• It comes with slight revisions outside
  • Like reshaped headlights
  • And new tailights too
  • There are bits of silver trim
  • 19-inch wheels come standard 20's are optional
  • Overall, the exterior is larger
  • But the wheelbase is actually shorter
  • BMW even revised its aerodynamics
  • Inside, you'll find a little more room
  • Including an extra inch of legroom
  • There's a large panoramic room
  • And various trim options
  • A digital 10.25-inch Display is standard
  • And, there's a larger HUD too
  • Cargo room comes in at 50.5 cubic feet
  • Naturally, there are semi-autonomous features too
  • Four- and Six-cylinder engines available
  • with 248 or 355 HP on tap
  • AWD is standard equipment
  • as is the 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Torque delivery is biased to the rear
  • and there's a 50:50 weight distribution
  • It can even be had with adaptive suspension
  • and a speed-sensitive steering system
  • Pricing has yet to be announced
  • But we'll learn more..
  • When this beauty debuts in Geneva

The Bavarian jack of all trades gets a second generation

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – people love their SUVs. It seems like every year, the segment gets bigger and more diverse, with a seemingly never-ending parade of tall-riding, off-road-styled, utility-oriented models filling every niche possible. One of the fresher entries in this space is the BMW X4, which hit the scene as recently as 2014 as the Bavarian’s take on compact/mid-size crossover luxury in a sporty, coupe-like package. Making its initial debut at the New York International Auto Show, the first-gen X4 has performed quite well for the brand in terms of sales, moving some 200,000 units since its introduction, nearly 10 percent of which went to the U.S. market. Now, just four years after its release, the X4 is gaining a second generation. Framed as a sporty, yet practical, yet off-road capable evolution of the Bavarian’s upscale SAC (BMW doesn’t like to call it an SUV, instead preferring the “Sports Activity Coupe” nomenclature), the 2019 BMW X4 offers consumers a surprising number of “sporty” updates, including a wider track, new suspension settings, more aggressive proportions, a lower center of gravity, and a more aerodynamic exterior.

The model line once again includes two equipment levels, starting with the xDrive30i, which replaces the outgoing xDrive28i, and ending with the more aggressive M40i, a carryover from the previous model year. Overall, the updates seem to double down on what the X4 does best, and will surely tempt buyers looking for something that can “do it all.” Read on for the details.

Continue reading to learn more about the 2019 BMW X4.

2019 BMW X4 - Exterior

  • Slight revisions to exterior styling
  • Reshaped headlights and taillights
  • LED lighting front to back
  • Wheel sizing between 19 and 21 inches in diameter
  • Silver trim bits
  • Bigger exterior dimensions
  • Slightly shorter than before
  • More efficient aerodynamics
  • Performance cues specific to M40i model
2019 BMW X4 Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 768446
Four- and Six-cylinder engines available
In front we find a new look for the kidney grille intake in the nose and smoother headlight housings.

The overall look of the second-generation X4 doesn’t differ all that much from the first-gen model, although it does appear to take cues from the latest BMW X3. That said, it’s still big and beefy, with a menacing appearance on the road that seems to dominate with a broad fascia, pumped-up features, short overhangs, and a low roof line. However, BMW does point out the X4 gets refreshed proportions aimed at giving it a “sportier” and more exciting aesthetic.

To begin, let’s take a look at the front, where we find a new, more three-dimensional look for the classic BMW kidney grille intake in the nose. The headlight housings are also reshaped into a smoother design, while the twin headlight projectors get a few hard angles that lend them a geometric vibe. Further down the fascia, you’ll find horizontal fog lamps, which integrate with the outer-edge air intakes in a single cohesive shape. It’s also worth mentioning that every one of the lighting features on the X4 utilize LED elements as standard.

Moving around to the rear, we find a few side character lines and faux vents that help to chop up the solid body-panel faces. The canopy falls quickly into the rear, emphasizing the coupe part of the “Sports Activity Coupe” design concept, while the roofline seems to hug the body, creating an odd tension against the Bimmer’s otherwise tall stance. Hexagonal wheel arches are in the rear. The X4 also comes standard with 19-inch alloy wheels across the model line, although the wheel designs are specific to the trim level picked. There’s also optional designs in the 19-inch, 20-inch, and 21-inch sizing range. Additionally, BMW offers something called the xLine design, which, according to the manufacturer, “combines bespoke front and rear underguard elements and side skirts in Glacier Silver metallic with side window surrounds and styling accents in a satin Aluminum finish.”

2019 BMW X4 Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 768401
with 248 or 355 HP on tap
The canopy falls quickly into the rear, emphasizing the coupe part of the “Sports Activity Coupe” design concept.

Moving to the rear, we find the LED taillights take on a fresh 3D shape as well, with a slim design and shape that adds even more of a horizontal emphasis to the already flat-brimmed tail section. Twin exhaust pipes can be found lurking in the rear bumper’s lower corners regardless of the engine configuration in the nose.

In terms of exterior dimensions, the 2019 BMW X4 now sports a wider track front and back, which should help it grip the road with a bit more tenacity. It’s also bigger thanks to an increase to the overall length, which gets an extra 3 inches and now measures in at 187.5 inches total. BMW also added an extra 2.1 inches to the wheelbase, bringing it to 112.7 inches total, while the width was increased by 1.4 inches to 75 inches total. The height, however, gets a drop of 0.1 inches to 63.8 inches total.

The new look is also more aero-efficient than before, with aerodynamic drag reduced by about 10 percent thanks to a more streamlined design, active air flaps, redesigned Air Curtains in front, and more effective underbody components. All told, the 2019 X4’s Cd is now rated at 0.30, which isn’t amazing, but not terrible either, especially considering the SUV’s hulking shape in front.

