you guessed it) Cerium Grey.

In back is a unique black surround for the exhaust, which uses an “exclusive V-12 geometry” for a dual-pipe, quad-tip look. Finally, the trunk handle strip was updated, there are L-shaped LED taillights, and an M-specific rear spoiler finishes it off.

Exterior Dimensions

Length 5,238 MM (206.22 Inches)
Width 1,902 MM (74.88 Inches)
Height 1,485 MM (58.46 Inches)
Wheelbase 3,210 MM (126.37 Inches)
Track, front/rear 1,611/1,640 MM (63.42/64.56 Inches)
Ground clearance 135 MM (5.31 Inches)


2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Interior
- image 665351
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Interior
- image 665352
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Interior
- image 665338

Odds are owners will spend most (if not all) their time in one of the two rear seating positions, where space and amenities are about as abundant as they come. Materials include top-shelf wood, high-gloss metal, and creamy leather. Brushed-aluminum doorsills illuminated with “V12” greet passengers upon ingress and egress.

Of course, things aren’t exactly barebones in front, either. Drivers will enjoy piano black trim around the selector lever and iDrive Controller on the center tunnel, also sporting the ubiquitous “V12” logo. The new M-branded steering wheel is wrapped in leather and gets multifunction buttons set in Pearl Gloss Chrome inlays. The pedals are made from stainless steel and get rubber inserts for slip-free inputs.

Of course, being a new 7 Series, there’s also Gesture Control

The iDrive 5.0 infotainment operating system ties together all the gizmos, offering both a touchscreen and traditional physical buttons. Of course, being a new 7 Series, there’s also Gesture Control, which uses 3D sensors to read hand movements for things like audio and phone operation. This system is also configurable for custom gesture controls if desired.

As you might expect, navigation is standard, with BMW’s ConnectedDrive Services SIM card and Advanced Real Time Traffic Information fitted to get you to that next board meeting on time. BMW also provides over-the-air nav updates for three years after purchase, and drivers can activate automatic traffic sign readers for real-time updates to BMW’s map profiles.

A next-gen heads-up display is also standard, displaying info like road speed, speed limits, system messages, navigation, and infotainment menus onto the windshield, keeping the driver’s eyes on the road. New for this model is a 75-percent larger projection area for the full color graphics.


2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665348
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665349
2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 665340

Let’s get straight to the meat of the matter – the M760Li xDrive uses a 6.6-liter, twin-turbo, all-aluminum V-12 to produce 600 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 590 pound-feet of torque at an astoundingly low 1,500 rpm (BMW says those numbers are “preliminary,” so it’s entirely possible we’ll get even more output when this thing goes on sale). A sprint to 62 mph is estimated at 3.9 seconds, with a top speed that’s electronically limited to 155 mph. Delete the nanny, and I’d expect at least 190 mph at the top end.

In the industry, 600 horsepower usually falls under the technical classification of “a lot,” but for all intents and purposes, this powerplant doesn’t sound like some thrashy, barely-controlled monster. It uses a closed-deck construction with bolts connecting the cylinder head to the bed plate of the crankcase, maximizing stability on the cylinder liners. There are double bolts on the main bearings and threaded support bushes to reduce lateral force stress on the crankcase. The aluminum pistons use an iron coating, and there are forged connecting rods and a forged crankshaft.

There’s also a smart, six-cylinder pendulum-side oil pump keeping it all lubed, and a digital readout on oil levels is sent to the instrument cluster, replacing the traditional manual dipstick.

BMW’s High Precision Injection places the injectors centrally on the cylinder head, spraying dino juice at up to 2,900 psi. There’s also Double-VANOS continuously variable cam timing.

Placed just outside the cylinder banks, you’ll find twin mono-scroll turbochargers, which breathe boost into twin air-to-water intercoolers. Mounted directly on the intake manifold, the intercoolers keep the charge as chilly as possible without too many twists and turns on the way to the cylinders.

