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F1's BMW Sauber Ferrari team set to drop 'BMW' name in the near future

F1’s BMW Sauber Ferrari team set to drop ’BMW’ name in the near future

One of the weird things we noticed about Formula One’s season-opening race at Bahrain was how the Sauber Team was still called the BMW Sauber Ferrari F1 Team, despite the fact that BMW has already pretty left the sport.

Now we’ve gotten a clearer picture because, as it turns out, BMW’s name was carried forward into 2010 because Sauber didn’t formally request a change in their team name. Though these are unconfirmed reports, it appears that it was a deliberate move by Sauber to hold on to the BMW name so that it wouldn’t jeopardize its right to BMW’s prize money from last year.

Team boss Peter Sauber has acknowledged that the team is planning on submitting a request for the name change, although the exact time is still up in the air. ”Nevertheless, it will happen some time this season,” he said.

We don’t really foresee any trouble on the horizon for the Sauber team for withholding their name change. It was just a little confusing seeing that there was still a ‘BMW’ team in F1 when in fact the company had already left the sport at the end of the 2009 season.

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Video: BMW chronicles 10 years in Formula One

Video: BMW chronicles 10 years in Formula One

As the final curtain of the 2009 season comes down, BMW closes its paddocks one last time and bids goodbye to a sport that it has been an integral part of for a decade.

Despite not winning the World Championship since it re-entered Formula One in 1999, BMW – which returned as the BMW Williams F1 Team - closes the latest chapter in their storied F1 history with a resume that includes ten wins, 17 pole positions, and 45 podium finishes from 2001-2005.

After 2005, the team became BMW Sauber F1 and since then has accumulated over 300 World Championship points, including the team’s first-ever win at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix. This year – the team’s final season in Formula One – BMW Sauber F1 finished a disappointing sixth in the Constructor’s Championship after an off-season that saw the team as one of the upstart challengers to the supposed Ferrari-McLaren tug-of-war.

Now that the season has come to end, BMW’s tenure in Formula One closes along with it. It’s been a great ten-year run, to say the least. And while we won’t be seeing BMW in the pit lanes in the foreseeable future, we’re not closing our doors to the day when BMW makes another comeback in Formula One.

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Video: BMW Sauber F1 game for the iPhone

Video: BMW Sauber F1 game for the iPhone

There really aren’t a lot of F1 games available for the iPhone – actually, with the exception of this one, there’s none – so when one becomes available, you take them any way you can get them.

And for just $2, we think the new BMW Sauber F1 game for the iPhone is as good a two-dollar investment as you can find anywhere.

Let’s face it, a lot of people in America aren’t very familiar with Formula One. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it, even if it comes to us as an iPhone game. The game, by all accounts, caters to a lot of different racing game nuts. Those who want instant gratification can choose to play the quick-race mode in the game while the championship-starved fellows can opt to give the championship mode a shot. There’s also a professional mode, which gives you control of the pit crew and once you’ve gotten deeper into the game, the engineering mode will become available, which, eventually makes you the principal of your team where you will be tasked to make all the decisions for your drivers and cars.

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BMW sells Sauber F1 team to Swiss-based company

While it’s been official for a long time now, BMW’s exit to Formula One has hit the nail in the coffin after the German-based automakers completed the sale of its Sauber F1 team to Qadbak Investments Ltd.

If you haven’t heard of this company before, then you’re not alone.

Apparently, Qadbak is a Swiss-based foundation that represents a number of Middle East and European based families.
It sounds to us that this group has got some well-off backers if they were able to buy the Sauber team from BMW. But yeah, when you say European AND Middle East families, then that sort of gives away the secret, doesn’t it?

Click after the jump for the short press release.

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KERS system shocks crew member - new video

The major benefit of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is it can produce more electricity than other regenerative braking techniques. That also seems to be a major drawback for a crew member who got zapped when an F1 car went into the pits. Maybe BMW should wait until the system is perfected before it starts putting it into production cars, eh?

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Bridgestone's F1 snow tyre run on BMW Sauber F1 race car at White Turf Event at St. Mortiz

Bridgestone’s F1 snow tyre run on BMW Sauber F1 race car at White Turf Event at St. Mortiz

To mark the 100th anniversary of White Turf St. Moritz, the annual international horse race event, sponsor BMW Sauber’s Formula 1 pilot Nick Heidfeld drives the new BMW Sauber F1 racing car across the frozen lake of St. Moritz in Switzerland. The icy conditions present a new challenge for the F1 car.

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