To help it stand out from the crowd, the M40i performance model gets a few details meant to underline the sporting intent of the model, starting with aero-optimized front and rear aprons and side skirts, as well as high-gloss black accents. The wheels on the M40i use a double-spoke M twinspoke design, and can be upgraded to two different 20-inch designs, or a 21-inch M Double-spoke design finished in Cerium Gray. Further M Performance touches include Cerium Gray finishers for the side-view mirrors and the front intake trim pieces, while the standard M Sport exhaust gets trapezoidal exhaust tips in a black chrome finish.

Finally, both X4 model lines can be optioned with the unique BMW Individual paint finish Sunstone metallic.

2019 BMW X4 Exterior Dimensions

Length 187.5 inches (+ 3 inches)
Wheelbase 112.7 inches (+ 2.1 inches)
Width 75 inches (+ 1.4 inches)
Height 63.8 inches (- 0.1 inches)

2019 BMW X4 - Interior

  • Extra space inside thanks to larger exterior
  • Extra inch of rear legroom
  • High-end materials used throughout
  • Larger panoramic sunroof
  • Trim includes Dark Oak Wood, Pearl-effect Chrome, and Glossy Black
  • Optional Merino leather upholstery in several different finishes
  • Standard 10.25-inch display in the dash
  • Loads of M-branded gear throughout
  • Larger optional heads-up display
  • Long list of tech features
  • Up to 50.5 square feet of rear cargo room
  • Several autonomous and semi-autonomous safety features
2019 BMW X4 Interior
- image 768408
And various trim options
The look and layout inside underlines the model's premium approach to SUV transportation.

Thanks in part to its larger exterior dimensions, the 2019 BMW X4 now offers passengers extra space inside the cabin as well. The look and layout are more or less the same as the outgoing model, with Bimmer once again underlining the model’s premium approach to SUV transportation by the inclusion of high-end materials and a sleek appearance. Standout features include a driver-oriented control scheme mounted low on the center console, a tall seating position, and an instrument panel that melds together with the door paneling to create a singular, cohesive look that enhances the car’s horizontal proportions and grants it an increase in spacious feel.

Adding to this is a new, larger panoramic roof, which comes as standard equipment across the line and features a two-section glass construction. Measurements for this come to 36.4 inches in length and 35 inches in width. The latest 2019 model year also introduces extra ambient lighting sources, which were added to the center console, the instrument panel, the door paneling, and the foot wells. Further features include an electrically operated sun blind, optional electrically adjustable heated and ventilated seats, optional three-zone climate control with separate controls for the rear, and an optional Wi-Fi hotspot with the capacity to serve up to 10 devices. There’s also the standard X logos embossed into the electroplated front and rear door kick plates.

Customers get a roster of six interior colors to choose from. The X4 also gets standard Dark Oak Wood trim, and accent strips in Pearl-effect Chrome in the xDrive30i model. Pearl-effect Chrome with glossy black highlights are used for the audio and A/C controls.

2019 BMW X4
- image 768410
There’s a large panoramic room
Customers get a roster of six interior colors to choose from, plus Dark Oak Wood trim and Pearl-effect Chrome.

Go for the xDrive30i and you’ll get a Sensatec-covered instrument panel and door shoulder with the option for Vernasca leather upholstery. This is exclusively available to the X4 and comes in a Tacora Red finish, or you can get it in black with either blue or red contrast stitching. The options list also throws in extended Merino leather upholstery with finishes that include Ivory White on Black, Fiona Red on Black, or Tartufo on Black.

Then you’ve got the M40i model, which gets a slew of options from the BMW Individual portfolio, as well as new M-specific sport seats with solid side bolsters meant to provide support “even in extreme handling situations.” Drivers get to grips with a sport leather steering wheel, while a standard anthracite headliner is above and trim strips in Aluminum Rhombicle with accents in Pearl-effect Chrome are scattered hear and there. The X40i also comes standard with Sensatec covers for the instrument panels, door shoulders, sport seats, instrument panel, and instrument display. Performance-flavored gear like M-branded pedals and an M-branded driver’s footrest can be found in the foot well.

2019 BMW X4
- image 768411
Naturally, there are semi-autonomous features too
Navigation is standard, as is the 10.25-inch display main display mounted in a freestanding fashion on the dash.

As you might expect, the list of infotainment gear is extensive. It all starts with the iDrive infotainment platform, with inputs made through the onboard iTouch controller, or the intelligent voice control with cloud-based support. Navigation is standard, as is the 10.25-inch display main display mounted in a freestanding fashion on the dash. The screen utilizes a familiar smartphone-esque tile-style layout for the UI, while the standard voice control will recognize commands as simple as “I’m hungry” to execute the proper action (in this case, finding a nearby restaurant). There’s also gesture control as an available option, plus a heads-up display. Go for the HUD, and you’ll find it offers a 75-percent larger projection area, with full color and a resolution of 400 by 800 pixels, which is quite useful when displaying navigation directions and other important driving info. The 2019 BMW X4 is also optionally available with a Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster, which offers a selection of display modes customized to match the current driving mode selected.

Another useful feature is the the ParkNow service and On-Street Parking Information. First offered on the 5 Series, ParkNow enables the user to find an empty spot, book it, and pay for it, all right through the service. There’s also Apple CarPlay capability with a complimentary 1-year trial subscription and a wireless smartphone connection. Added user friendliness comes courtesy of the Top View, Panorama View, and 3D View functionality that allows you to digitally scope out the scene all around the large SUV, as well as call up the images on your smartphone if desired. Added connectivity comes courtesy of Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, which you can use to check specs like the fuel level, remotely lock and unlock the doors, activate the ventilation system, and more.

