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This Very Orange 1980 BMW M1 Is Up For Sale For $745K

This Very Orange 1980 BMW M1 Is Up For Sale For $745K

Do you have the pockets for a slice of mid-engine history?

First put into production in 1978, the BMW M1 was a clear break from convention for the Bavarian automaker. For starters, the M1 was Bimmer’s first and only mass-produced mid-engine production car, a title it held until the release of the i8 hybrid in 2014. The M1 also looks the part of an oddity, sporting an Italian-designed style with a speed wedge configuration. Inside is a tight two-seater cabin, behind which BMW’s M Division mounted a twin-cam 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder engine. Output is measured at 273 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque, all of which is sent to the rear axle by way of a five-speed manual gearbox. All told, the M1 offered solid performance for its day, plus plenty of sexy looks, and with just 453 units produced, a fair amount of exclusivity as well. These are the characteristics that make for a highly desirable collector car, but now, there’s an example for sale in California sporting just 8,441 miles on the odometer. The asking price – $745,000.

Granted, that price isn’t too outrageous, especially when you consider a similar example changed hands last year at Monterey Car Week for $577,500. Factor in a near guarantee that auction prices will continue to rise over the long haul, and this slice of mid-engine history starts to look like a pretty good investment. If you had the money, would you bite? Read on for more info on what’s for sale here.

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