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Gift Ideas From Our Favorite Automakers' Online Stores

Gift Ideas From Our Favorite Automakers’ Online Stores

The holiday season is upon us so its entirely understandable if you’re scrambling to get your Christmas shopping done as soon as possible. You don’t want to be one of those people who receive all these cool gifts and give gift certificates in return, right? These days, it’s perfectly normal to do online shopping. As a matter of fact, it has become a more convenient way to shop for gifts than going to the mall and squeezing yourselves between throngs of people doing the exact same thing. So we’re doing all of you a solid by compiling a list of gift options that you or your gearhead family members may be interested in. But instead of scouring the usual online stores, we’ve taken a slightly different approach and went straight to the online stores of some our favorite automakers.

We scoured for cool items to suggest and found a whole bunch of them. These items range in price from affordable gifts like a computer mouse all the way to a premium smartphone that isn’t even on the market yet. Just remember that these gifts are just suggestions. Whether you buy them or not is entirely up to you.

Click past the jump to read about our gift ideas from the online stores of various automakers.

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Swiss timepiece Ball to create special edition BMW watches

Swiss timepiece Ball to create special edition BMW watches

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of collaborations between heavyweight automakers and their Swiss time piece counterparts. The list actually reads long and the announcement that Ball Watch Company and BMW are tying up for their own partnership will only add to that growing list.

As part of this exclusive agreement, Ball will be tasked to build the new BALL & BMW timepieces, which will incorporate various technical feats into it, highlighted by a revolutionary anti-shock system. Ball’s exclusive patented Amortiser system will also be part of the collection and serving as a means of protection for the watch against bumps, dings, and bruises.

Another unique feature of this watch, and one that owes its creation to Ball’s status as the official standard watch of the American railroads, is the use of micro-mechanical engineering, which features a shock-absorbing, anti-magnetic protection ring.

As far as aesthetic design of these watches are concerned, Ball will be paying homage to the unique and distinctive design language of BMW vehicles, reflecting dynamism and strength of character that BMW’s line up of models have come to be known for.

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