2019 BMW X4
- image 768416
Cargo room comes in at 50.5 cubic feet
Even though BMW insists on calling the X4 a “Sports Activity Coupe,” we all know it's really an SUV, and as such, it needs to offer some degree of utility.

And even though BMW insists on calling the X4 a “Sports Activity Coupe,” we all know it’s really an SUV, and as such, it needs to offer some degree of utility. To that end, the X4’s practicality is enhanced thanks to a bevy of storage trays, door pockets, and cup holders. There’s also three seats in the rear bench that offer an extra inch of rear legroom compared to the outgoing model. Continue to the rear, and the trunk offers up 18.5 cubic feet of cargo room, which expands to 50.5 square feet when you fold down the bench. That’s more or less in line with the rest of the X4’s competitors, and in all honesty, if cargo room is a big ticket item on your priority list, there’s all kinds of alternatives out there that offer a lot more (blame the X4’s small cargo room on that low roof line). Regardless, there’s a 40/20/40 split for the rear bench to make the most of what’s there. The bench can also be folded from the trunk for easier operation, with adjustments made to each of the individual fold-down sections. The 2019 model year also comes with additional storage compartments, USB ports, 12-volt sockets, and multi-function hooks with lashing rails.

Per usual, the X4 gets outfitted with a slew of new standard safety features, starting with Active Protection, which will “initiate protective measures when an accident situation is imminent such as belt tensioning and the closing of windows and moon roof to a small gap.” The standard spec also includes Active Guard, which tosses in features such as Frontal Collision Warning, City Collision Mitigation with Braking, Pedestrian Braking with City Braking, and Speed Limit Information.

Further driver assists and semi-automated driving can be had with the optional Driving Assistance Package, which includes features like Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Crash Warning with City Collision Mitigation, and Cross Traffic Alert for the rear. Finally, the Driving Assistant Plus Package adds Active Cruise Control with a stop and go functionality, Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance, Traffic Jam Assistant, and Evasion Aid with Cross Traffic alert for the front and back.

2019 BMW X4 - Drivetrain

  • Either a four-cylinder or six-cylinder under the hood
  • Both engines are turbocharged
  • 248 horsepower, up to 355 horsepower
  • 0 to 60 mph for the M40i
  • Standard AWD
  • Standard eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Rear-biased torque split
  • Throatier M Sport exhaust for the top trim
  • Multiple drive modes
2019 BMW X4 Exterior
- image 768454
AWD is standard equipment
Properly motivated, the xDrive30i will do the 0-to-60 mph shimmy in 6 seconds. Meanwhile, the M40i can do the same in 4.6 seconds

The biggest difference between the two model lines for the 2019 BMW X4 is what they got going on behind that kidney grille in the nose. The powertrain specs make a huge difference in the “Sport” part of the equation, so let’s dive right in, starting with the base-model xDrive30i. Pop the hood, and you’ll find a boosted inline four-cylinder engine that makes a maximum of 248 horsepower, as well as 258 pound-feet of torque between 1,450 rpm and 4,800 rpm. Standout features include a TwinPower turbocharger (basically just a twin-scroll snail), High Precision Injection for the fuel, Valvetronic fully variable valve timing, and Double-Vanos variable cams. Properly motivated, the xDrive30i will do the 0-to-60 mph shimmy in 6 seconds.

Meanwhile, the M40i replaces the turbo ’four with a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, making upwards of 355 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque when you put your foot to the floor. The extra power makes the M40i quite a bit quicker, and BMW says that it can complete the 0-to-60 mph run in 4.6 seconds – not bad for such an enormous, heavy machine. It should also sound as good as its able to go, as the X40i comes with an M sports exhaust system with flap-controlled aural feedback.

Both the ’four and the ’six mate to an eight-speed automatic transmission and xDrive AWD system as standard, with manual gear selections made via steering wheel-mounted paddles. The eight-speed even offers a launch control feature because, you know, “Sport” and all that. Speaking of which, there’s also multiple drive modes, including Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro, as well as Sport+.

Finally, BMW says the newest version of its xDrive AWD system is both lighter and more efficient than before, and it comes with an electronically controlled torque split that naturally biases output to the rear axle for a more performance-oriented handling experience.

Chassis And Handling

  • Suspension includes double-joint spring struts in front and five-link in the rear
  • 50:50 weight distribution
  • Reduced unsprung weight
  • Claimed “tremendous off-road capabilities”
  • Beefier brakes and M Sport differential in the M40i
  • Optional adaptive suspension components
  • Speed-sensitive sport steering system
  • All-season or performance tires offered
2019 BMW X4 Exterior
- image 768461
The SUV now uses more aluminum, as well as higher quantities of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel.

With this latest generational changeover, the 2019 BMW X4 now offers a few well-placed suspension updates to help it feel sportier, and Bimmer promises a more engaging experience behind the wheel overall. The standard layout includes double-joint spring strut in front and a five-link set-up in the rear. What’s more, the Bavarians claim a “nearly perfectly balanced 50:50 distribution of weight between the front and rear axle,” and a lower curb weight with a lower center of gravity to boot.

To help it achieve the weight loss and those sports aspirations, the X4 focused on new materials in the construction. First and foremost, the SUV now uses more aluminum, as well as higher quantities of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel. There are aluminum swivel bearings, tubular anti-roll bars, and new wheel location components in front, all of which help to reduce the SUV’s overall unsprung weight.

