BMW has finally unveiled the concept version of its upcoming all-electric sedan

Despite the Geneva Motor Show getting canceled at the last minute due to the coronavirus scare, most of the automakers decided to unveil the vehicles at the same timelines, although on digital platforms.

BMW revealed the i4 Concept that previews what we can expect from the production version slated to release in 2021. To put it simply, the i4 will essentially be a 4 Series Gran Coupe with an electric powertrain. Will people accept it based on its looks?

BMW Is Still Persistent With The Huge Kidney Grille

2020 BMW Concept i4 Exterior
- image 889538
Speaking of how it looks, the best way to describe the Concept i4 would be that it looks like Bane from Batman.

Although looks are subjective, the kidney grille up front is big and looks ugly. However, it is not just cosmetic. BMW hasn’t revealed a lot of details about it, but it says the grille houses various sensors and serves as the “intelligence panel”. Must be for the autonomous technology, perhaps. The slim headlights with the sharp lines on the face, especially the bumper, give the Concept i4 a mean, aggressive look.

When viewed from the sides and back, the prototype feels slightly toned down compared to the front, although it still looks “futuristic”. The taillights and the overall silhouette, however, seem to be in line with the current crop of Bimmers. What’s more, on a closer examination, you realize that the hood is pretty long even though this is an EV. If this is carried over, the production version shouldn’t feel out of place with the other vehicles on the road either.

The Cabin Will Be A Happy Place For Claustrophobics

2020 BMW Concept i4 Interior
- image 889535

On the inside, the Concept i4 looks very spacious and bright, thanks to the all-glass roof. A long touchscreen dominates the otherwise plain-Jane dash. BMW has gone the touch way, although there are a few buttons on the steering wheel and the center console. The same layout is expected to be followed in the iNEXT as well. The i4, however, is strictly a four-seater, with two full-sized seats offered at the back instead of a bench with headrests.

Coming to the powertrain specs, the i4 will be powered by a single motor, but it will churn out about 530 horses.
2020 BMW Concept i4 Exterior
- image 889530

The company even claims a 0-60 mph sprint doable in four seconds. If these exact specs feature in the production version, the i4 will be an attention-worthy performance EV.

BMW Concept i4 specifications
Powertrain Electric motor
Horsepower 530 HP
EPA Range 300 miles
WLTP Range 373 miles
0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) 4.0 seconds
Top Speed > 200 km/h (124 mph)
2020 BMW Concept i4 Exterior
- image 890030
The huge kidney grille with the slim headlights will certainly draw polarizing opinions
2020 BMW Concept i4 Exterior
- image 889540
The side profile shows you how long the hood actually is
2020 BMW Concept i4 Exterior
- image 889586
From this angle, the i4 Concept looks in line with the current crop of BMWs.
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