Making the noise is a large-diameter, nearly straight exhaust

Making the noise is a large-diameter, nearly straight exhaust, which comes with a “flap activation system” for your choice of either quiet cruising or sonorous V-12 blasts.

M Performance tuned the eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission for optimum shift patterns specific to the V-12. It offers zero converter slip outside of gear changes, and comes with Launch Control and a manual shift mode (paddles are located on the steering wheel).

In Bimmer parlance, xDrive basically means AWD. The system uses fully variable torque distribution between the front and rear axle, but as you might expect, it comes biased towards the rear for nippier handling.

Drivetrain Specifications

Config/No of cyls/valves V/12/4
Engine technology M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology: two mono-scroll turbochargers, High Precision Direct Injection, Double-VANOS variable camshaft control
Effective capacity cc 6,592
Output 600 HP @ 5,500 RPM
Torque 590 LB-FT @ 1,500 RPM
Acceleration 0–100 km/h 3.92 seconds
Maximum speed 250 KM/H (155 MPH)

Chassis And Handling

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665335

While not exactly feathery, this colossal machine manages to save a little bit of weight thanks to a highly rigid carbon-fiber passenger cell. The mass that remains is managed by an active air suspension system with Dynamic Damper Control for either comfort or sportiness. There’s active electromechanical roll stabilization, and the standard air suspension components were tuned specifically for this particular model.

The steering system is active as well, replacing the old planetary gear set with a variable rack ratio. Turn the wheel, and the rear wheels steer in conjunction with the front for enhanced agility.

No Bimmer would be complete without a variety of drive modes

No Bimmer would be complete without a variety of drive modes via Driving Dynamics Control, which can alter the steering, suspension, and transmission settings at the push of a button. Alternatively, set it to adaptive mode, and the system will anticipate optimum drive settings using driving style analysis, navigation system data, and a camera that reads the road ahead.

Adorning the large wheels are Michelin Super Sport tires, measure at 245/40R20 in the front and 275/35R20 in the rear.


2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665354

BMW’s Driving Assistant Plus system carries over for the M760Li xDrive, including a Traffic Jam Assistant, plus active safety systems like lane-keep assist, side-collision protection, rear collision prevention, and a rear cross-traffic warning. There’s also next-gen Surround View for easier close-quarter maneuvers.

Finally, there’s standard BMW Assist eCall, with both automatic and manual operation. Essentially, this system will use the onboard SIM card to connect with a BMW call center in the event of an accident, sending the vehicle location and potential injury status if needed.


2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Interior
- image 665339

Set to arrive in dealerships in early 2017, the BMW M760Li xDrive retails from $153,800 plus destination and handling. This sticker makes it the most expensive 7 Series to date and places it above the Alpina model. For reference, the 750i xDrive starts from $97,600, while the Aplina B7 xDrive fetches $137,000 before options.


Audi S8 Plus

2016 Audi S8 Plus High Resolution Exterior
- image 639087

Subtle looks, lots of passenger space, and ungodly power – that’s the formula here. Audi gets it right with the S8 Plus, which ticks all the boxes in just the right way. That’s doubly so for what lurks behind the four-ring grille, which hides a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 good for 605 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Hit overboost and you’ll get 553 pound-feet total. That makes for a BMW equivalent 3.8-second 0-to-62 mph time, with the option for 190 mph if desired (and yes, you desire).

Read the full review here.

Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG High Resolution Exterior
- image 559840

Where BMW and Audi go, Mercedes is sure to follow. And why not? Take the glamor-drenched S-Class, drop in a twin-turbo, 5.5-liter V-8 and suddenly, who’s following who? With 577 horsepower and a 0-to-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds, the answer isn’t so certain. Of course, subtlety isn’t this Merc’s strong suit, which may appeal to some. The AMG is also available as the S65 with a 6.0-liter V-12 rated at 621 horses, but this version is rear-wheel drive only.

Read the full review here.