Of course, this is still a massive SUV we’re talking about, so we have to question how it’ll hang in the corners, even with all the gear and engineering that went into its creation. You can only cheat physics so much.

2019 BMW X4 Exterior
- image 768453
But the wheelbase is actually shorter
In addition to the corner carving claims, BMW also says the X4 offers “tremendous off-road capabilities”

In addition to the corner carving claims, BMW also says the X4 offers “tremendous off-road capabilities,” and that it can handle everything “from crests and bumps in the road to gravel tracks, icy roads and steep slopes.” To back the claim, the 2019 X4 comes with a bevy of off-roading specs – for example, the ground clearance is set at a decent 8 inches, which isn’t as impressive as more dedicated off-roading models like the Land Rover Range Rover Sport (11.3 inches), but it’s not terrible either. The X4 also offers a fording depth of 19.6 inches, a break over angle of 19.4 degrees, a 25.7-degree angle of approach, and a 22.6-degree angle of departure.

Still, will anyone really ever take this thing off-roading? Most likely not.

Much more useful is the standard lineup of electronic handling features, which include stuff like Dynamic Stability Control, an Anti-lock Braking System, Dynamic Traction Control, an Automatic Differential Brake, Cornering Brake Control, Dynamic Brake Control, Start-Off Assistant, and Hill Descent Control.

The standard spec for the xDrive30i tosses in M Sport suspension and variable sport steering with electric assistance and a speed-sensitive ratio. Meanwhile, the X4 M40i also gets standard M Sport brakes with plus-sized discs and blue calipers, as well as an extra large master cylinder for better pedal feel. M40i buyers can also get theirs with the optional Adaptive M Suspension, which offers electronically controlled dampers and an expanded variety of driving modes for either spirited cornering or relaxed cruising, all of which can be adjusted via the Driving Experience Control switch in the cabin. The M40i also includes an M Sport differential, and firmer suspension settings overall, plus variable Sport Steering.

Finally, the standard 19-inch wheels come wrapped in either all-season run-flat tires or performance run-flats.


2019 BMW X4
- image 768412
And new tailights too

The second-generation 2019 BMW X4 will head to dealers as soon as July of 2018. Pricing starts at $50,450 for the base model xDrive30i model, and $60,450 for the M40i. That’s an increase of $2,850 and $1,200 respectively.


Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 670310

When it comes to performance-flavored luxury SUVs with a low-sloping roof line, the BMW X4 is certainly not alone. Say hello to Mercedes’ take on the formula, dubbed the GLC Coupe. Power is derived from a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine, which produces upwards of 241 horsepower. Routed through its nine-speed automatic transmission and AWD system, the GLC Coupe manages a run to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds. Alternatively, you could spring for the much-faster AMG GLC 43 model, which replaces the single-turbo four-cylinder with a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6, pumping output up to 362 horsepower and cutting the 0-to-60 mpg time to just 4.8 seconds.

Read our full review on the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

Porsche Macan

2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan High Resolution Exterior
- image 533189
The Porsche Macan will be a major competitor
Luxurious, 340 hp, 339 lb-ft $47,500

If it’s SUV performance that you’re most concerned about, then the Porsche is what you really want. Not only does it look the part of a Stuttgart speed star, but its got the gear to match. Under the hood is a wide variety of engine choices, starting with a 3.0-liter V-6 making 340 horsepower in the S model, and 360 horsepower in the GTS model. At the top of the heap is the 400-horsepower Macan Turbo, which blitzes the competition in the 0-to-60 mph test with a time of just 4.4 seconds when equipped with the optional Sport Chrono package. All-wheel drive is included across the line. The interior is also pretty nice, sporting Alcantara for the upholstery on the highly bolstered sport seats, and carbon fiber for the driver-focused dash.

Read our full review on the 2015 – 2017 Porsche Macan.


2019 BMW X4 Exterior
- image 768445
At the end of the day, what you're left with is a well-equipped high-riding SUV with a good dose of power under the hood, and for the vast majority of buyers out there, that's more than enough.

These days, new car buyers are frequently looking for something that can do it all, and the BMW X4 seemingly ticks all the boxes. It’s quick, it’s got loads of go-fast gear, and its got that high-riding off-road attitude that’s so common in the segment. The interior is also quite pleasing, and extra tech can be had at just about every turn.

Inevitably, though, we have to question this machine’s usability. While adding oodles of power can make anything quick in a straight line, the X4 is still quite heavy, and no amount of fancy suspension tuning can change that. Add in the reduced practicality of the coupe roof line, and the questionable off-roading chops, and we can’t but help but wonder if the X4 is more poseur than superstar.

Nevertheless, that’s the sort of problem you’ll find just about everywhere in this segment. Put it all to one side, and what you’re left with is a well-equipped high-riding SUV with a good dose of power under the hood, and for the vast majority of buyers out there, that’s more than enough.

  • Leave it
    • The “Sports Activity Coupe” look isn’t for everyone
    • Not really all that practical for such a large vehicle
    • How sporty is it really in terms of tackling corners?
    • Will any owner really ever take it off-roading?



2019 BMW X4 Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 768443
19-inch wheels come standard
20’s are optional

BMW Quietly Releases the New X4 SUV

2015 BMW X4 High Resolution Exterior
- image 545240

Read our full review on the 2017 BMW X4.

2015 BMW X4 Concept High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 502533

Read our full review on the 2015 BMW X4 Concept.

- image 741745
Top Selling Model: BMW 3 Series

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- image 769406

Read more New York Auto Show news.

