The BMW M5 Touring We Wanted - It’s Here With 900 Horsepower

I’ve wondered for long - what the heck is a sleeper? Can any of the modern performance-laden cars be sleepers? I think it’s possible, but only if you inject it with a proper amount of power. This time I am referring to a rather unusual entry in the world of modified cars - the Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M5 Estate - an Estate with a power greater than that of a Porsche 918 Spyder. Yup, this BMW M5 Estate has an engine under its bonnet with 900 horsepower.

The Germans! What can I say!?

The BMW M5 Touring Has Not Been Produced Since 2010

2018 BMW M5 Touring F11 By Carbonfiber Dynamics
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Now, the problem with this car is that BMW did not actually produce the M5 Touring for long. The F11 never existed as an M5 Touring. That’s where Carbonfiber Dynamics comes in. The German tuner somehow picked up a fine example of the F11 - the 5 Series Touring 550i - and actually replaced its drivetrain with the one from the BMW M5.

The changes are rather astonishing considering that M Sport installs a different engine, transmission, suspension, and steering, among other things.

Now, everything landed in an already nifty package - the 550i.

Apparently, and if we are to believe TopGear, the team needed almost ten months to develop the car. After all, achieving the levels of quality for the fit and finish and for the driveline similar to that of BMW is quite tiresome. I assume.

Hypercar Power For The M5 Touring Estate

2018 BMW M5 Touring F11 By Carbonfiber Dynamics
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While the suspension, massive M Sport brakes, and the carbon fiber body kit do invite some passion spirits, the F11 Estate manages to remain just that - an estate.

However, the 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V-8 takes the playfulness to a whole new level. In its stock form, the engine develops 560 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque.

No, you cannot get this one from Carbonfiber Dynamics. Instead, the least you can get is the BMW M5 Touring F11 with an engine dialed up to 720 horsepower. It’s called the M5 R Touring.

This is not all though.

2018 BMW M5 Touring F11 By Carbonfiber Dynamics
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Visit Aulitzky Tuning with the Carbonfiber Dynamics M5 R Touring, and it will improve the power to a staggering 900 horsepower and 920 pound-feet of torque.



The Carbonfiber Dynamics M5 Touring sends all of the power to the rear wheels via a ten-plate clutch. It’s a new clutch design, and it had to be to support such insane power levels.

A power increase such as this can only be achieved by adding new turbochargers, improving the cooling system, remapping every single piece of the ECU programming, and probably changing many internal parts of the BMW M V-8. I am thinking about the water pump, fuel pump, fuel injectors, intakes, and the exhausts. Despite all the magnificence of the BMW’s own 4.4-liter, these changes were definitely needed for it to develop the levels of power we are promised here.

2018 BMW M5 Touring F11 By Carbonfiber Dynamics
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Other notable changes include the addition of Alcantara and leather on the inside, as well as a novel iDrive infotainment system.

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