2017 BMW M760Li xDrive High Resolution Exterior
- image 665353

I’m always amazed by these over-the-top speed limos. They somehow manage to bend space-time to their will, overcoming huge weight penalties with incredible technology and engineering. Despite the size and heft, this thing still manages a 0-to-60 time under four seconds, and although I have yet to drive one, the adaptive suspension and AWD system are sure to slingshot it through the corners. Sure, you could buy something sportier for the money, but that’s not the point. It’s the way the M760Li xDrive combines all that opulence and speed into one package that amazes me.

So is it better than the Merc or Audi? That’s really up to personal preference. But the point is this – any way you slice it, this Bimmer is made to move.

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Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez
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Press Release

Today, BMW announced the all-new BMW M760i xDrive, the latest addition to the BMW M Performance line-up. With the introduction of the 2017 BMW M760i xDrive, the sixth generation BMW 7 Series adds the first M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder to its offerings. The all-new BMW M760i xDrive combines luxurious driving, style, safety and innovative technologies while embodying M Performance dynamics with the integration of the first 12-cylinder gasoline engine with M Performance Twin Power Turbo technology. The BMW M760i xDrive will arrive early in 2017 and MRSP will be announced closer to launch.

The allure of the most powerful BMW V12 production engine.

The M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder gasoline engine in the new BMW M760i xDrive has a displacement of 6,592 cc, developing 600 hp (preliminary figure) at 5,500 rpm and peak torque of 590 lb-ft from as low as 1,500 rpm. These performance figures enable the luxury sedan to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds (preliminary figure) and on to a governed top speed of 155 mph. During the development of the all-aluminum block, the engineers focused on maximizing rigidity while also minimizing weight. Using a closed-deck construction combined with bolts holding the cylinder head down on the bed plate of the crankcase, the engine ensures maximum stability on the cylinder liners. Double bolts on the main bearings with an additional connection to the side panels through threaded support bushes and bolts reduce the influence of lateral forces from the crankshaft on the crankcase. Iron-coated aluminum pistons, forged connecting rods assembled using the cracking process, and a forged crankshaft, ensure vibrations and noise are kept to an absolute minimum.

In addition, the M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder gasoline engine boasts an array of special technical features allowing even better use of the potential provided by the engine’s design. M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology and High Precision Injection enable sharp and direct responses to even the slightest movement of the accelerator, a linear torque curve, exceptional efficiency and performance are all special traits of this new V12 engine.

M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology.

Joining the V12 under an engine cover bearing “M Performance” lettering are two mono-scroll turbochargers in a compact arrangement on the outside of the two rows of cylinders, each supplying six cylinders with compressed air. The turbochargers stand out with their high level of compressor and turbine efficiency, and their positioning provides the ideal platform for short, straight and flow-efficient connections between the exhaust ports and the turbochargers. Two sophisticated air-to-water intercoolers cool the compressed air coming from each of the turbochargers in order to maximize the density of the intake charge. An additional water pump feeds the separate intercooler coolant circuit, whose air-to-water heat exchangers are now positioned directly on the intake manifold for the first time.

M sport exhaust system delivers an emotionally rich V12 soundtrack.

In order to reduce backpressure, the M sport exhaust system are routed as straight as possible and are as large possible in diameter given packaging constraints. The evolution of the rear silencers and flap activation system allows a broad acoustic spread, supplying everything from maximum refinement to a full-bodied 12-cylinder soundtrack. The system adapts to the situation at hand and the driver’s preferences with an emotionally rich 12-cylinder soundtrack that accentuates the dynamic character of the BMW M760i xDrive.

The catalytic converters of the 12-cylinder engine are equipped with cutting-edge exhaust gas sensors that quickly reach their optimum operating temperature thanks to their positioning close to the engine.

Injection system: Precision with 2900 psi of pressure.