Update History

Updated 05/29/2017: Our spy photographers caught the upcoming BMW X4 out for a new testing session on the streets of Munich. The X4 is expected to be unveiled in September at the 2017 Frankfurt Car Show.

Spy Shots

8/28/2017 – The X4 Settles in for a long trip to an undisclosed location

2019 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 728490
2019 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 728494

The last time we saw the X4 laying some rubber in Munich, it was still heavily camouflaged and sporting some non-production styling cues that dulled it down quite a bit compared to the official production model. This is the first time we’re getting to see the X4 in its entirety with everything in place, and it’s quite stunning. Up front, you’ll notice that the lower lip on the fascia seen in the prototypes is gone, and replaced with more aggressive undercuts in the corners and a center portion that wraps around to the undercarriage. The corner vents are also larger than expected thanks to the design of the fascia around them, and there’s a nice grey insert that matches the trim around the kidney grilles. The air dam is much larger than what was spotted on previous prototypes, but this model is also not rocking a front plate, so there is a thick horizontal louver/overhang above the air dam that is garnished with chrome in the corners.

We’re also getting a first full look at the headlights which are a bit sleeker than the outgoing models and forgo the angular LEDs seen on cars like the M2 in favor of circular lights around the projectors in the headlight unit. On the sides, we can make out three distinct body lines below the waistline, one of which is in line with the door handles and another that’s part of the side skirts and the lower portion of the doors. A fender vent marks the starting point for the center body line, which actually wraps around the vent before heading back toward the rear doors. Around back things are even more interesting where we finally get to see the production taillights that are integrated into the rear quarters and rear deck so well that they just blend in and almost look flush with the body. BMW even went so far as to design the interior matrix of the lens to carry on the small body line from the rear quarter. The rear deck sits quite high and is slightly curved while down below we finally get to see what kind of insert will adorn the rear fascia. It’s pretty uneventful, to be honest, but it does sport rectangular exhaust outlets in the corners and recessed reflectors. To be honest, the X4 looks a little weird from the rear end, but that’s the nature of cars in this niche, so what can you do?

What are your thoughts so far? Is the new X4 absolutely hideous or are you going to rush to your local Bimmer dealership to order one as soon as you can? Let us know in the comments section below.

BMW X4 caught testing on the streets of Munich

2019 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 718382
2019 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 718386
2019 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 718389
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez
About the author

Press release

Today, the second generation BMW X4 is making its debut as the BMW X4 M40i and the BMW X4 xDrive30i. The 2019 BMW X4 with sportier proportions, with wider tracks, the latest generation suspension settings, a lower center of gravity and improved aerodynamics. The second generation Sports Activity Coupe offers a wide array of new standard safety features such as Active Protection which initiates protective measures when an accident situation is imminent such as belt tensioning and the closing of windows and moonroof to a small gap. Additionally, the standard Active Guard includes Frontal Collision Warning, City Collision Mitigation with Braking, Pedestrian Warning with City Braking, and Speed Limit Information. Standard Navigation comes with a large 10.25 inch display and offers drivers multiple ways to interact including touchscreen, iDrive Touch Controller, as well as a cloud powered intelligent voice control, the optional 75 percent larger, color Head-Up Display provides drivers the option of viewing navigation directions just under the direct line of vision. Not only does the all-new BMW X4 appear sportier, provide new and improved driving dynamics, better aerodynamics and safety features, passengers can now enjoy a larger panoramic moonroof and a 3-Zone Climate Control system which allows for greater ride comfort. The all-new 2019 BMW X4 will be available at certified BMW Centers in July 2018 with pricing starting at $50,450 for 30i, and $60,450 for M40i plus Destination and Handling.

Vehicle concept and design.

Its predecessor – the first ever Sports Activity Coupe at the premium end of the mid-size segment– broke new ground. Today, the all-new BMW X4 is writing the next chapter in this story of success. More than 200,000 units of the first-generation X4 have been sold worldwide and 19,712 in the US alone since the original model was launched in 2014. The all-new BMW X4 underscores its individual character with significantly enhanced driving dynamics, standout exterior design accentuating the car’s sporting instincts, a refined premium ambience in the interior, state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and leading-edge connectivity technologies. Additionally, the dynamic and extravagant aura of the Sports Activity Coupe is highlighted by the BMW M Performance model: the all-new BMW X4 M40i.

The exterior design of the all-new BMW X4 features clean surfacing and high-class, modern accents. The BMW X4 assumes the role of eye-catching athlete in the BMW X model family. “The second-generation BMW X4 brings together a distinctive, dynamic silhouette with a clear, pared-back use of forms,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.

Dynamically stretched proportions, powerful styling.

An increase of approximately 3 inches in exterior length to 187.5 inches, 2.1 inches added to the wheelbase (now 112.7 inches), an extra 1.4 inches of width (75 inches) and an approximately 0.1 inch drop in height (to 63.8 inches) give to the all-new BMW X4’s dynamically stretched proportions. Short overhangs and powerfully formed, subtly hexagonal wheel arches emphasize the nearly perfectly balanced 50:50 distribution of weight between the front and rear axle.

In the center of the striking front end stands a large BMW kidney grille in a new three-dimensional look. Twin headlight units with dynamic contours and horizontal fog lamps integrated into the outer air intakes form a new interpretation of the familiar six-eyed face embraced by BMW X models.

