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Video: Chris Harris' Cheap-O Rally Car

Video: Chris Harris’ Cheap-O Rally Car

Chris Harris is at it again, only this time he has snagged up a rather shoddy looking and running Land Rover, borrowed a clunky trailer with egg shells for tires, bought a £4,000 ($6,225) E30 BMW 325i “Rally car” (that’s at least what the dude that sold it to him called it), and attempted to try and get the rally car to a local track to test it.

Getting to the rally track turned out to be a task in itself, as it began with the cooling fan on his shoddy old 3.9-liter V-8-powered Land Rover crapping out and him repairing it in a not-so-correct-way that ended up causing it to pop fuses like crazy. Add on top of that the fact that this now hot-wired fan was constantly killing the battery and you have quite a situation.

On top of the crappy tow car, there is the fact that he borrowed a trailer from a friend that has tires that are magnets for punctures and replacements are not available at any tire shop. After popping and shredding two of the four tires on this trailer, Harris and his crew manage to get the £4,000 Bimmer to the track and beat the living hell out of it. The Bimmer took it well until Chris pushed it a little too far and spun it out coming out of a turn. Fortunately, the car was fine and the rallying continued. You can see it all of this in the above video.

The rally racing is only half of the fun of the video, as the trip getting there had plenty of interesting twists. To boot, the trailer from hell gave Chris and the boys another surprise on the way back home… Ah, the joys of budget racing!

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2012 BMW X6 Trophy Truck by All German Motorsports

2012 BMW X6 Trophy Truck by All German Motorsports

Trophy trucks are pretty bad-ass and so is the BMW X6. So what would that leave any automotive nut to figure? Well, the folks at All German Motorsports let us know the answer, as they pieced together a trophy truck based on the styling of the X6. Nearly every single component on this AGM-built X6 dune truck was custom fabricated, as components to build an X6 Trophy Truck are just not readily available.

In the end, AGM ended up with a pretty sick creation, as this beast weighs a whopping 2,000 lbs less than the typical trophy truck, and even 300 lbs less than the lightest stock X6. Those weight savings are thanks to a Jimco Racing-built frame that is several hundreds of lbs lighter than the average trophy truck and a McGrath Fiberglass-built carbon fiber body, which saves a significant amount of weight over the average trophy truck.

After all of that body and frame work, a BMW V-8 engine was shipped off to Denzo for a complete build up. This custom-built V-8 produces a massive 725 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. All of this combined with a plethora of custom suspension and braking work netted the team one nasty, dune-ready X6.

In its inaugural running, the truck had an axle failure and had to retire early. The following day, this trophy truck clawed from its last place slot to finish in 10th place for the series, which isn’t bad considering it dropped out of the first race. There’s nothing like seeing a luxury SUV cruising through the desert at speeds well in excess of 100 mph and getting some serious airtime at the same time.

We will keep you updated on how this X6 Trophy Truck performs in future races, so stay tuned!

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