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BMW Passing on iOS in the Car For Now

BMW Passing on iOS in the Car For Now

When Apple released the first bits of information on the iOS in the Car system just yesterday, we saw a long list of premium automakers that have already signed up, like Mercedes and Jaguar. One that was not on the list that we figured was just hung up in the details was BMW. Well, a new report tells us that there was more to Bimmer not being on the list than meets the eye.

A BMW spokesperson said "The upshot is that as we have such an advanced multimedia offer that has been in vehicles in various guises for more than a decade, it would not be that straight forward to start changing all of the architecture of a car as has been implied [by Apple]." So, basically, the changes that BMW would have to make to crowbar in the new Apple system would be way too great to warrant installing the iOS in the Car system.

BMW and Apple have worked together in the past, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that the Bavarian automaker will not support the system for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for Bimmer drivers, BMW’s interfaces are plenty advanced and have a decade-long track record, so there is no worrying about sticking with an outdated or non-functional system. Additionally, BMW will support Apples new Siri Eyes Free system.

We wouldn’t be too surprised to see Apple work its way into BMW sometime in the next five years, or so, but that may take some massaging of the iOS system to appease BMW. Another good reason for BMW breaking down is if iOS in the Car becomes a smash hit, then it would be doing its buyers a disservice by leaving it out.

Stay tuned for more details…

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The iPhone 5's New Lightning Interface May Cause Fits For i-Ready-Car Owners

The iPhone 5’s New Lightning Interface May Cause Fits For i-Ready-Car Owners

We understand all too well that companies tend to change things up just for the sake of change in some cases. We see it every year in the automotive world. Fortunately, in our world, this typically doesn’t affect you all too much if you had a car just before a drastic and utterly meaningless upgrade occurred. You just keep on motoring.

Well, when it comes to some electronics, these changes can spell disaster if you are not well informed and prepared. Case in point is the new iPhone 5, which iFolk are iTrading their iPhone 4s like iHotcakes to get their iHands on, but there is a problem that they may run into when trying to dock up their flashy new iPhone 5 to their iPhone-ready car… The new “Lightning” interface connector will not connect, even if you just snagged up a 2013 model year.

The only way to rectify this issue is to go to the store and pick up $29 (Apple licensed) adapters for your car and the other numerous doo-dads that you hook it up to. Additionally, for those that have ever tried using cellphone adapters of any sort, please think of the last one you bought – licensed or not – that actually worked the way it was supposed to. Not too often, huh?

So this may, create a small tizzy in the automotive industry, as owners may take to the dealerships up in arms as to why the car companies had no idea that the iPhone 5 would not fit their massive 30-pin receptacle. This could result in automakers like Kia, Hyundai, Audi, and VW, all of which have the old-style iPhone connector, having to offer all of its new-car buyers these adapters – possibly free of charge to avoid legal issues.

This just shows how something as little as a change in the connector for seemingly no reason at all can lead to serious headaches for your customers. Apple really should have included the adapter with the iPhone 5 and very well may decide to retroactively do so in the future, if the issue becomes too big.

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BMW to introduce re-tooled ConnectedDrive System

BMW to introduce re-tooled ConnectedDrive System

Here’s something all iPad-owning, BMW-driving folks out there will come to enjoy.

BMW has finally given you tech-savvy fellas another reason to buy a BMW with a retooled ConnectedDrive system. The new technology is going to be introduced at the Paris Motor Show.

The new ConnectedDrive system comes with a basketful of new features including enhanced Bluetooth capabilities that will not only work for Blackberry smart phones, but will now also function with theiPhone 4. In addition to that, BMW is also including a docking system for the iPad in the backseats where users can choose the swiveling holder’s orientation – portrait or landscape – and access the Internet through the car’s in-car wifi ConnectedDrive system.

Last, but not least, there’s also going to be a new trinket that they’re calling the iPod Out. It’s supposed to take full advantage of an Apple music player experience for all BMWs integrated with the new ConnectedDrive system.

Isn’t technology grand?

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