All of the light functions feature LED technology as standard. The shoulder line – following the door handles to the rear lights – and the character line between the wheel arches break up the surfaces of the car’s flanks. This creates clearly defined lines which are additionally emphasized by the drawn-in glasshouse at the rear. The coupe style roofline slides into the rear window with an elegant flourish before dipping down more steeply to the rear. The window design also underline the dynamic proportions of the all-new BMW X4, thanks to a smoothly rising sill line and an elongated take on the Hofmeister kink “counter-swing” at the base of the C-pillars. Clearly structured surfaces and horizontal lines shape the car’s tail. The LED rear lights, with their three-dimensional shaping, are slim in design and positioned at the extreme edges of the rear. Combined with the twin exhaust tailpipes (shared by all engine variants), they magnify the width of the rear end.

Standard xLine and the M Performance model.

Two optional model variants allow drivers to tailor the appearance of the all-new BMW X4 to reflect their personal preference. Each variant comes with standalone design features as well as model-specific standard 19-inch light-alloy wheels. The robust nature of the Sports Activity Coupe is clearly expressed by the standard xLine design which combines bespoke front and rear underguard elements and side skirts in Glacier Silver metallic with side window surrounds and styling accents in a satin Aluminum finish. The M Performance model has an undeniably dynamic look, clearly stating its eagerness to deliver intense sportiness on the open road with its aerodynamically optimized front/rear aprons and side skirts, and accents in High-gloss Black. The all-new BMW X4 M40i can now also be specified with options from the BMW Individual portfolio. Extras designed to give the exterior an exceptionally exclusive feel include the BMW Individual paint finish Sunstone metallic.

Interior and equipment. Sporting character with a modern, premium feel.

The interior cabin of the all-new BMW X4 is roomier with a premium feel. All controls are clearly arranged and set within trim finishers featuring a distinctly pared-down design. The low instrument panel and the slightly raised seating position typical of BMW X models afford drivers a superb view of the road ahead. The driver-focused layout of the cockpit helps to create a wonderfully sporty driving experience at all times. Redesigned sports seats with boldly contoured side bolsters provide outstanding lateral support even in extreme handling situations. Top-class materials, precise build quality and a host of meticulously crafted details set the tone for the modern and individual premium character of the all-new BMW X4. The surfaces of the instrument panel and door paneling merge smoothly into one another, while the X logos embossed into the electroplated surfaces of the front and rear doors are eye-catching details. The ambient lighting, adding extra light sources around the center console and instrument panel, in the door paneling and in the foot wells, enhances the sense of wellbeing in the interior of the all-new BMW X4. The lighting mood can be adjusted as the driver pleases thanks to a choice of six colors. Large storage trays, roomy door pockets, cup holders and various compartments are all testimony to the functional qualities of the all-new BMW X4.

Effective differentiation in the interior, too.

The BMW X4 xDrive30i comes standard with xLine and exclusive design features are available for the BMW X4 M40i M Performance model. Standard sports seats and interior trim strips in Dark Oak Wood with accent strips in Pearl-effect Chrome give the cabin of the BMW X4 xDrive30i an air of elegance. The audio and air conditioning control panels sport a Pearl-effect Chrome surround and Highgloss Black highlights. The BMW X4 M40i also comes with M specific sports seats, a sport leather steering wheel and the standard anthracite-colored BMW Individual headliner, complemented by interior trim strips in Aluminum Rhombicle with accent strips in Pearl-effect Chrome. Standard on the BMW X4 xDrive30i model is a Sensatec instrument panel and door shoulder.There is also the option of the new Vernasca leather upholstery, which is exclusively available for the all-new BMW X4 in the color Tacora Red, as well as in Black with a choice of blue or red contrast stitching for both the 30i with M Sport package and the M40i. Additionally, the BMW X4 M40i can be specified with options from the BMW Individual portfolio. Options include BMW Individual extended Merino leather upholstery (in the color combinations Ivory White/Black, Fiona Red/Black and Tartufo/Black),

Comfort and functionality.

A far wider array of options, offers greater scope for customers to increase both the comfort and functionality of the all-new BMW X4. The range includes electrically adjustable and heated seats, active seat ventilation and three-zone automatic climate control with separately adjustable temperature control in the rear. A standard panoramic glass moon roof with much larger dimensions than the predecessor offers passengers additional comfort. The two-section glass surface with an overall length of 36.4 inches and a width of 35 inches allows the amount of light in the interior and the supply of fresh air to be varied as required and creates space. The sun blind is electrically operated, as is the front section of the glass roof.

Three full-size seats are fitted in the rear compartment of the all-new BMW X4, providing the passengers there with an additional 1 inch of legroom over the predecessor model. The trunk features a capacity of 18.5 ft³ and the load space can be expanded to a maximum of 50.5 ft³ as required by folding down the sections of the rear backrest, with its standard 40:20:40 split. For added ease, the backrest sections can be released remotely from the trunk, while their angle to be individually adjusted, too. The standard storage package adds additional compartments, USB ports and 12V sockets, as well as multifunctional hooks and lashing rails in the trunk.

Powertrain and driving experience.

The all-new BMW X4 will be launched with a choice of latest-generation power units. The four-cylinder unit in the all-new BMW X4 xDrive30i generates 248 hp and peak torque of 258 lb-ft, which is on tap between 1,450 and 4,800 rpm. This enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds. The BMW TwinPower Turbo technology for the gasoline engines comprises a twin-scroll turbocharger, High Precision Injection, VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft control.

The BMW M Performance model comes with an inline six-cylinder engine. Both model variants direct their engine’s power to the road via an eight-speed Steptronic transmission and BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive as standard, resulting in effortless progress over smooth roads and rough terrain alike. Gear selections can be selected manually using the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The standard eight-speed Sport transmission offers exceptionally fast gear changes as well as a Launch Control function. The standard-fit Driving Experience Control switch lets drivers choose from SPORT, COMFORT and ECO PRO set-ups, while the BMW X4 M40i, and BMW X4 xDrive30i models also add a SPORT+ mode.