High Precision Injection optimizes the combustion process, contributing to the engine’s extraordinarily efficient utilization of the energy. Injectors positioned centrally in the cylinder head, constantly measure the fuel precisely and spray it into the combustion chambers in finely atomized form and at up to 2900 psi of pressure. The fuel is dispersed according to an ideal model calculated in complex processes, allowing extremely consistent and clean combustion. This also has a positive effect on emissions and engine acoustics. The mixture cooling brought about by the directly injected fuel also allows a higher compression ratio than that achieved by a turbocharged engine with manifold injection. The engine therefore works extremely efficiently, delivering greater performance and lower fuel consumption. The M Performance 12-cylinder engine also features Double-VANOS continuously variable camshaft timing. This technology allows the engine to breathe optimally across the entire engine speed range.

The oil supply to the M Performance 12-cylinder engine has been similarly optimized. Its volume flow-controlled pump operates only when required and is therefore extremely efficient. The six-chamber pendulum-slide pump only supplies the amount of oil required by the engine in whatever state of operation it finds itself in. Instead of a manual dipstick, a display in the instrument cluster can be called up at any time during a journey to show the oil level status.

8-speed Steptronic Sport Automatic transmission.

The 8-speed Steptronic Sport Automatic transmission on the new BMW M760i significantly contributes to the dynamic ability of this M Performance model. The M Performance-specific tuning of the shift programs, delivering sportier gear changes and even quicker downshifts throughout the rev range, has been specially adapted to the characteristics of the V12 engine. The specific transmission tuning is also perceptible to the occupants through the functions of the Driving Dynamics Control switch. Carefully avoiding converter slip outside of gear changes results in a direct, sporty connection between the driveline and the engine.

The 8-speed Steptronic Sport Automatic transmission is equipped with a Launch Control function paving the way for drivers to achieve optimum acceleration on demand. The 8-speed Steptronic Sport Automatic transmission can also be operated via the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel for an ultra-sporty driving style. In manual mode, the transmission follows the classical blueprint by holding the selected gear even when the engine hits the rev limiter.

Harmony of performance and ride comfort.

The all-new BMW M760i xDrive, just like the sixth generation BMW 7 Series, uses BMW’s intelligent lightweight design utilizing high-rigidity and lightweight carbon-fiber elements in the passenger cell’s Carbon Core structure. This technology results in a low center of gravity essential for agility and dynamic handling.

Performance mixed-size tires optimize contact with the road. The all-new BMW M760i xDrive is fitted as standard with exclusive, newly designed double-spoke 760M 20-inch M light-alloy wheels in a Cerium Grey metallic matt finish and with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (front: 245/40 R20, rear: 275/35 R20). This wheel/tire combination provides a noticeable improvement in driving dynamics without compromising the car’s cruising comfort.

Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview.

The new BMW M760i xDrive is equipped with the innovative Active Comfort Drive with Preview suspension system first introduced in the recently launched BMW 7 Series model range. Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview is an active suspension control system, which links up with two-axle air suspension and the Dynamic Damper Control system to deliver exceptional spring and damper comfort, not to mention extremely low vibration levels. It includes the updated version of the Dynamic Drive system, which reduces roll at the front and rear axles. The result is dynamic driving characteristics coupled with comfortable suspension tuning. Active roll stabilization is now carried out electromechanically and allows body roll forces to be cancelled out particularly swiftly and precisely when taking corners at speed. The adjustable anti-roll bars allow the suspension system the greatest possible freedom of movement, which raises comfort levels when driving in a straight line. The comfort-enhancing effect is further heightened by the standard air suspension, which has been retuned specially for the new BMW M760i xDrive and adapted to the car’s more dynamic character.

Integral Active Steering.

The new BMW M760i xDrive is fitted as standard with Integral Active Steering. The planetary gear set previously used at the front axle has given way to a variable steering rack ratio. By employing a more direct front axle steering ratio and turning the rear wheels in either the opposing or the same direction when steering – depending on the specific driving situation – this system reduces steering effort and increases both maneuverability in urban traffic and agility and directional stability during high-paced driving, while also ensuring an especially smooth and composed response when changing lane and cornering. The differing characteristics permitted by the steering electronics are linked directly to the Driving Dynamics Control switch and activated by selecting the relevant driving program. For their introduction in the BMW M760i xDrive, the characteristics of the steering system and all the other chassis control systems have been tuned specifically to the dynamic character of this 7 Series variant.

