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2009 BMW PAS / P6

2009 BMW PAS / P6

Here’s an exclusive rendering of theBMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). What we know so far about the car is that it will slot between the 5 and 7-Series sedans, and it should be available with a variety of six and eight-cylinder engines that give it a horsepower range of 272 to 420. Production should begin next year.

It seems that BMW already has enough cars in its stable to satisfy the market the PAS is trying to occupy. But like any good German automaker, it wants to keep up with the domestic competition. The five-passenger PAS will be built spacious enough to be used as a direct competitor to Mercedes R-Class.

So what will BMW name the new car? It can’t stay PAS, because BMW hasn’t used a pure letter designation car since the Bavaria of the early 70s. So, if the PAS is bigger than a 5-Series but smaller than a 7-Series, then it should be called the 6-Series. No, already have one of those. Ok, it looks kinda SUV-ish, how about the X6? Nope, already got that too.

What BMW will likely have to do is designate a new letter class for the PAS (such as “Z” for sports coupes/roadsters and X for SUVs.) BMW may be providing a hint with the PAS name, as in the new class will be “P”, “A” or “S”. Because of the car’s size, the name will likely include a “6”, and if it used the “A” or “S” designation it would be confused with an Audi. So by elimination, we are saying that BMW will call the car the P6.

Can you do any better, please help?

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