The engines under the hood of BMW M Performance Automobiles stand out with their instantaneous response and tireless power delivery. With its trademark free-revving performance, maximum output of 355 hp and peak torque of 365 lb-ft, the power unit in the all-new BMW X4 M40i enables it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

Reduced weight, enhanced aerodynamic properties.

An intelligent material mix has made it possible to bring about a substantial weight saving, not just in the chassis design but also in the body’s construction. BMW EfficientLightweight measures led to the increase in the proportion of aluminum as well as high-strength and ultra-high-strength grades of steel. This has made the body structure more solid than ever, serving up benefits for both vehicle agility and occupant protection. Additionally, the car has a significantly lower center of gravity which enhances the Sports Activity Coupe’s cornering dynamics.

Another factor in the dynamism and efficiency of the all-new BMW X4 is a reduction in aerodynamic drag of around 10 percent. This advance has been achieved by streamlining the body at the same time as incorporating a raft of additional measures, including active air flap control, the Air Curtains in the front apron and additional underbody cladding. The all-new BMW X4 sets a new benchmark in its segment with a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.30.

BMW xDrive: precise distribution of power with optimized efficiency.

The latest version of the system is lighter and more efficient. Plus, the wonderfully precise electronic control of the intelligent all-wheel drive also splits drive power to the sporting effect for which the brand is renowned; the rear-biased set-up produces a highly rewarding driving experience, especially when powering through corners. Besides offering BMW handling stability, BMW xDrive also enhances traction over loose terrain, providing the all-new BMW X4 with tremendous off-road capabilities. With a ground clearance of 8 inches a fording depth of 19.6 inches, break over angle of 19.4° and angles of approach and departure of 25.7° and 22.6° respectively, the Sports Activity Coupe takes everything in its stride, from crests and bumps in the road to gravel tracks, icy roads and steep slopes.

First-class chassis technology with bespoke set-up.

The all-new BMW X4 boasts a marked increase in agility combined with a high degree of ride comfort, courtesy of chassis technology that has been systematically refined and honed for the specific requirements of the Sports Activity Coupe. The design principle of a double-joint spring strut axle at the front and five-link rear axle forms the ideal basis for a harmonious blend of dynamism and comfort. Fitting aluminum swivel bearings, lightweight tubular anti roll bars and new wheel location components at the front axle has brought about a considerable reduction in unsprung masses. Standard specification for the all-new BMW X4 xDrive30i includes not only M Sport suspension but also variable sport steering. Specially tuned to deliver extra-dynamic handling qualities, this version of the Electric Power Steering system ensures slick precision through keenly taken corners and straight-line stability. The speed-sensitive Servotronic power assistance, meanwhile, makes light work of maneuvering.

The car’s impressively sporty and well footed handling characteristics are enhanced by the powerful lightweight braking system and the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, whose wealth of features includes the Antilock Braking System (ABS), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Automatic Differential Brake (ADB-X), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Start-Off Assistant and Hill Descent Control (HDC). The Performance Control function also included as standard gives the all-new BMW X4 even sharper handling by varying the distribution of drive torque to the rear wheels according to the situation at hand. 19-inch light-alloy wheels also form part of standard specification, while wheel options offered include 19 inch, 20 inch and 21 inch wheel offerings.

The BMW M Performance model.

Featuring model specific design and equipment features, the inline six cylinder engine is supported by chassis technology that has been precisely tuned to handle the high drive power. In the US, the BMW X4 M40i variant comes standard with M Sport brakes, which allow drivers to enjoy exceptionally dynamic handling with phenomenal stopping power. The system includes extra-large brake discs and blue painted calipers. Also standard is the Adaptive M Suspension featuring electronically controlled dampers whose responses adjust to the nature of the road and driving style. Drivers can choose between a sportier or more comfortable basic setting by activating the relevant performance maps using the Driving Experience Control switch.

The standard M sports exhaust system produces unmistakable sound while the M Sport differential serves up wonderfully dynamic cornering. The flap-controlled M sports exhaust system on the BMW M Performance models doesn’t just make a great impression acoustically, though – its trapezoidal tailpipes in black chrome form a stunning visual highlight. Power is relayed to the wheels via an eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission including Launch Control function as standard. The sporty nature of the BMW M Performance model is enhanced by the rear biased set-up of the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive and the Performance Control function. The standard M Sport differential generates a precise locking effect at the rear wheels, priming the car perfectly to power out of corners with dynamic drive.

The BMW X4 M40i comes equipped as standard with M Sport brakes and 19-inch light-alloy wheels; variable sport steering and M Sport suspension with firmer spring and damper tuning. The M Sport brakes are specially designed with an extra-large master cylinder to help optimize braking feel. Customers can also opt for the Adaptive M suspension, which is exclusively available for the two BMW M Performance models and further broadens the range of adjustment between sporty handling and well-balanced ride comfort. Two 19-inch wheels with either performance run-flat tires or all-season run-flat tires are available. Sporting a Double-spoke M twinspoke design in bi-color Orbit Grey polished finish, they add a striking visual touch. The options list also includes two 20-inch light-alloy wheels, and one 21-inch M Double-spoke Cerium Gray wheel.

Aerodynamically refined exterior with M appeal.

