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2019 BMW Z4 vs 2017 BMW Z4 Concept

2019 BMW Z4 vs 2017 BMW Z4 Concept

Staggeringly Similar

BMW concept cars are somewhat special. Most of them turn out to be clear representations of what one can expect to get from the production phase. The latest BMW Z4 Concept included. BMW pulled a stunt by introducing the Z4 Concept at The Quail in 2017 and, just one year later we got the all-new 2019 BMW Z4. So, while you may still be smitten by the new Z4, I am taking the opportunity to show you just how different the new production Z4 is compared with the Z4 Concept. Or, just how similar it is. Despite losing some sharpness, edginess, and exclusivity of the Z4 Concept, I feel that the production version of the 2019 BMW Z4 actually retained most of the important design cues. Except for the most important ones of course, because, well, real life is never that good.

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