Driving Dynamics Control switch with Adaptive mode.

The Driving Dynamics Control switch in the new BMW M760i xDrive also allows the driver to activate Adaptive mode. This feature includes an anticipatory chassis control function and automatic selection of the driving mode best suited to the situation at hand. The advance information for regulating the combination of chassis systems is gleaned from the driving style analysis readings, data from the navigation system and a stereo camera. All the driving modes of the Driving Dynamics Control switch have been comprehensively retuned to suit the dynamic character of the new BMW M760i xDrive.

BMW xDrive all-wheel drive.

This intelligent system is able to distribute torque fully variable between the front and rear axle, thereby ensuring an extremely high level of dynamic ability, agility and traction. The BMW xDrive system has been given a rear-wheel bias – and therefore even sportier tuning – in order to fortify the BMW M760i xDrive with the driving dynamics typically offered by BMW M Performance models.

Innovative driver assistance systems.

The Driving Assistant Plus system has been expanded for the new BMW 7 Series model range to include the Traffic Jam Assistant, Lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection, Rear collision prevention and Crossing traffic warning functions – and features as part of the specification for the new BMW M760i xDrive... The new generation of the Surround View system also includes a 3D View and Panorama View option in the Control Display.

M Aerodynamic Package.

The all-new BMW M760i xDrive underlines the refined sporting character, exclusive elegance, advanced technology and unbeatable build quality it shares with all of its new 7 Series siblings. The M aerodynamic package fitted as standard imbues the car’s proportions and precise lines with even more of the presence for which the brand is renowned. The newly designed front fascia features two large air intakes to the left and right, which take on a still more voluminous appearance in the absence of fog lamps. Running along the upper edge of each intake is a Cerium Grey trim strip. The kidney grille bars and active air flap louvers are also fronted in Cerium Grey and have high-gloss Black sides. The grille elements are framed by a Cerium Grey surround. Along the sides of the car, the Cerium Grey trim elements on the lower edge of the doors, the Air Breathers and the door handle trim provide new surroundings for the prominent double upper side character line . Exclusive mirror caps and“V12” badges on the C-pillars in Cerium Grey provide fitting adornments for the car’s flanks. And exclusive 20-inch M light-alloy wheels with a new double-spoke design and surfaces painted in matt Cerium Grey advertise the car’s elevated dynamic aspirations as a BMW M Performance Automobile. The sporting design of the rear fascia with its black central area highlights the M sports exhaust system’s Cerium Grey twin tailpipe embellishers with exclusive V12 geometry. The M rear spoiler optimizes the flow of air, while the trunk handle strip, which links the L-shaped LED rear lights, the model badge on the right-hand side of the trunk lid and the xDrive lettering on the left, ensures the performance potential of the BMW M760i xDrive is evident at the rear of the car.

An interior shaped by sporting elegance.

Inside the car, carefully arranged M accents provide an elegantly sporting allure. Gleaming door sill plates in Fine Brushed Aluminum with an illuminated V12 logo indicate the presence of the range-topping engine underneath the trunk. The rim of the exclusive M leather steering wheel features an M logo on the center spoke and gearshift paddles on the reverse. The multifunction buttons on the steering wheel spokes and the spoke inlays are finished in Pearl Gloss Chrome. The model designation is positioned at the center of the dial, offering a clear hint as to the performance the BMW M760i xDrive is ready to unleash. The M pedals and M driver’s footrest in stainless steel with black rubber inserts provide an additional sporty-technical touch and accentuate the character of the

BMW M760i xDrive as a driver’s car. A BMW Individual decorative inlay – in Piano Finish Black and bearing a V12 badge – positioned in the area around the selector lever and iDrive Controller lends even greater exclusivity to the interior.

BMW ConnectedDrive.