Aerodynamically optimized body elements combined with model-specific exterior design features add to the sporty and exclusive looks of the BMW M Performance. The Cerium Grey finish for the exterior mirror caps and front air intake trim inserts is just one example. A Sensatec covering for the instrument panel and door shoulders, sports seats, model badging for the door sill strips, instrument panel and instrument display, plus additional details such as the sport leather steering wheel, M pedals and M driver’s footrest, all help to inject the cabin with unmistakable M flair.

Controls and driver assistance systems. Innovations for comfortable, safe driving.

The latest version of the iDrive operating system fitted in the all-new BMW X4 is designed to offer even more flexible and ergonomic control of vehicle, navigation, communication and infotainment functions. Its Control Display now takes the form of a freestanding monitor with a screen diagonal of 10.25-inch as standard. The high-resolution display that comes with the standard Navigation system Professional includes touchscreen functionality. The intuitive touch control also offers a tile-style menu layout with live content. The voice control system is the latest from BMW and can follow freely formulated instructions to find a point of interest such as, “Find a coffee shop near the Empire State Building” or simply, “I’m hungry”. There is also the option of using BMW gesture control in the all-new BMW X4, allowing certain functions to be operated with simple movements of the hand or fingers, which are registered by a 3D sensor in the center console and translated into the relevant commands. Another option is the new-generation BMW Head-Up Display, whose projection area has been expanded by 75 percent. This system reflects driving-related information onto the windscreen in full color and with a resolution of 400 x 800 pixels, so that it appears directly in the driver’s field of vision. The optionally available Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster, meanwhile, visualizes the driving-related cockpit information in a style that reflects the selected driving mode.

Cutting-edge assistance systems enhance comfort and safety.

When it comes to driver assistance and semi-automated driving, all the systems currently offered by BMW are available, such as the latest generation of Active Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go, whose capabilities include braking the car to a halt in stop-and-go traffic and automatically restarting to drive. The Driving Assistance Package includes Blind Spot Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collison Mitigation, Cross Traffic Alert rear, and Speed Limit Information. The Driving Assistant Plus Package builds upon that with: Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance, Traffic Jam Assistant, Evasion Aid & Cross Traffic alert front and rear

Parking with ease: ParkNow and On-Street Parking Information.
The ParkNow service, available in iDrive, allows parking spaces at the roadside and in parking garages to be easily located, booked and paid for without the need for cash. This cash-less, ticket-less, and hassle-free service can greatly shorten the time taken to find and pay for parking. In-car integration of ParkNow is initially available in select cities nationwide. Visit www.park-now.com for details.

First launched with the BMW 5 Series, the new On-Street Parking Information (OSPI) service now available in 20 cities helps alleviate the problem of vehicles searching for available on-street parking spaces – which accounts for a large part of traffic congestion in city centers. OSPI works in a similar way to the Advanced Real Time Traffic Information System, using historical and current data as well as complex algorithms to draw conclusions regarding the potential availability of on-street parking spaces in specific zones or in a particular part of the city. The probability of on street parking availability is shown on the Navigation map as colored indicators along the street, allowing the driver to minimize the need to circle the block in search of a spot by targeting streets with a higher probability of available parking spaces.

The options list likewise includes a WiFi hotspot offering a high-speed internet connection (LTE) for up to ten mobile devices. Apple CarPlay Compatibility is included with a one-year trial. The industry’s first implementation of a wireless Apple CarPlay solution is now augmented with a flexible way for customers to continue the feature after their trial period. After the inclusive one-year trial, customers can elect to buy the feature from the ConnectedDrive Store within the My BMW ConnectedDrive portal or right from the driver’s seat from within the iDrive menu system of the vehicle.

This system also comprises the Top View, Panorama View and 3D View functions, which combine to depict a 360º image of the vehicle and the surrounding area on the Control Display. The Remote 3D View function additionally gives drivers the ability to call up a three-dimensional live image of their vehicle and its immediate vicinity on their smartphone via BMW Connected.

Linked up to the driver’s digital world thanks to BMW Connected.
The digital services from the BMW Connected app, available on both iOS and Android, bring intelligent connectivity to the all-new BMW X4 and unparalleled convenience for the driver. With the help of the Open Mobility Cloud platform, the digital services connect to the BMW X4 via devices such as smartphones or smartwatches, resulting in seamless connectivity.

The selection of devices that can connect to the new BMW X4 by means of BMW Connected go beyond the smartphone by supporting devices such the Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant. Customers can speak to the Amazon Echo or Google Assistant to check the fuel level, lock the vehicle or activate the ventilation function, all from the comfort of their home.

With BMW Connected, being on-time has never been simpler. Machine learning made possible by the Open Mobility Cloud allows BMW Connected to learn your routines and suggest the optimal time to leave for an appointment. Location based services and real time traffic information help optimize your journey even before entering the vehicle. Once on your route, the Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information can continue to optimize your journey. Crowd-sourced vehicle to vehicle communication is now employed within the inter-connected BMW fleet to provide advance warning of hazardous traffic situations. Information on detected hazards presented by an accident, a broken-down vehicle, dense fog, heavy rain or black ice, for example, is relayed to the BMW backend from where it is sent into the navigation system of both the driver’s car and other BMWs in the vicinity.

Connectivity enhances safety, comfort and infotainment.

The standard built-in SIM card also allows drivers of the all-new BMW X4 to use Intelligent Emergency Call with automatic locating and accident severity detection. With the new BMW Teleservice Accident Assistance, the vehicle now detects low-speed collisions below the threshold for airbag deployment. The driver receives a message in the iDrive display offering to contact the BMW Accident Assistance service directly. A push of a button is all it takes to obtain professional support from the BMW Accident Assistance team, who can also put the customer in touch with a BMW Service Partner if necessary.

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