The all-new BMW M760i xDrive is offered with a wide range of all-new or optimized assistance systems including semi-automated driving systems. Also, unique is the number of functions that can be integrated in the car using Apps, either via the built-in SIM card or a smartphone and operated using the iDrive control system.

Courtesy of the embedded BMW ConnectedDrive Services SIM card the Advanced Real Time Traffic Information function are part of the standard Navigation System. The SIM card also allows over-the-air automatic navigation map updates free of charge for the first three years after the vehicle is first registered. Intelligent connectivity in the new BMW 7 Series also supports interactive traffic sign updating which is new in the auto industry. Images of roadside traffic signs recorded by the Speed Limit Info camera, along with their position data, are relayed anonymously to a BMW server, which then makes any necessary changes to keep the map database up-to-date at all times. Drivers who activate this function are helping to keep the navigation database accurate, reliable and up-to-date not only for themselves but also for all BMW ConnectedDrive customers.

BMW Head-Up Display: optimized graphics, larger projection area.

The new-generation BMW Head-Up Display acts as a highly effective aid to driver concentration as it presents a broad range of information in graphical format on the windshield into the driver’s field of view. This standard system projects information about road speed, speed limits, Check Control messages, status and warning messages from other assistance systems, turn-by-turn directions and telephone and entertainment menus directly into the driver’s field of vision, where they can be read without looking away from the road. The new-generation Head-Up Display comes with a 75 percent larger projection area, while the displayed information and images offer further improved quality and detail with graphics in full color. BMW Assist eCall offers an unparalleled service.

BMW Assist eCall is also part of standard specification for the BMW M760i xDrive and offers world-leading functionality. The system springs into action automatically, as well as when help is summoned manually. In the event of an accident, BMW Assist eCall sets up a connection to the BMW call center via the SIM card embedded in the vehicle; call center staff then make direct contact with the occupants. At the same time, the vehicle’s location and the potential risk of injury to its occupants are transmitted to ensure a quick rescue response, even if nobody in the vehicle is able to talk.

iDrive 5.0 with touch display and Gesture Control.

The iDrive operating system is now available with touch screen technology offered in conjunction with the standard Navigation system. Operating the iDrive has become easier via the touch screen technology. Voice command and actual button selection is also available.

The iDrive system also works in conjunction with standard Gesture Control, which was premiered in the new BMW 7 Series in 2015. Pre-selected hand movements in the vicinity of the center console allow 3D sensors to register and fulfill requested actions. Gestures to adjust the audio volume control, accept or reject incoming phone calls can be easily executed. There is also a configurable gesture whose associated function can be customized from a selection of possible functions, such as navigation to the home address or deactivation of the screen. Gesture Control can be used as an alternative to conventional means of operation without the need for separate activation. The availability of this control method is indicated in applicable situations by a corresponding icon in the Control Display.

BMW Ultimate Benefits™ for 7.

The new BMW 7 Series sets new benchmarks in its class for a luxurious and convenient ownership experience with enhanced BMW Ultimate Benefits now expanding to vehicle services. A time-saving service, providing white glove treatment, priority status and priceless BMW access to 7 Series customers that is unprecedented in this segment. The Ultimate Benefits for 7 Program encompasses BMW Encore® Delivery, Priority Service appointments, Vehicle Valet service, a comparable Service Loaner in the interim, Supreme Vehicle Spa treatment and 24/7 Concierge Support.

BMW Encore® Delivery provides a one-on-one follow-up appointment dedicated to answering all questions about features of the customer’s new vehicle. This second delivery is scheduled at a time of convenience and at the customer’s preferred location.

Priority Service Appointments allow for prioritized service appointments, scheduled within 48 hours of the owner’s initial request and at their convenience. The customer also has the option to participate in an exclusive Vehicle Valet service, at a customer’s preferred location. The new 7 Series customer also benefits from a complimentary Supreme vehicle spa treatment, at their convenience. A guaranteed and comparable Service Loaner vehicle will be provided when needed to assure convenience at all times. Lastly, a 24/7 Concierge will be available to assist with mobility services and other ownership related inquiries.

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